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Customer reviews can help you grow your business in many different ways. 1) They make you customer-focused, 2) They help you market your product or service, 3) They help streamline the sales process by providing social proof. There is a long list of benefits for reviews, but they aren’t always easy to get. In this video, we outline 12 proven ways to get more reviews for your local service, trade, or nonprofit business.   Have questions?
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12 Proven Ways To Get More Review – Local Marketing Hack





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Speakers: Jesse Razo

00:07 – Intro To Local Marketing Hacks

All right, All right, guys, Hey, it’s, uh, what is it Tuesday, Wednesday. I just want to welcome you; I’ve got another local marketing hack for you. It’s Wednesday the 28th. I’m super excited about sharing this strategy because this is what we focus on primarily with all of our customers. We see our clients take most ground is when they shift their focus and start to be customer-focused and customer-centric. So, we’re going to talk about the 12 proven ways to get more reviews for your business.

00:46 – Why Reviews Is So Important In Your Business


But, before those 12 steps, let’s talk about why reviews are so important for your business. First and foremost, reviews help you shift your focus from just trying to get new business. Converting leads into customers shifts your focus into developing relationships with past customers. Therefore, this is always good because it gives you the ability to get more referrals and repeats business. And we believe that referral and repeat business is the best type of business. So we want to make sure that all of our customers are focused on that long-term relationship. Besides, reviews are a great way to start that relationship, in the post-sale process.

It’s incredibly important to be more customer-focus, post-sale process, and follow-up standpoints give you the ability to reactivate past customers. One of the ways that you can take ground very easily is by reactivating past customer bases. Share with them the new and exciting things that you’re doing. How your business grows, what you’re up to, give them updates on what you’re having in regards to your business. Similarly, how you’re evolving in regards to solving their challenges or providing them with the desired outcome.

Streamline your Marketing Processes

It also gives you the ability to streamline your marketing processes. And, you’ll probably see a lot of people in the marketplace. They’re utilizing reviews in a couple of different ways. After that, they create reviews Supercuts where they’ll mash a bunch of reviews together. And, they’ll utilize them both in organic reach, organic placement, and also in their paid advertisement. Reviews sell very well. Therefore, it’s powerful when you create some really great messaging around your product, service, and process. And you’re communicating very effectively, the benefit that you have in the marketplace.

What really seals the deal is, when other people sell your products and services for you. The way that you can do that is by capturing your success stories, capturing those reviews, and then utilizing them. In your paid advertising, it’s for people that have come to your site but haven’t purchased yet. They’re in your prospect list, but they’re not on your customer list. You can do this really effectively inside of Google and or Facebook. And you can segment those lists in regards to prospects and customers and utilize reviews to market to your prospect list. So they help you out with your sales process.


03:50 – What Is Social Proof & How To Leverage It


In addition to that, they reduce the amount of friction when it comes to selling your products and services. And what I mean by that is reviews provide social proof. You know, as humans, we have a couple of biases that we need to overcome. When we talk about closing a deal, of course, there are all kinds of biases out there. There are proximity biases, there’s social proof, there’s urgency, there’s scarcity. There are Charlie Munger’s 21 different biases that you need to overcome in order to create a sale. And, get somebody to buy your products and services. So we utilize reviews in order to overcome one of those biases, which is social proof. After that, we also utilize it in regards to streamlining that sales process. On the back end, it’s part of our sales process.

We make it, part of all of our customer sales processes in regards to utilizing those reviews. In addition, from a paid advertising standpoint, then it also hops out from an organic placement for location authority. What Google does is they take a look at the frequent To reviews the reviews. After that, they do the evaluation to rank your business pages. Also to provide you increased location authority for your company’s products and services in a specific geographic area. So when you’re thinking about local marketing reviews (marketing gold), they help out on a boat on a different level. Something that is at the heart of what you’re doing on a regular basis in order to grow your organization. If you’re looking to scale or launch a new business, you should be generating reviews on a regular basis.

05:40 – Review Process Automation


I’m going to talk about the review process. Of course, customer reviews are part of our local legends marketing methodology. And, we focus on three core funnel your lead gen customer acquisition. Customer re-engagement (reactivation) with a focus on reviews, referrals, and repeat business, for instance. To get more information, I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. A lot of free content and, if you’d like to get support, go to our website at RazoRSharp Networks.Com. We’ll give you more information on the local legends marketing methodology, which is our simple step-by-step process. They’ll be launch goers scale any local business regardless of your service or trade professional, or a nonprofit. And any type of organization that’s looking to target people in a specific geographic area. So, if you’d like to get the goods on how to accomplish, the local marketing method gives you everything that you need.

06:54 – 12 Proven Ways To Get More Reviews


These are 12 proven steps that you can utilize, in order to get more reviews for your organization. And these are based on our 10 years’ worth of experience. I sat down and put together this list, kind of really thought about it. You know our strategy and how we deliver it to our clients. And I wanted to provide you a simple framework that you could utilize. Regardless, if you subscribed to or done with our services or anything like that. I wanted to provide you a really simple-to-follow framework. So that, you can utilize it in order to help you launch grow, or scale your local organization.

07:35 – Step 1 – Start By Just Asking


Now, this may sound like a no-brainer but, the first thing you need to do is start by asking. And this is an incredibly important part of the process. In our media planning blueprint, we talk about setting your clients up for reviews, early on in the sales process. Meaning, if you are delivering a great product or service, you should set the expectation. And, that should be customer reviews, later on in that process. You know, hey, ABC-customer, if you’re absolutely satisfied with the products or services, would you mind giving us a review? Or would you do me a small favor and then wait for them to answer. Then you can say, hey, you know, we’d like to keep our costs as low as we possibly can. One of the ways that we do that is we rely on our customers to leave reviews for us.

It helps us with; online ranking, and spread the word about the great service that we’re providing in the marketplace. And, that’s first and foremost. The primary step that you should be thinking about is making it proud of your part of your sales process. And introduce that as early on in the process as you possibly can. Take control and set expectations during that sales process. And let people know, Hey, you know, rely heavily on reviews in order to grow our business. We’re really into providing the highest level of customer service that we possibly can. Firstly, we’re getting reviews from our clients. So it’s an easy way to do it.


09:10 Step 2 – Create a Process for Asking for Reviews


Secondly, we create a process for asking for reviews. And, this can be both an online and offline process. I’m going to take you through our process and show you the review funnel that we utilize. How we build that into our client’s website and what it looks, later on in the presentation. You want to create a process for asking for reviews. And you want that process to be trained within your organization. If you’re a solopreneur, all you got to rely on, is yourself in order to ask for those reviews. However, if you have employees, make sure you set the expectation in regards to what it is that you’re doing. How you’re going to position getting reviews on a regular basis and make that a process within your organization. Make the process drive the reviews through your organization.


10:01 Step 3 – Automate the Ask


If you don’t remember, primarily automate the ask. We kick off the review funnel with some type of trigger or tag. Subsequently, we look at that contact to find out if they’re a past customer or, they’ve left a review before. That’s where we get into this decision diamond right here. And we utilize it in order to automate this, but there’s a lot of CRMs out there that you can. From there, we determine whether or not they’ve left a review within the last six months. Then, if they’ve left us a review, we go ahead and move them out of the funnel. And we wait six months after that, we remove their tags. If they purchase a product or service, in six months, they get introduced into the review funnel as well. But, in regards to this ask we automate that process.

In addition, we send them a postcard, a thank you card as part of our gratitude program. And it has a QR code tied to it that links to our review funnel. That’s one of the ways that we engage with them. And automate that ask is through a nice gratitude card. And we’ll send out an email thanking them for their business. Let them know that we appreciate the fact that there are a lot of options. And we appreciate them supporting our organization and we will give them a review link as well. Now, right after they get into this funnel, they actually get our primary form of communication, which is text messaging. Of course, we’re a mobile force first organization. We always lead with text messaging, because, about a 95% view rate, as opposed to email is 25 to 30%.

Ways to get Reviews and Feedback Strategy Funnel

So, more eyeballs on that text message that goes out to our clients and thanks to them for their business. Then it gives them a link to our review funnel. And they have the option to click on that link and get into the review funnel. Now, if they leave a review, we tag that contact inside or keep it in our CRM. And we pull them out of the review funnel so that they don’t get any more notifications. But if they don’t leave a review, after seven days, what we do is we follow up with them again. We send them another email, a text message, and let them know we understand how busy they are. But we’d love to get their honest feedback. It’s how we grow our business through providing excellent support. And we do that at seven days.

We do that at 14, 21, and then that 28 days, so every week for the next four weeks. And, we send them a reminder, if for some reason they don’t leave a review. After that, we clean the tags and remove them but they still keep the review tags for six months. So, for three to six months, depending on the product, service offering, or deliverables, you know, timing is everything. And, that’s how we automate that ask process. Most of us we’re solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and we’re running our organization which requires a lot of time, energy, and effort. And we don’t have the time to follow up on reviews. The way that you can ensure that is by following up being persistent and consistent with your follow-up. And make sure that you’re asking for those reviews on a regular basis.

Trigger The Follow-Up

If you don’t have time then the best way is to utilize a CRM that builds a nice review campaign. And, it has follow-up sequences based on some type of trigger. Now, this could be triggered by, you know, billing within your merchant account. This could be triggered by your calendaring system that can be manually triggered by a form that you fill out. And you actually manually send that out. There’s a lot of different ways to trigger this campaign. The key is to make sure that you automate that ask now.

14:32  Step 4 – When Making the Ask, Target Satisfied Customers


One of the big keys to a successful review campaign is to make sure you target satisfied customers. Now, we actually have some conditional logic built into our review funnel. And the way that conditional logic works are if the customer provides a one to three-star review. We have a form that asks them how we can improve our products or service. And, that creates a feedback loop automatically. It proactively mitigates negative reviews right? For a customer that had a bad experience and leaves a negative review, you need to be proactive about that. Sending a request for review, and follow-up every seven days for four weeks proactively mitigate any negative review. So, if they leave you a one to three-star review, which automatically opens up a forum where they can complain.


Mitigate Those Negative Reviews


They can give you feedback on how you can improve your process, product, and service. Most importantly, mitigate those negative reviews. Now, if they leave a four or five-star review, our logic funnels automatically ask them to leave a review video. And, when they click yes, it’ll take them to a page where they can actually live, leave a video review. Once they submit that video review, it kicks them over to our favorite review platforms. It’s like Google, my business, Yelp, Facebook reviews, or other types of review directory that we’re utilizing. So, conditional logic will target people that have a positive experience with your company. Then take them through a simple review process that has really low friction. And get them to leave video reviews and get them to leave reviews on your favorite review platform.

You can start with Google My Business because it provides you some SEO bumps and location authority. That’s a good way to get more reviews and also mitigate those ones that are negative.


17:10 Step 5 – Personalize the Ask


Personalize “The Ask” meaning all your communication, regardless if it’s automated or personally sent from you should be personalized. It should come from an individual, not from the actual company itself. People don’t want to be over automated. So, we make sure that we’re persistent and consistent with our follow-up. Every piece of communication is personalized. From the stakeholders, a business owner, or employees that the customer may have contact with. During the product delivery process, support personnel might have developed a relationship. And, the salesperson that closed them on the deal. there are different ways that you can personalize the messages. Generally, it’s the person that created the deepest amount of relationship with them. Regardless of the size of your organization, there’s some type of relationship that was developed there.

That should be followed all the way through that customer lifecycle. So, even if you’re automating a lot of those processes, make sure you personalize those communications.


18:21 Step 6 – Explain Why Reviews Are Important


Number six is explained why reviews are so important. And the way we position these is that we strive hard to provide the highest level of service possible. We have a commitment to each one of our customers. We want to get feedback from them on a regular basis. And make sure that we have feedback loops. It’s important to us for product delivery and product creation. And we want to make sure that we keep our costs as low as we possibly can. Reviews are giving us the ability to save dollars when it comes to marketing our products and services.

We position ourselves as a premium provider that doesn’t cost too much in the marketplace. It’s because we can keep some of our other costs down. But communicate that all the way through the process and make sure that you’re messaging is personalized.

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19:31 Step 7 – Make Writing a Review as Simple as Possible


Make the review process as simple as possible. And let me take you through an example of one of our review processes here. This is one of our clients here and we have a really simple one question. How did you like your overall satisfaction? Of course, if they didn’t like their experience, we can take them through the review process here. We take them through the place where they can leave some feedback. As you can see, if they leave excellent, they give the option either they’re going to leave a public review. And, we’ll kick them over to a form and utilize that form in order to capture feedback. Once, they complete that, it’ll give them a brief description of what it is that we want to leave. So we’ll coach them into what to leave inside the review we’ll set an expectation.

We give them the ability to record right through their browser or mobile phone. And upload a review that they’ve pre-recorded on their device, enter their email address to get their incentive or reward. Make the process as simple as you can. And that’ll give you the ability to close for more reviews.


21:39 Step 8 – Provide a Template for Reviews


In regards to creating a template for the review, we set the expectation. Hey, take two to three minutes to leave a quick review. And, just talk about your name, where you’re from, what you thought about our product and or service. It does prep them or provides them what types of information that we want to share in that review. This benefits us and our clients. It’s the fact that if they say their name, who they dealt with and the company’s name. The product or service and where they’re from, that actually optimizes those products and services in the company. For local search, regardless of its video content, or a written word, we can Utilize and optimize it. It creates a really nice template, and we can outperform the competition,


22:39 Step 9 – Engage With Your Existing Reviews


engage with your existing reviews. For instance, if you have reviews on Google My Business, Facebook reviews make sure that you engage with them regularly. Make sure that you comment with reviews. And if they provide a negative review, make sure that you mitigate that by making a comment. Make sure, you cover that in a professional way. You mitigate whatever negative experience was and do your best in order to rectify it.

23:07 – Step 10 – Offer an Incentive


Offer incentives, you saw on that review funnel we offer 250. It was a $250 drawing for an Amazon gift card every single month for reviews. And, we have different incentives that we utilize. First and foremost, Amazon’s great brand recognition. Everybody knows and loves Amazon. Regardless of your demographic or who you’re serving, the type of incentive works every single time. You could also do Starbucks gift cards, or you could do free product free services. But there is some perceived value in your customer’s minds, for them to actually leave a review. Importantly, think about what type of incentives that you want to offer in order to get reviews. And it just streamlines that process. Again, it reduces the amount of friction associated with getting the review. Provides them the incentives can help out with the entire process.


24:13 Step 11 – Send Review Request Emails at the Right Time


There should be emails, text messages, and the actual postcard that we send. We do a multi-channel marketing strategy in our review funnels and closing for the reviews. Depending either, you’re an e-commerce, or your product or service delivery, we send that postcard. After that, the customer gets the product or service. Certainly, we’ll send the postcard after that happens or if we’re tracking the delivery in your e-commerce. We’ll kick that off when the product is delivered to the doorstep so that the postcard arrives soon after. Your service provider in a local market, in your delivering product, same day, we might kick-off that postcard. They can get it the day after or the following day. So that’s the postcard, with email and text message. We want to make sure that we deliver these from a timing standpoint. So your product, your service delivery, is front of mind.

And immediately, all the way up to several days delay in regards to that. So this varies based on your service offering. But it’s important just to think about the timing process, especially if you’re automating. And you’re utilizing some tools like keep in order to accomplish that.


25:40 Step 12 – Follow Up on Your Requests


You want to follow up on your requests then, we talked about being persistent and consistent. Make sure that you’re following up and tracking everybody that leaves a review. It’ll give you the ability to close for more reviews, which is going to increase your amount of success. And it’s going to give you all those benefits that we talked about a little bit earlier, in this training. Those are the 12 proven steps that I put together based on the past 10 years of local marketing experience. Hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that.

It’s something that you can implement in your business in order to create a better process for originating. Publishing and syndicating reviews help out your sales process, marketing, and every aspect of your business online and offline. This can help with every aspect of your online and offline sales and marketing efforts. So a really powerful tool is customer reviews and part of our customer engagement strategy and campaign. And we want to make sure that you’re clear and focused about the importance of getting reviews.

27:00 – FeedBack Is Key, Thank You For Yours


If you’re here and you lasted this long, apparently you got some value out of that feedback is key. Go ahead and check the description of this video. If you’re on YouTube, be sure to subscribe and set up notifications so that you don’t miss future videos. It’s all about how to grow, launch or scale your local organization. Those are the most important aspect of sales and marketing. Again, make sure that you set up notifications on YouTube. If you’re watching this on one of the other channels that we syndicate on. Be certain, you check the description of the video. We have a feedback link in the description and make sure that you fill that out. So, it’s maybe two things that we can improve, and again, it’s completely anonymous. We believe in feedback regularly, when it comes to product and services, product delivery, development, and training.

Setup Notifications

You know putting together is better training and everything like that. Get notified and set up notifications for all of our training. When it comes to local marketing and growing your organization, you can get notified by texting MONDAYKO to 7072291221. To get additional resources, specifically for our Facebook group, local marketing hacks, go ahead and join the Facebook group. And we will make sure that you get access to those. That’s where we host our challenges, where we tackle individual challenges within your organization to give you some micro wins. And we do that in a compressed timeframe. So that you can get access to some great information and take you through it step by step. To get access to our challenges, subscribe to local marketing hacks, Facebook groups, and we’ll get you set up. That’s all I have for today. Super excited about hearing from you.

If you have any feedback, comments, concerns, or need support. let us know, and we’ll be happy to get you taken care of. And until the next time, we speak. Make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.


Intro To Local Marketing Hacks


Why Reviews Is So Important In Your Business


What Is Social Proof & How To Leverage It


Review Process Automation


12 Proven Ways To Get More Reviews


Step 1 – Start By Just Asking


Step 2 – Create a Process for Asking for Reviews


Step 3 – Automate the Ask


Step 4 – When Making the Ask, Target Satisfied Customers


Step 5 – Personalize the Ask


Step 6 – Explain Why Reviews Are Important


Step 7 – Make Writing a Review as Simple as Possible


Step 8 – Provide a Template for Reviews


Step 9 – Engage With Your Existing Reviews


Step 10 – Offer an Incentive


Step 11 – Send Review Request Emails at the Right Time


Step 12 – Follow Up on Your Requests


Feedback Is Key, Thank You For Yours

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12 Proven Ways To Get More Review – Local Marketing Hack Video

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