Client Targeting Strategy For Local Service & Trade Professionals

As a local business owner, service, or trade professional this can be one of the most challenging steps in your marketing strategy. It can give you a major case of FOMO. So in this video, I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned about client targeting and some simple strategies to save you time and money on your local marketing.

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Client Targeting Strategy For Local Service & Trade Professionals





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Speakers: Jesse Razo


00:01 – Intro To Client Targeting​


Sorry about that. So, a couple of technical difficulties but, hey, we’re going live. Now, of course, if you’re on zoom, you’re getting a backstage, pass to our presentation. Of course, if you’re watching this on either YouTube or Facebook group, you’re getting that as well. Again, I apologize, I didn’t press the go LIVE on our stream yard account. You might have been missing a little bit of information but, welcome. It’s Monday morning, we’re going to do our Monday morning kickoff call. And, to get notifications set up, as you can see there on the banner, you can text local to 7072291221. We’ll go ahead and get you set up on notifications. I’ll talk with you about why we put on these Monday morning kickoff calls, and Friday wrap-up calls. This is to give you the tools that you need to build your business week to week.

Of course, we have a firm belief that if you want to launch, grow, or scale your business. You need to put together a system that consistently and persistently drives the results that you want to see. Our job is to help you focus on your sales and marketing efforts and give you a context or framework. I think that we do better than other people providing our customers with ongoing support. Coaching, software, and all the things you need to launch, scale, or grow your local business. Again, get those notifications set up and we’ll make sure that you don’t miss a single training out there. Today, I’m going to talk, not about our client targeting system, but the client targeting strategies. How important are our client targeting and some of the things that of course, our local legends marketing methodology?


Be Clear Who You’re Targeting – Client Targeting Strategy


The first step is to define who you’re targeting before you refine how to target them or market them. And, there are a couple of different reasons for this. First and foremost, make sure that your message is compelling. And, you’re putting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. One of the ways to accomplish that is to make sure that you are very clear about who you’re targeting. Now, when you define who, and you’re clear who you’re targeting, then the rest of your marketing is much easier. So, if you’re having challenges, putting together a marketing strategy, or having charging challenges originating content on a regular basis. This is kind of the foundation of your marketing strategy is really get super clear about your niche. First and foremost, it’s all about segmenting.

It’s all about finding out who your ideal customers are in the marketplace. Look at your existing customers and find out what are some of the characteristics that are similar within those customers. This can give you the ability to really segment and figure out who you can determine. Who’s your dream customer or who your customers are, and formulate messaging around those. I’ll give you an example and kind of the story behind how I saw this unfold in my own business.


03:57 – Business Background & Experiences


For those of you who have been with us and heard my story about how I got started in marketing. You know, we had some local marketing customers, but we had a heavy focus on the nonprofit sector. And, we had a lot of marketing campaigns that were specifically geared towards nonprofits and helping nonprofits originate their messaging. We go out there and execute their business plan. When a business partner of mine and I had a difference of opinion, we separated that nonprofit business. It’s kind of died off but it gave me the ability to reposition, and refocus myself to local marketing. Meanwhile, I had my local marketing customer base and I had my nonprofit customer base and was very profitable. And, I actually had more customers in our local marketing space. So, I decided to double down on local marketing at that time.

This is back in 2018 2019 when this happened. What happened in there is I took a look at the customers that I had at the time. And I had a lot of customers in the automotive industry. I had somebody shop and some companies that were in the paintless Dent Repair automotive recon industry. And, it gave me a unique perspective on those customers. In addition, right after I began to double down on local marketing, of course, COVID hit me. Then, another unique perspective because I saw which customers were successful and which customers were having challenges with their business. And, we were able to take a look at that from a couple of different standpoints. Firstly, I got very clear about who I was targeting. So, we began to target people in the automotive recon industry, auto body shops, and things of that nature.


The Best Business Model – Client targeting


Then, the Paintless Dent Repair, and so on and so forth. And, that was the first opportunity that we had. Secondly, we look at business models, because when COVID hit, a lot of companies were going out of business. And, there were some businesses that were actually succeeding during COVID. So, we look at those businesses and found that they had their primary core offers, and had an e-commerce play. And, they started to get into membership sites and things of that nature. If you’ve watched some of our past training, you’ve realized that our customers with multiple streams of revenue. We talked with our customers about e-commerce. And, from a product and service offering and it’s how to utilize that to increase visibility. Also, we look at membership sites for our clients and how they can utilize their expertise. And sell things like courses and things of that nature.

So, a lot of great information but, that’s the process. And that’s the process that we went through. We found out that we’ve got crystal clear or laser focus on our customers who were we were targeting. Our messaging became easier to put together or marketing became easier to put together. It’s because instead of targeting the entire world we began targeting local service and trade professionals. We started off in a very narrow niche then, we started off in the automotive industry.


07:45 – The Three Core Funnels


And that gave us the ability to begin communicating what it is that we were doing. We help those people, specifically in developing their three core funnels their customer acquisition lead gen and customer re-engagement funnels. And we do that very well, and quickly. We provide a tremendous amount of value to customers because the vast majority of them don’t have any funnel setup. Focus on those three funnels, gives us the ability to provide a ton of value to people in those segments. So, it’s a client strategy standpoint, client targeting, and strategy standpoint. Focused on who you’re targeting is your primary step in putting together a successful marketing campaign. The reason for that is it gives you the ability to create more powerful messaging. And, get laser-focused on all things related to marketing your products and services and or processes in the marketplace.


08:52 – Segment Your Target & Message


Now, let’s talk about a simple framework in order to accomplish this. Firstly, we have to look at your existing customers. And, make sure that you segment them based on characteristics regardless as this is demographics or psychographic information. Whether it’s a vertical, a niche, or it’s people that share similar characteristics. Look into your existing customer base. Now, if you’re just getting started, this might be a little more challenging. But, ask yourself specific questions like, who do you love most or who do you want to serve most? It’s like launching your business but don’t know who you want to serve, sit down and figure that part. Again, this was something that happened to us naturally for a lot of our clients. This is an exercise that they haven’t quite gone through yet.

It would be something that will serve you in getting very specific about who you want to serve. You can take a look at your existing customer demographics, industries, location, and psychographic information. Geography is not a really great indicator of who you’re serving, but maybe the target market. Getting a niche in regards to who they are, from a characteristic standpoint, is important. Now, make sure that you’re segmenting your contacts if you’re doing any type of lead gen campaign. And, it’s more effective when utilizing some software on the back end, whether it’s a free service like MailChimp. When utilizing a full-blown CRM, like high level or keep make sure that you’re utilizing some type of software. And, it’s useful in collecting contact information, and you’re able to segment those people. That’ll give you the ability to get your message in front of you most effectively.


Client Targeting Strategy – Follow up Process & Automation


Now, back where I was started in business, we didn’t have any type of CRM. Then, we were utilizing very rudimentary CRMs. We’re doing things like utilizing MailChimp, or some email marketing software, where we’re just collecting emails. But, that didn’t give us the ability to automate our other marketing, like text messaging, and direct mail marketing. So, we integrate that with some other software in order to give us the ability to automate the follow-up process. In addition to segmenting, when you’re talking about clients targeting.  Do make sure that you automate the follow-up process. And this will able to put that messaging in front of the right audience at the right time. If they need information, you’re able to put the right message in front of them at the right time, absolutely. And provide value all the way through that process.

So, the first step with client targeting is segmentation. You have to make sure that you’re segmenting all contacts that are coming in. Don’t just have your blanket contacts coming in, but think about how you’re going to communicate to these contacts. If you’re not focused and you’re basically targeting everybody, then your time is more challenging with your messaging and marketing. And, this training is really derived around giving you a strategy, and a framework. So, you can utilize it in order to simplify your message and create a more powerful message. Then, get that in front of the right audience at the right time. The first step in your client targeting, our local legends marketing methodology is defining your who before you refine how. Secondly, segment all of your contacts, regardless of their leads, prospects, and customers.


Why Not To Target Everybody?


And, make sure that you’re putting the right message in front of them. Thirdly, make sure that you’re very clear about your targeting. We cover this in our client targeting system, but targeting is credibly important. You make sure that you’re not trying to target everybody. It’s one of the most challenging things that I had to go through as a small business owner and entrepreneur. And, the reason for that is because when I was getting started, I felt like I wanted to target everybody. I would be missing out on opportunities if I went out there. And I just got super focused, or I niche down into my target market. So, basically, I targeted everybody, I was just looking for everybody. It creates a more challenging environment to market, Moreover; the costs associated with marketing to everybody are much higher.


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14:10 – Client Targeting Process


So, from a targeting standpoint, let’s say that you’re targeting everybody in a specific geographic area. And, as a marketer, you need to get your message in front of people anywhere between seven to 12 times. A lot of times before they convert, you get some low-hanging fruit that can convert in a much shorter timeframe. Generally, you need to get your message, your brand, and everything like that in front of people multiple times. If you’re targeting everybody and trying to get your message in front of them, let’s say 10 times on average. That can be very costly in order to accomplish that. And you get super focused in regards to your targeting then, your niche down into your niche. You define who your dream customer is, from a geographic standpoint, from a psychographic standpoint, and from a messaging standpoint.

The costs associated with marketing, your process, product, and service are much smaller. It’s because you’re narrower in regards to your messaging. Now, as you dominate that market, that segment, and you can expand your messaging. Hopefully, your revenue goes up and you’re able to expand your messaging and everything is going right within your business. Then, your targeting can get a little bit broader, and you can target more niches if you go out there. And expand your messaging and expand your targeting. In addition, you should have more revenue. Once you master your primary niche, you will have more revenue. Firstly, make sure that you have some type of CRM in place. And, some type of software, things that so that you can segment, your Legion activities. Then, make sure that you know where people are at in their customer lifecycle.


The Segmentation & Targeting


You know, whether their leads, prospects, or customers, and make sure that their software is in place to accomplish that. Secondly, make sure that you’re super clear about your target. This gives you the ability to create more powerful messaging, more powerful offers because you’re communicating to a specific person. So, segmentation and targeting are two key areas in recruit in regards to your client targeting strategy. And, you’ll be narrower and communicate a more powerful message to a specific segment in your marketplace. So, that’ll give you a really great way in order to accomplish that.


16:54 – Process, Product, & Service Positioning


The third step in the strategy is, of course, positioning. And this is another reason why it’s so incredibly important to get super clear about who your targeting is. It’s how to position your process, your product, and your service in front of that target. And, some market research and make sure that you’re not just a commodity selling another product or service out there. We talked with you about this in our local legends, offer creation, and how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. And, with offer creation and really communicating your process more than your product and service. Positioning yourself in the marketplace can get a lot easier if you know exactly who you’re targeting. And, you’re very clear about what it is that you’re going to be offering. And when you’re clear who’s your target, and can communicate the challenges that they might be experiencing.

When you articulate that better and can communicate that better than they can articulate then you become an expert. So, let’s say that you’re trying to communicate what it is that you do to a broad audience. It’s hard to communicate them from a place of empathy and develop a message that resonates both emotionally and intellectually. Again, the broader you are to your client targeting, the more challenging it is to create messaging. And, it’s challenging also to position your process, product, and service with them. Go narrow from a client targeting strategy and make sure that you’re communicating your message directly to an individual, specifically. Then, once you get that message clear and focused on them, you can create more powerful messaging. You can create more powerful marketing and you can dominate that specific segment before you expand. And get broader in your targeting and aspects of that.


19:12 – 3 Keys To Succesful Client Targeting


So, there are three keys to successful client targeting. One is the segmentation of your contact list. Two is the actual targeting process itself, the way that you can accomplish that is through niching down. And, make sure they get super clear and get as niche as you possibly can to your client targeting. Also, find out who your dream customer is. You can access our other training on how to formulate your dream customer. And how to find out who your dream customer is and what that process is? It’s all in the description of this video. Regarding our local legend client targeting system, make sure, you’re targeting positions, process your product or service. In front of that client targeting service, segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the key principles. It’s associated with and creating a more powerful message for your local business, regardless of you’re selling products and services.

If you’re a local service, trade professional, or nonprofit, we have some great information for you. And, it’s some things that we learned along the way. Hopefully, it’ll help you out in regards to launching, growing, or scaling your local organization. So, I’d encourage you, if you haven’t done so already it’s in the description of this video. I’m going to leave a couple of different links. One, we have our weekly master class, that covers our local legends marketing methodology every single week. It’s on Thursdays at 230. Now, we’re putting on that live master class, so you can ask questions. And you get all the information you need on how to formulate a powerful local marketing strategy. So, you can become an expert in your industry, and a legend in your local market. Then, go ahead and get signed up for that.


21:07 -Feedback Is The Key! Remember To Leave Yours


Moreover, feedback is the key. We have an honest and anonymous feedback link is in the description of this video. depending on the channel that you’re watching it. Go ahead and leave some feedback. If you have questions and like to leave some feedback on what it is that we’re doing. And how it is we’re delivering this content. One thing that we did well, two things that we can improve on, we appreciate feedback, it is a gift. So, if you do leave that I want to say thank you on the front end. And, if you’re watching this on YouTube, or one of our other channels, leave comments, and do ask questions. Let us know what you think so that we continue to improve our training process. And provide you with some more value in regards to launching growing, or scaling your local organization.


How to Grow a Business?


Again, we’re out here to serve and create an environment where you can grow your business week to week. We believe that the only way to grow a business is through accountability, immersion, and action. And in taking you to know and doing that on a regular basis. Repetition is one of the other characteristics that we subscribe to on a regular basis. So, that’s all I have for you today. I’m super excited about some of the videos that we’re going to be releasing this week. And some of the things going on in our business, of course, we’re expanding on a regular basis. We are really helping local business owners we believe that local businesses are the salt of the earth. So, we love to help those local business owners, service, or trade professionals. And helping communities around the country is what we’re up to.

Again, leave your feedback. If you hear you’re watching this video and you’ve watched it all the way through. Go ahead and let us know what you think. And, until the next time we speak, make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.


Intro To Client Targeting


Business Background & Experiences


The Three Core Funnels


Segment Your Target & Message


 Client Targeting Process


Process, Product, & Service Positioning


3 Keys To Successful Client Targeting


Feedback Is The Key! Remember To Leave Yours

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Client Targeting Strategy For Local Service & Trade Professionals

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