🍿 Local Legend Marketing Method – Media Planning Blueprint

Media shapes our perception of the world. Just look at the difference between CNN and FOX news and you’ll see how the media we watch shapes what we believe. In this video I outline our Media Planning Blueprint and how your local business can use media to streamline your sales and marketing efforts.

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🍿 Local Legend Marketing Method – Media Planning Blueprint





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Speakers: Jesse Razo

00:07 – Intro To Local Marketing Method


All right guys, it’s Monday morning. And hopefully, you’re ready for your local marketing methodology, our local legends media planning blueprint.  I’m going to talk with you about the local legends media planning blueprint. And, all things related to your media planning for your local business service trade or nonprofit. So, why do I get things set up? Let me play a little bit of music to get you, hopefully, some energy. We’re going to focus on marketing with a commitment to growth and kick off the week? So, let’s get this started. Anyways, Jesse here just wanted to welcome you into Monday morning. We’re gonna give you another dose of marketing so you can get your mind right and get your business right. Also, we’ll give you some tools to go out there and get intentional about growing your business this week.

We put on this training week to week. We believe that the only way to grow your business is to grow it week to week. And, that’s what we’re committed to on a regular basis. So, we’ll talk about the legendary media planning blueprint and how to engage, educate, and excite your dream customer. That’s the goal. If you haven’t set up notifications yet to get notified of our future training, go ahead and do that now. Text MONDAYKO to 7072291221 and we’ll get you on that text notification list. Don’t miss a single week, our actual business is transforming at an incredibly high rate of speed. So, make sure that you get the latest and greatest strategies in order to help you grow your business. And, we do that every Monday at 7:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. So, get notified, so that you don’t miss our future training.


03:10 – The Local Legend Marketing Method Framework


What I’m going to be talking with you about is an expansion of our local legends marketing methodology. It’s a simple step-by-step framework to launch, grow, or scale your local business. If you’re a local business owner, service, trade professional, nonprofit. And, you’re looking to expand your reach, influence, and impact in your local market, you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about our proven five-step process in order to grow your organization. Today, we’re going to spotlight our legendary media planning blueprint, and how to educate, engage and excite your dream customers. Now, these are the customers that you love working with and people that you love to serve. Those people are most profitable in regards to paying off spiritually, financially and helping you grow your business. They’re customers that have a high return on your investment in regards to sowing into them.

So, we’re gonna change the presentation view so that you can see if you’re on the zoom call. Of course, you get backstage access to the presentation. Now, I’m not only interested in giving you more information, but I’m interested in helping you transform your business. Anthony Robbins is one of those mentors out there that I follow on a regular basis. And, what he says is “if you want to make a massive change, you have to set yourself up to win.” I’m a big proponent of creating an environment for success. You have to create not only an environment but also create processes that allow you to consistently grow. And, consistently produce the real results that you want in your business. So this is not about more information.


05:28 – The RazoRSharp Transformation Framework


It’s about transformation and the only way that I’ve been able to accomplish that is through our simple framework. And, we immerse ourselves in an environment that perpetuates the success that we want to do on a regular basis. We need to execute as well. Information is not the differentiator in the marketplace. Execution is a differentiator. You need to be able to take action on the information that’s provided to you. So, that’s why we do these on a weekly basis. It’s to get you in action when it comes to your business. And, make sure that you’re taking action on growing your business every single week. You need to repeat your actionable steps. It’s all about repetition in exercising muscles that you might not be really great at as small business owners. And, we have to wear multiple hats.

It’s important for us to exercise or to practice those skills that are going to help us grow our business. And, the fourth and final step in transforming your business is mastery. So, immersion, create an environment that consistently and persistently produces the results that you want. Execution takes uncomfortable action, do one thing that propels you towards your outcome. If you’re not producing media for your business regularly, my challenge this week is to implement this media strategy. And, implement it in your business and see what happens. It’s a repetition of developing habits that fit your vision for your future. Not even if it’s not comfortable and then mastery setting up an accountability system. I think accountability is incredibly important when you’re talking about growing your business. And, make sure you have some type of accountability system for the processes that propel you towards your goal.


Mentorship, About The Author – Media Planning Blueprint


It’s incredibly important. Finding mentorship is one of those other keys to success. In transforming your business, having mentors, listening to people that achieved what it is that you’re trying to achieve. We’ll provide you with a framework in order to develop and produce the results you’re looking for on regular basis. Now, if you don’t know me, My name is Jesse Razo. I’m the lead designer at razor-sharp networks. And, I’ve worked with local business owners, service, and trade professionals since 2009. I’m helping them solve challenges that face their business. I’ve also had a really soft spot in my heart for nonprofits and cause-driven organizations. So, those are the two segments that I like to target as a nonprofit. And, then local business owners, whether your service, trade professional or some other type of brick and mortar.

I love to create solutions to help grow those businesses in our local community. And, I think that you should sell into your local community. So, I do that as much as possible. I’m helping those nonprofits, local businesses, local business owners, and grow their organizations. Of course, I have three beautiful girls at home, you get some pics of them, they keep me busy. Let me talk with you about the journey and the reality of it. Because it took a lot of time to create a framework that perpetuated the results that we wanted to see. Of course, it’s for our business and also for our clients. In 2001, I got out of the military and I started my journey in regards to marketing and marketing technology. Back then, I got heavily involved in email marketing and email broadcasting and also voice broadcasting or direct voicemail broadcasts.


Authors Background, Blessing & Lesson – Media Planning Blueprint


And, this was even before it was heavily regulated. So, that was kind of the introduction back in 2001, to marketing, automation, and marketing technologies. Over the next eight years, I worked for other people, helping them develop their businesses. I’m helping them do business development within their organization. But, in 2009, I realized that I was working on other people’s dreams. And, if you don’t work on your own dreams, you’re definitely going to be working on other people’s dreams. Or it’s other people’s visions for their future. So, in 2009, I started razor-sharp networks. And, for the next 10 years, we had some really great programs that serve the nonprofit industry. We did a bunch of nonprofit, rap fundraisers, and things of that nature. And, in 2019, we actually had a pretty significant crash.

I mean my business partner part away and at that time the business income is actually got cut in half. So, it was a big blessing and a big lesson. In 2019 it gave me the opportunity to restart, rebrand, and refocus my effort towards serving local business owners. It’s because my nonprofit revenue went away in regards to fundraising. So, I started to focus on local businesses, and really expanded my research and strategies when it came to service. You know service and trade professionals and brick and mortars or mobile business owners. And, what it took in order to make them successful in their own market create legends in their local market. So, that started in 2019 and over the next year, we had a lot of success there. But, in 2020, COVID hit and everybody was forced online. Again, this was another blessing.


E-commerce Play, How to Weather the Storm? – Media Planning Blueprint


And, a lesson because during this time, what I did is I got a unique perspective of my customer. Some customers fell off, they started to focus in and not focus on promoting their products and services. And, other companies started to excel. What we found was is that the companies had not only their business core business product and service offerings. But, also had eCommerce and membership sites were a little bit more diversified into the revenue stream. They had an easier time transitioning or pivoting when it came to their business and COVID in moving online. So, we help local business owners with their service products and service offerings. We also help them develop their e-commerce play. Of course, their membership sites if they want to monetize their knowledge and expertise. We can help them do that, as well. But, 2019 2020 was incredibly challenging time.

And, it also provided a tremendous amount of blessings and lessons. We saw a lot of people in our industry that we’re in. You know, digital advertising space and online marketing space, they started to go away. It’s because their business models weren’t sound but we were able to weather that storm. And, we were able to position, reposition ourselves, rebrand, and relaunch into a business that makes a difference. It’s not only for our customers but in the world we believe.


12:22 – Expand Your Reach, Influence, & Impact


So, let me talk about our media planning blueprint. And what does media planning blueprint can do for you. Is it can help you expand your reach influence and impact in your local market? Of course, it increases the return on ad spend. And, the majority of us should be focused on where we’re talking about online marketing. Then, advertising is expanding our reach, influence, and impact. Because, if you want to be seen as an expert in your industry, or what we like to call a legend in your local market. And, the way that you do that is through branding, repetition, and people seeing you on a regular basis. That will help you expand your reach and influence. And, it also helps you expand your impact. When you create media, it does give people an opportunity to see who you are.

And, be indoctrinated in what you believe and see your products. There are product demos that you can do. And, you can demonstrate the quality of your work. Also, it helps out with the sales process. If people have a rapport with you when they see your ads online, they’ll actually click through it more frequently. And, that increases your return on ad spend. So, media in your media planning blueprint is incredibly powerful when you’re talking about expanding organic reach. Also, it will reduce or increase the return on ad-spend or create ads that are more impactful.


13:53 – Stories, Post & Cornerstone Content


Now, start with the end in mind and there are a couple of different areas that you can focus on. First and foremost, there are different types of channels that you can publish into their stories. Of course, we’ve seen those on Facebook and Instagram. And, stories have lasted a very short period of time, 24 hours, you’re thinking about stories. But, what you could be doing on a regular basis is posting stories anywhere between one to three times weekly. And, I’m going to talk about content and how that works. But, stories are a really great way to keep your brand and your message in front of people. It will demonstrate the quality of what it is that you’re delivering and provide insights into your daily activity. Of course, the life of the story is only 24 hours. So, you need to consistently publish it into stories.

If you’re exercising the media planning blueprint which is a powerful way to promote your product service and offers. In addition, you have posts and posts live a little bit longer. And, they’re one to three days depending on the amount of engagement. They’re a little bit more long-form content but you can utilize the same type of content as your stories. Again, posts might have more of the written word as opposed to stories that might have image-heavy or video-heavy. Whereas, posts can be image video and or some type of a written word that goes along with that post. But, what stories and posts give you the ability to do is really test the marketplace. We utilize these in order to test the marketplace out there. And, make sure that what it is that we’re publishing on a regular basis, the market is responding to.


Test the Market, Communicate Your Value & Demonstrate Your Quality – Media Planning Blueprint


So, this is a really great way to rapidly test the market. And, if you’re in the marketing industry, then for long enough, you have a tremendous amount of really great ideas. But, it doesn’t matter how good those ideas are. However, you can create an environment where you can test the market in regards to messaging imagery, and videos. In addition, you have Cornerstone content. And, it’s what we like to show our clients how to produce Cornerstone content is a little bit more long-form. It might give you the ability to demonstrate your product offers. And, to communicate your value in your marketplace. But, what we’d like to do with Cornerstone content is publish that on your website. So, you can expand your organic reach over time, and you can publish your customer review videos. Again, you can publish product demonstrations.

If you’re in the industry, for instance, demonstrate the quality of your product. But, when you’re publishing Cornerstone content, it’s going to live on into perpetuity. Cornerstone content is a little bit more valuable than stories and posts because you can publish it on your website. Then, syndicate it online and you can optimize it for search. There are key terms in there. Then you can share it online. In posts and stories, one time per week is what we like to start our clients with Cornerstone content. And, I’m going to talk with you about the actual and what goes into stories posts and Cornerstone content. But, these are the channels that you should be thinking about in regards to your media planning. Again, I know you’re extremely busy, we’re all extremely busy. But, the key is to have a simple strategy to follow.


How to Utilize Corner Stone Content? – Media Planning Blueprint


So, execute that on a regular basis and just exercise and become a master at sharing your success stories. Then, you can promote and grow your business on a regular basis. And, just understanding what the end looks like in regards to the different channels that you can publish into social media. Also, how you can utilize Cornerstone content in order to grow your business? Think about what it looks if you had 52 pieces of new Cornerstone content that were optimized for local search. Then, published on your website and compared to where you’re at today. So, most of us have an informational-based website, which is like a brochure. And, we expect that brochure in order to sell our products and services regularly but it becomes stagnant. Meaning, we have our traditional homepage, and we have a Contact Us page.

Its information on how to contact the company may be a listing of our product and services. And, we might have some images and things like that from inside our brick and mortar. Or, if we’re a mobile business, we might communicate our products and services. But, there’s very little content on there to continue to grow your website. Cornerstone content gives you the ability to move your website from an information base into a sales base website. Meaning, you can expand your reach, influence, and impact. You can demonstrate your expertise, publish, and utilize Cornerstone content to grow your web presence on a regular basis. And, really sew into your business on a regular basis. Now, if you’re a solopreneur, I’ll show you a simple strategy in order to create content on a regular basis.


The Tools You Need – Media Planning Blueprint


If you have employees and they’re doing work regularly, then you can come up with a written media plan. And, you’ll give them the tools that they need in order to publish the content for you. This would be employee-based content that gets published corner that you can and they can participate in creating Cornerstone content. They can also participate in posts and stories, as long as you have a well-defined media plan that’s written out. So, everybody’s clear about what you’re trying to accomplish and what it is that you want to communicate. Always be communicating the new and exciting way that you solve people’s problems. Or give them the desired outcome that you’re looking for.


19:46 – Create An Environment Where All Roads Lead To You


Now, I’m going to take you through how to easily create this. As you create that media online, you’ll create an environment where all roads lead to you in your local market. Think about it, if you’re creating media on a regular basis and optimizing that for search. And, your competition is not right and they’re just doing a paid ad campaign. Then, you’re creating Cornerstone content on a regular basis. Let’s say that you get into a schedule. Then, you’re publishing one of these Cornerstone pieces of content that are optimized for search. And it’s communicating the way that you solve people’s challenges. Well, when somebody goes online, and they’re searching for a solution to their challenge. Like, the vast majority of us do when we’re looking to buy a product or service.

If those roads have all that information that we utilize to make a buying decision then point to you online. Because, you’re producing Cornerstone content and your competition is not, then start attracting more people organically online. I’ve actually had customers that have spent three to $4,000 in their paid ad campaign. But then, they implemented our legendary media planning blueprint. And, over time, they replaced their online ad spend. Now, they spend about $500 a month on paid ad campaigns. The vast majority of their traffic comes from organic reach. Because they now understand what it is that they wanted me to communicate on a regular basis. And, they do it on a daily basis with stories, posts, and cornerstone content. So, if you’re posting on a regular basis, make sure that you understand what needs to be posted.


Create a Cornerstone Content – Media Planning Blueprint


If you’re creating stories on a regular basis, be communicating. What are the right things for your prospective customers? And, if you’re not creating Cornerstone content, and not publishing it on your website. Then, you’re losing ground over time when you’re talking about your reach, influence, and impact. And, we also know that media shapes people’s perceptions.

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21:52 – Media Shapes People Perception, We Create The Media


Most business owners fail to realize that they get the opportunity to create the media on a regular basis. And, I’ve seen this happen. I have a customer that used to get price shop all the time. He would get phone calls all the time get price shop and he had a service that was commodity-based. And, he is new to marketing then he just knew two strategies that could differentiate him in the marketplace. So, everybody would call and ask for his product or service. And, they would give him the details in regards to him providing a quote. Then, they move on and call the next provider. Because there was nothing that differentiated him from other people that provided the same product and service in the marketplace. So, what we did is we implemented our media plan.

And, over time, we started to communicate the value of what it is that we provided. And, we are also started to document his dream customers, and who it is that they wanted to attract. So, he’s in the paintless dent repair industry. By then, He started to document his luxury car work. Also, he started to document people that were interested in exotic car repair and things of that nature. People who had repairs on and your metals that were new to the automotive industry. Like they had the aluminum, aluminum body styles for like the Ford F 150, and things of this nature. And, there was just a lot of differentiator, a lot of aspects that differentiated his message in the marketplace. Then, over time, he created all these media, and we publish them on his website as Cornerstone content. Also, we publish his frequently asked questions.


The quality of work & the differentiators – Media Planning Blueprint


And, something’s that we wanted our customers to be aware of in choosing a provider in the marketplace. It’s the quality of work and the differentiators. Maybe, new technician versus somebody that has the experience and expertise to work on metals that were harder to work. You know, people were more interested in the quality of the repair than the price. So, he started to formulate this media plan and create this message. And, it started to shape people’s perception of his business as a premium provider. So, people that were looking for the lowest cost in the marketplace started calling their competitors. And, he actually filled his schedule with more premium customers. Those customers now serve his business on a regular basis. So, create an environment where all roads lead you and the messaging is tied towards your dream customer.

And, create media on a regular basis, then publish it on your website as Cornerstone content. Syndicate it online and over time, your website will grow. So over time as you start to rank for more keywords that you want to attract your dream customer with. And, over time you can replace your paid ad campaign with your own organic reach. Then, people are going to see you as an expert and or a local legend in your marketplace. But, the reality is that all you need to understand is that you get to create the media.


25:12 – Creating Media Around the “THREE PILLARS”


So, here’s the plan, and how and what you should be creating media rounds on a regular basis. The three pillars, the work that you do, the customers you serve, and educating your dream customer or education-based marketing. Some of our other training is really defined by who it is that you’re serving and what challenges you’re overcoming. Now, it’s all about servicing local business owners’ service and trade professionals. And, they don’t have a lot of experience marketing their products and services online. They might be overwhelmed because they wear multiple hats. And, they’re looking for a simple-to-follow step-by-step process. Then, it provides ongoing support and accountability to help them grow their business week to week. That’s who we focus on. For your business, it’s going to be very different. But, you can follow these strange, same frameworks in order to help you grow your business.

And, attract your dream customer through producing content around your work, the customers you serve, and educating your dream customers. Now, around the work that you do document what it is that you do on a daily basis. These can be utilized in order to provide some examples of the quality of your work. Also, it provides you the ability to answer frequently asked questions when people if you have some type of expertise. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the health and wellness industry, whether or not you’re in the automotive industry. Maybe, you do flooring or something like that and you want to demonstrate the quality. And, you’re the quality of your work and your expertise. Originating content regularly around what you do is a powerful way to communicate the expertise and quality of your work.


Generating Reviews & documenting Customers’ Actions – media planning


What this does is build customers’ confidence in what it is that you’re doing. So, publish this on a regular basis. Every time that we do a project, we document that. And, we provide that as training in regards to strategy and tactics and things of that nature. So, other people can learn and help them grow their local businesses. Again, we want to serve at the highest level possible. We understand, in order to accomplish that, we’ve got to help people, and we’ve got to serve people first. We believe that the number of people we help is going to be directly proportional to the amount of money. And, the impact, we can make out there in the marketplace so, that’s where it starts. Secondly, the customers you serve and document your customer’s reaction. We call this the YO afterglow process.

Whenever you deliver your product or service to them, find out their temperature. Are they super excited about what it is that you do? Are they satisfied or they’re going to be stark raving fans? And, you can go into generating reviews and documenting those customer actions. You want to always be selling for reviews, with every interaction and you can prefaces. We actually have a media plan where we provide some scripting and sell those reviews early on in the process. Now, depending on what your sales cycle looks like, you might want to set the correct expectation early on. And say, you know what, if you’re super satisfied with what we do, could you do me a small favor. And, give us a review of videos so that we can use them to promote our business to other people. Then, help, you know, service them as well.


Buying Decisions, Getting Review Videos – Media Planning Blueprint


Always want to be selling for review in every interaction because the reality of it is nothing sells like proof. And, think about how you make your buying decisions these days. The vast majority of us jump online to determine the quality of the work from the company. And, that we’re looking to buy products and services from. Also, we look at reviews, and we look at what other people are saying about that company. So, reviews are incredibly important. Again, 64% of people are more likely to convert after watching a review video on your website. So, about your sales process and about increasing the number of people that call you that is your dream customer. Do make sure that you’re constantly focused on documenting your customer’s reaction. You’re constantly focused on getting review videos in and utilizing those in order to sell future customers.

So three pillars again and social proof are incredibly important. Make sure you document your customers and it builds brand trustworthiness and credibility. Then, the third pillar is educating your dream customer. This starts by really understanding who your dream customer is. And, it really being able to communicate very effectively the challenge that you’re solving for them. Or, you’re helping them overcome or the desired outcome that they’re looking to achieve. And, whenever you produce any type of content doesn’t matter if it’s a story or a post. Then, if it’s online in regards to Cornerstone content, make sure that you’re communicating the value of what you’re doing. Again, don’t just originate content for the sake of originating content. Make sure that you communicate the value of what it is that you’re doing in every video that you produce.


The Big Promise & Primary Promise – Media Planning Blueprint


And, it starts with a hook, a big marketing promise we’re going to show you in this video. I’m going to show you how to save money or save time on your repair. I’ll show you how to save money and time like on the installation of your floor. And, or show you how to lose weight. Or, In this video, we talk about the proven methodology to lose 14 pounds over the next 30 days. Whatever that big promises, make sure that you start off with that promise early on in your education-based marketing. That’s the outcome or result that transforms their life. Then, if you’ve watched our offer creation, evolution framework, start talking about your process in order to accomplish that. Todd brown talks about this very effectively. In the five methods, he’s got a lot of really great information in marketing your business.

We apply it to your local business. It’s the process that you’re talking about the mechanism that delivers your primary promise. What it is that you want to talk about in your marketing on a regular basis? Then, utilize this simple framework, this education-based marketing to create hero content. It’s for your paid advertising and for your posts, your stories, your Cornerstone content, and your hero base content. We’ll talk about that a little bit more in our ads strategy. Go into that in detail what the hero framework looks like. And, it’s how you can utilize that to create more effective ads and more powerful messaging on a regular basis. Again, the three pillars generate or originate content around the work that you do. It’s the customers that you serve and getting social proof.


How You  Can Solve Their Problem – Media Planning Blueprint


And, it’s review videos so that he can help out with the sales process on a regular basis. Then, educate your dream customers. Creating education-based marketing with your big marketing promise, primary promise, process, and how you can solve their problems routinely. This is an incredibly powerful way for you to originate content, and help grows your business every single day. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur doesn’t matter if you have employees. What you want to do is create a written media plan. And, take what’s you’re doing every single day to promote your business to prospective customers in the future. Now, that’s all I have for you today. We did it in 30 minutes and were super excited about that. Hopefully, this gave you the ability to wrap your mind around your media plan. It’s incredibly important that you understand media planning.

And, let me talk about what I want to challenge you to do. Feedback is the key and on the page here, I’ll do that in the description of the video as well. So, what I like to do is get your feedback. There’s a link there and you can provide me feedback.


33:49 – Feedback Is The Key – Please Leave Your Feedback


You can provide me feedback in regards to this training and our media planning blueprint. Do one thing that we did well, and two things that we can improve on a regular basis. Or, I can improve on in regards to our training. I value your feedback. I believe that feedback is a gift. So, if you take two minutes of your time just to answer those three questions. I would appreciate it now if you’re part of our local marketing toolkit are done with our service. Of course, we have our legends media planning blueprint worksheet for you in your OneDrive folder. We have a worksheet folder in OneDrive. Go ahead and download that and take a look at it. What it does is it has your media planning blueprint outlined for you.

It also has some scripting built into there, so that you can set the correct expectation for prospective customers. Again, always want to be selling for what’s next, reviews, referrals, and repeat business is the best type of business. And, your media plan can help you generate more of all of the above. So, download the legends media planning blueprint worksheet. And, make sure that you start to implement that if you’re a solopreneur. Your business is around the three pillars. It’s the work that you do for the clients that you serve and educating your dream customer. And, you have employees utilize that media planning blueprint worksheet to create a written media plan to have your employees. So, into your business and help you grow your business on a regular basis.


35:21 – To Access Support & Setup Training Notification


As always, if you need support, go ahead and engage with our support channel at support.razorsharpnetworks.com. You can get support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Remember to set up notifications and join the local marketing hacks, membership site, Facebook group courses link on there too. I challenge you to do all five of those items between now and at the end of the week. There’s a lot of information in the description of this video. If you’re watching this on YouTube or one of the other channels that we syndicated this content in. So, go ahead and look for links in there. We’re putting more information on how to grow your local business regardless of your service trade or nonprofit professional. So, we’re looking forward to sharing those with you in future training. That’s all I have for today.

We’ll see Friday, for our Friday wrap-up call where we’ll be talking about media planning and how to put all this together. Also, we will be talking about some of our other local marketing hacks that you can implement in your business. So, I don’t know exactly what’s going to be going on this Friday. But, I guarantee it will be packed full of really useful information on how to grow your local organization. So, until the next time we speak. Make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.




Intro To Local Marketing Method


The Local Legend Marketing Method Framework


The RazoRSharp Transformation Framework


Expand Your Reach, Influence, & Impact


Stories, Post & Cornerstone Content


Create An Environment Where All Roads Lead To You


Media Shapes People Perception, We Create The Media


Creating Media Around the “THREE PILLARS”


Feedback Is The Key – Please Leave Your Feedback


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🍿 Local Legend Marketing Method – Media Planning Blueprint

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