Execute A Media Plan To Book More Repairs For Your Auto Hail Repair Business

Marketing Strategy Call – How To Execute A Media Plan That Will Book More Auto Hail Repair Jobs?

Do you know how powerful a well-executed media plan is for your business? So, I’ve seen clients go from spending over $3,000 per month to zero dollars per month. And, it’s on their pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns without losing a step. Then, how to execute a media plan?

So, the goal is results and the quickest way to drive results today is through pay-per-click ad campaigns.  But, we can’t mistake the beginning for the end. The end goal should be to replace your pay-per-click ad campaign with organic traffic. Then, you’re being viewed as the expert in your local market. And, for premium, high-paying repairs from customers who care more about the quality of your work than the price.

How To Execute A Media Plan

But, I’ve said it before and, I’ll repeat it. And, our weekly coaching calls are where the MAGIC happens. So, it’s where I get feedback from our customers. And, strategize about how to make our service better, week after week. Then, we continue to sell transformation, while our competition sells information. So, we focus on results instead of sales. And, it’s all the reasons why we can innovate and GROW alongside our clients.

In this VIDEO, I discuss the following strategies with our clients:
  1. Media Planning & Execution
  2. Customer Engagement Campaigns


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Video Full Transcripts

Marketing Strategy Call – How To Execute A Media Plan That Will Drive More Repairs?






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Speakers: Jesse Razo & Nate Kral


Nate Kral: Okay yeah, let’s go. So, can you hear me?

Jesse Razo: I can hear you. How about me, can you hear me?

Nate Kral: Yeah, I can hear you good. And, I’m just working on a car up here. So, I just work while we talk.


00:40 – Getting Updates on Customer Campaign or Telemarketing


Jesse Razo: Very cool, Well, I wanted to touch base, how are things going? Any updates in regards to the customer engagement campaign, telemarketing, or anything like that?

Nate Kral: Kent has been doing some of the campaign staff and he took the list. I printed out a list for him. And, he’s been going through the list and trying to get everything set up. Then, he has made some calls. I don’t know how many he’s made. He’s done so far, actually. Yeah, he’s done something.

Jesse Razo: That’s doing something.

Nate Kral: So, we’ve just been having internal stuff that we’ve been dealing with processes and things like that. Then, we’ve been dealing with recruiting new salespeople going through some of that. And, that’s been a roller coaster.

Jesse Razo: So, not a lot of feedback just as yet.

Nate Kral: Not yet, because Irving was going to do it. Then, we ended up getting like five collision jobs and like, a handful of hell jobs. And, Jeffrey’s been out because he had on the last week.

Jesse Razo: I mean, we got all those hail jobs and collision jobs within the last week.

Nate Kral: Probably, it’s kind of standard for when it gets warmer. For some reason, people decide what they want to. You know, do more stuff with it.


Great Marketing Vs. Weather


Jesse Razo: It’s very standard. And, I’ll be honest with you. So, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in the weather. I don’t know what it is about automotive repairs. But, cold weather just dried up. People just don’t think about getting their car fixed when it’s cold out. Or, when it’s snowing or raining. You know, it’s really weird but doesn’t matter. California, Texas, Florida, Indianapolis, everybody, every single client says the exact same thing.

Nate Kral: Yeah, if you have great marketing, they’re still acting on your marketing more when it’s warmer. And, it’s just weird. So, I think people want it cold. People just think like, more survival mode. And, they’re like, I don’t want to be without my car, right? You know, it’s like, got to get the bread and milk, right.

Jesse Razo: I got to be able to get to the grocery store. You know, I don’t want to be without a car. And, I get it.

Nate Kral: Yeah, I don’t want to be some unknown rental car that I don’t trust, all right.

Jesse Razo: So, that’s good. And, you guys are busy since the last time we talked. I know, last week when we had our strategy call. You’re a little bit late and looking for stuff to do for some of the technicians. But, it sounds like you guys are booked up as of right now. So, that’s good.


03:51 – How’s Feedback Going On?


Jesse Razo: Did you get any feedback? I know, we sent out the newsletter since our last conversation. So, did anybody get any feedback on that? Do you get any phone calls or anything like that from the monthly newsletter?

Nate Kral: Yeah, he’s just taking this car back. So, just tell him he can take it. And, I’m going to get you over here. So, you can learn more.

Jesse Razo: Yeah, I kind of dig been able to see the shop and stuff like that. Usually, I just get your initial.

Nate Kral: Yeah, I just don’t know how much you can see me from right there. So, yeah tell him about a coffee. Yes, I talked to him on the phone all the time. So, he’s good. Okay, cool it’s fine. Just customer, so what was the question again?

Jesse Razo: Yeah, is there any feedback on the newsletter? Or, did you get any positive or negative responses?

Nate Kral: Now, I haven’t talked to anybody. So, I haven’t gotten a response. I don’t know, what anyone has said about it yet. As far as the newsletter goes, I don’t really talk or ask people about it. So, I don’t have any feedback yet.


05:34 – Do you get Complaints, Subscribers, Questions & Video reviews?


Jesse Razo  05:34

Yeah, I know that you just looking at the statistics. And, a lot of people opened it and nobody complained. Then, nobody had nobody unsubscribed or submitted complaints in regards to getting it. So, I think that it keeps your brand in front of mine, first and foremost. And, I think that just once a month. You know, that’s a great idea. And, people get with what it is that you’re doing. They do have repairs and they’re thinking about getting them done. And, that might just give them the nudge that they need to give you a call and schedule it. Yeah, I think that’s good. So, I’m working on the March version of that. And, we’ll get something out, you know, spring is upon us.

How To Execute A Media Plan

So, we’ll get something themed up and get all that stuff organized. Then, I’ll send you guys over some proofs over the next seven days. So, we have that ready to go. And, maybe we’ll send it out about mid-month. Then, in regards to reviews, have you been focusing on getting both video reviews, and also those online?


Nate Kral  06:47 -How To Execute A Media Plan


So, I had a long talk with Jason. And, he asked you about what he was doing on someone else’s website. So, we need to make sure it’s not going to conflict with us. It’s because they’re in our neighborhood pretty much. And, they’re going to see your website anyway. Yeah, that’s true we do have some FAQs on there that we pursue. You know, we put on there that no one else does. So, if you’re advertising our website to other people and they’re going to see all of our stuff. But, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. And, he was saying the same thing too and about the video reviews. Then, no one’s really, like heading up that project. And, David’s doing some admin work in the office. So, he does parks and he does scope cars.


How To Execute A Media Plan


But, if we tell David, hey, can you do this, and then he’ll probably start doing something else. Then, he forgets about it and no one is making sure it happens. And, we had the perfect opportunity yesterday. So, it’s like the whole project and it’s not getting done. Then, it’s like Jason said, to get B roll on every car so that we have some B roll. That way, when we do the review, we have some before and after a little bit. So, I can tell to David, and he’ll do it in one. The next one, he gets caught up and doesn’t do it or something. So, there’s just no project manager on that. And, Jason can come in and kind of help y’all with it.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Make sure it’s kind of getting done. And, get a game plan to do it on each one. So, he could start as soon as this week or next week to help us. It’s because he was like a video and a movie director. So, it well-rested up on film that was in the theater. Did print direct it? Yeah, it was called Michael Jr. the comedian. And, he worked for Michael Jr. Also, He’s a Christian comedian. So, he did this movie that we all went and saw in the theater. And, Jason and I are in the same church. But, I think he’d have to give you a link where you can watch it. It’s a great family movie.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  09:35

Yeah, we’d love to see it. And, I’d love to see it.

Nate Kral  09:38

It’s funny and he’s basically on stage doing stand-up comedy during the entire movie.

Jesse Razo  09:44

It’s like an Eddie Murphy Raw, but without the raw.

Nate Kral  09:52

Exactly, he’s on stage. But, he’s telling stories, right? And, he’s doing a stand-up comedy. Then, flashes back to different stories. And, it’s called like a punch line or something. So, I can’t remember the name of it. But, it’s such a good thing. I mean I laughed really hard.

Jesse Razo  10:14

And, I’ll talk to Jason that I’ve got his number. You know, he’s been reaching out to me for a little bit of business counsel. And, I think it’s what he was trying to do. Then, I’m just trying to get a feel for and getting his business up and running and figuring out. So, how to kind of move forward in regards to that. You know, I told him. He said, I got this competitor and talk to Nate, first and foremost and see how he feels about it. And, it’s how you feel about it. Then, I just figure out whether or not he feels like there’s going to be a conflict of interest. And, if not, then move forward. So, if he doesn’t want you to move forward, then you should definitely be respectful to that as well. But, everybody wants to feed their families also, right?


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  11:01

Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt it. And, I want you to do it. You know, it’s going off and starting his thing. You know, he’s a friend of mine. And, I just want to make sure that we do it to where there’s no conflict of interest. I mean, he explained it pretty well. And, they’re going to see your website anyways. So, I’m not going to tell him anything different. And, I’m just designing it and I’m not going to do it like you guys are. Yeah, that’s cool but it’s like people already starting to copy us anyways.


11:34 – Strategy Call, Media Planning, Ad & SEO


They did, I mean that’s what happens in the marketplace. You know, when they see something like this, duplication is way easier than creation. So, a lot of people just start, like, one right yet. But, he’s going to head that up. Maybe, we schedule a strategy call and just talk about it. Again, the media planning, and what we want to put together that we can utilize from an advertising standpoint. And, that helps out with SEO and that helps out with visibility. Then, create social proof, to where people are selling your products and your service offering in the marketplace. And, that’s incredibly powerful. So, having everybody on the same page in creating a framework where we get a car in. Let’s get some B roll-on before let’s get some B roll on the after. And, in the event, we get a really good customer testimonial.


How To Execute A Media Plan


So, we can just throw that stuff together and post-production. And, I have a really good video that can help us promote our business. Then, we can publish that on our website. Also, we can publish it on social media. And, that’s valuable that you something know that we spend on. You know, B roll, getting the customer review, and then doing the post-production can pay huge dividends. And, that’s what I call marketing assets, right? Those marketing assets are what you want to create as you for that one hour. Then, it pays dividends and you can utilize it into perpetuity. So, that becomes something that you can grow your business with. I mean if you want to put together your time over the next seven days and say.

How To Execute A Media Plan


Hey, I spoke to Jesse and I want you guys to get on the same page in our media planning. And, get us all back together. You know, we can come up with a strategy and figure out how to execute that. So, you don’t have to worry about it. And, it’s like every car that’s coming in. I only worried about how the repair is done. But, I got to worry about all the media planning and stuff like that.

Nate Kral  13:45

Hey, what’s up, man? Yeah, I’m just on a conference call right now, but you’re good. I’m going to do the same for you. Yeah, sounds good, thank you. So, it’s the customer that we’re trying to help but we couldn’t, his car totaled? Yeah, I’ve been working with him for like a month on it. And, he finally came and picked it up. So, he owns a store down the street and we’re kind of networking. He fixes tablets and phones. And, he’s got like, a few locations Yeah.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  14:33

But, does that make sense? You know, like getting everybody on the same page. Then, I’m having a kind of creating that framework. Or, that process that you intake. Also, it’s part of them to turnover process at the end of a repair.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  14:52

So, just someone needs to manage that project. You know, it’s kind of new to David. Like, he can do the filming and all of that. But, Jason was saying he could come out for like one hour a week. And, consult them and kind of help you like a guide through the process. Yeah, get one down, so that we can do start to be able to do it on all of them. Because we missing some great opportunities. And, no one’s very deliberate about it, because no one really knows exactly how to do it. So, I think you’ve given us a lot of pointers. And, someone is going to say, and kind of lead it.

How To Execute A Media Plan


So, I can’t lead it, because I’ve just got a million things going on. And, I guess David doesn’t know if he feels comfortable eating it or not. You know, never done it, the way that you have been explaining to do it. So, if someone can just kind of lead up that project with David, then we can make it work.

Jesse Razo  16:17

Okay, Well, Yeah.


16:20 – What we need in order to drive sales & marketing


So, you want me to reach out to Jason and David? And, it’s kind of the drive a conference call. You know some planning around that and see if we can come up with it. Yeah, I’m comfortable with what and actually get a plan in place. It’s because I don’t really know for me here. You know, reaching out to and they’re going to be more familiar with kind of the process of intake. Also, you’re returning the vehicle to the customer. So, we just talk a little bit about that process and how do we inject it? And, what we need to drive sales and marketing with the existing processes. Then, I just come up with a plan in order to accomplish that. And, designate some people that are going to be in charge of that.

How To Execute A Media Plan


Then, I’ll do follow up with them. And, I’ll be like, Hey, where’s our marketing for the week? You know, what I mean? Where are our review videos for the week? And, where’s our repair?

Nate Kral  17:16

Yeah, cuz no one really has a manager for David right now. He’s just kind of filling in, in the office where needed. So, he doesn’t have any kind of job description. It’s like, Hey, make a couple of videos each week and do the parts and whatever else is needed. And, that’s kind of where we’re at. So, it would take someone that could manage that project. And, once he learns it, then he knows exactly how to do it. Likely, this is the checklist and these are the key points. And, we need to get on each one and get it down. Then, he won’t need any help but, at least at first, you know, doing it.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  18:06

So, let me get with David and schedule a call and see where he’s at in regards to that. And, as far as Jason coming in, is that something that you find is gonna be imperative? Or, do you think maybe David with the proper direction can handle it?

Nate Kral  18:25

Yeah, I don’t know the thing that Jason was saying, but David makes the videos really pretty. And, it’s like, what kind of field that we want it to have type thing too. So, it doesn’t need to be overproduced or use cell phones, you know, like, all that kind of stuff. Like, how should it look and feel? So, that’s kind of one thing he was talking about.


19:04 – Photos & Videos Don’t Need to be Overproduced


Yeah, those looks and feels don’t matter quite so much. So, we’re not producing videos like it’s too much. Or, it’s overproducing a video that doesn’t ever get paid. It hurts, you know, the dip really depends on what the production schedule and resources can handle. So, if you have the resources to turn videos to three a week, they can look polished and produced. That’s if you have to utilize a cell phone in order to accomplish that. And, you’re still getting the content out there. Then, visibility, and you’re utilizing that to be published into social media and utilizing your ads. And, that’s it from a production standpoint, you know what I mean? So, it’s really about the production schedule. This video is something that you can do. Or, if that’s not, it’s better to have a video than no video at all.

Nate Kral  20:07

Yeah, I don’t know, if we necessarily need Jason to help with that or not. You know, I really don’t but he’s just as a background video. So, you had a lot of thoughts on it?


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  20:31

Well, let me at least reach out to David and have an initial conversation with him. Then, if David can’t get on the same page, we’re not able to produce at least once a week. You know, it would be a good production schedule. And, we did one video a week. Then, it’s a video around the repairs that you guys do to the customers you serve. Or, it’s educating future customers in your target market? Um, I think we can’t do that. Maybe, we bring Jason to help out with the process to have somebody or have a local presence. Then, if you don’t guys, you know, fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better. Do you know what I mean, right? And, we can just move forward with a leaner team, right?


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  21:21

Yeah, if you guys can nail it down without him, then that’s fine. Also, I was asking David. Like, hey, can we get before and after photos at least just on every car that comes in? Because if we have like, one car every other day, or one car that comes in? I mean, should we have a checklist on it? Maybe photos or just a little walk-around video with each car that comes in? Just Yes, we just have someone in every car? Yeah, absolutely making a video, he’s got the B roll.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  21:59

You know, here’s the thing that you can do. And this is what I’d recommend with the photos and videos that you take of your car. So, those don’t need to be overproduced. And, those can be actually from the mobile device with your location services turned on. Again, we can utilize those on your social media pages. And also your business pages and directory pages as the work that you’re doing. Then, they’ll have the GPS information tied to them if you take them with your mobile. So, that’s one of the things that we can add to those pages to create location authority for you. And, they don’t need to be overproduced.

Nate Kral  22:36

Are the video does that too?

How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  22:41

Definitely, it’s kind of a balance, right and you use some of it. Because as soon as it goes into that post-production space. Yeah, it’s loaded up into software. And, you start doing the editing and everything like that. Generally, your editing software will strip away that Meta information in the post-production process. So, there’s a difference between just getting a before and after photo. And, you’re utilizing those on your business pages and directory pages to help increase location authority. Then, produce a video so that you could utilize it for marketing purposes. And, you’re kind of representing your brand. Then, create a social proof with the customer review and things of that nature. So, those are, how we tie everything together. Also, getting those reviews for the products and services that you want to promote is important as well. You know, just something to think about.

How To Execute A Media Plan


Maybe, I’ll get together with David. And, maybe we come up with a simple checklist. Then, it contains some of the things that he could be doing on every repair. And, in order to help out to drive content with the marketing. That way, he’s got a little checklist. You know, I’m gonna take some photos of the repair with my mobile phone. And, add those to the folder, a video we roll in case of a customer review. Then, at the end of the repair, we sell for review. And, talk to the customer on the camera.


24:18 – Social Media Posting & Video Creation


So, that’ll just tie into our social media posting as well. Yeah, I do listen to Gary Vee and he talks about building your personal brand and stuff. And, he does say like building a brand that you want to post every day. Then, it’s on something somewhere, even having a plan to be able to get stuff for that. Yeah, I think we’re missing out on a lot. And, have a lot of opportunities just across social media. I know we talk about it all the time we come up with plans. So, there might just be kind of a disconnection. And, it has to go through me to go to David. Maybe, you should just be working with David directly on videos, and social media stuff. Like, what kind of material you need, so that you can do what you need to do.


How To Execute A Media Plan


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Jesse Razo  25:33

I think that might be helpful. You know, I’m just getting him on the plan. And, I’m getting everybody on the same page is maybe I just work with him directly. Then, in regards to content creation, that’ll originate from your location. And, we can put together a plan for social media posting. Then, it’s for advertising, for video creation, and stuff like that. And, since he’s on-site, and everything likes that, it would be originating the majority of content.

Nate Kral  26:07

So, I mean, we just have to explain to him that you’re going to head that up. And, it’s how that needs to look when you ask for something. You know, we need to kind of have a timeline on it. I guess it’s kind of set some type of expectation on it.


26:39 – Have a checklist & production schedule


Well, let me put a checklist and a production schedule together for the media. So, it’s the number of videos and what categories we’d want to create those in a number of photos. And, in regards to every repair that you guys do. It’s kind of the entire month with a minimum expectation would be in regards to getting those completed. In that way, I can push that over to you and David. So, we can go through and if you see any challenges, we can make some course corrections. And, it’s the adjustments at that point. If not, then I can just work with David. Well, it’s all be on the same page in regards to what it is that we’re trying to create.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  27:27

All right, I was thinking as far as the content and doing a lot of educational stuff. It’s because I feel like everything that we have to explain to our customers. So, when they come in about the repairs and the repair process. And, why should you get your car fixed? Then, why should you go to an independent shop versus the differences between like a big boss? Like, we have so much knowledge that we could educate on in your industry. And, you educate a lot about why to do SEOs this way, or why to market this way. So, I was just thinking, as far as we have so much knowledge like that. And, it’s getting that out there. You know, why we have to do certain things on cars like OEM procedures. So, why it’s important to use safety procedures on cars?


How To Execute A Media Plan


Most shops aren’t doing them, probably. Maybe, it’s 80% of the shops are just in and out. And, we focused on procedures that the manufacturer says are required. Then, it’s to maintain your warranty and maintain safety. And, all those things we have. So, we just do a lot of research as just one out of probably 1000 things we talk about.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  28:56

Well, every single one of your FAQs is potentially a video. Like, these are the top 10 questions that we get asked all the time. And, it’s being able to explain that into a nice piece of content. Then, saying, hey, this is where we see the difference in the marketplace, you know what I mean? And, it’s not just because we have to do this. It’s because we want to have a higher standard of repair. And, we want to find the very best repair service available. So, if we don’t do this we wouldn’t be providing that type of service. And, it really differentiates you in the marketplace. It is in regards to how it is that you guys are running your business. So, the reality of it is you’re not just turning and burning cars. But, you’re actually providing a really high-quality service.


29:45 – Not a difference in price


And, it’s normally not a difference in price. So, it’s your choice to take your car here or somewhere when your insurance company is paying for it. But, I saw On Facebook where someone in a group that just had an accident. Then, they said, hey, you know, what do I do? And, they’re like, some people say, go to service game. Then, some people say go to the caliber. And, two people said, come to see us. So, some people say get caught and call your insurance company. And, go where they recommend. So, you get so many recommendations. Then, they’re like, what do I do, and why? And, I was like, man, that’d be a great video. like, what are you doing?


How To Execute A Media Plan


When you get into an accident, what should you do? You know, where should you take your car? And, why should you call your insurance company? Should you call the police or whatever? And, why or what’s the difference when you’re going to calibrate service King versus someone like us?


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  30:42

Exactly, and that is gold. So, if you have that in the marketplace those types of posts. You could say, what should pick the best service provider that is in your market? Right, here’s the video on some of the differences between like a caliber and coming with us. So, you know what that would do? And, it would sell them right off the bat boom. It’s because you’ve already addressed that conversation, right? And, you’ve already addressed it because it’s something that comes up in the marketplace all the time. So, that’s part of educating your target market. And, it’s in regards to attracting the type of customers that you want to attract.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  31:24

So, I’ve got all these ideas on videos like that. I don’t know what happened to the video feed right now but it’s probably the Wi-Fi. But, I’ve got so many videos like that and like ideas. So, I don’t have time to really do them. And, I feel like I could just take a phone and just do that. You know, right then and there on a certain car that comes in or with a certain customer. And, it’s kind of help to explain that? But, that kind of education stuff that I would want to know. And, what are people really concerned about and why? Yeah, it’s all these many questions.


32:05 – How To start Creating a Video


And, the reality of it is, is those videos are really good. Especially, when coming from the owner. So, you introduce yourself, and I wanted to give you a little bit of information on why right? Then, in the post-production process, you need to have an intro that likes, who is it coming from? And, it has a nice intro, right? So, its music is in the background. Then, at the very end, you have an outro, which is a call to action. So, that would be something that could be easily utilized both, organically. If you wanted to do paid advertising, you’d put it up. Then, publish it on your website in regards to a media library where people could get access. Its important topics related to their repair and all that kind of stuff. So, there are different ways that you can utilize that type of information.


How To Execute A Media Plan


And, I would encourage you to just start. Then, don’t worry about it being perfect right off the bat. But, as you continue to do them like on your 10th 11th 12th 13th video, it’ll start getting easier. And, it’ll start getting easier, and it’ll start getting better. So, the messaging will start getting more sustained. And, start getting more and you’ll get more in tune with what people are engaging with. Then, you’ll start saying, hey, you know what, we’ve got this down now. And, we’re doing it on a regular basis. Then, we’re getting our one to two videos a week and we’re producing 100. You know, that’s a huge difference. So, you produce 50 to 100 videos over the next year, and we publish and optimize those online.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Do you know what that difference in your business would look like today from one year down the road? Yeah, it’d be huge. And, it’d be night and day would be the industry experts in your market. So, when anybody was looking up anything online in regards to it, they would see your content. Then, they would see all your reviews and everything like that. You know this is a company that I can trust.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  34:07

Yeah, I feel like we do have all this information. And, we go to all these meetings and get-togethers. So, there’s a company or organization called a bat that we’re part of. Then, they have a lot of continuing education and they get together. And, they talk about the industry. You know, why we do? And, why do certain things? Yeah, I think it’s the Auto Body Association of Texas. And, Jeremy is our estimator. So, he’s just spending every waking hour educating him on the industry. I mean, he’s far exceeded what I ever knew about the industry. So, he’s in Plus and he was a teacher as well. He’s very good at explaining things and he would be great. I have done some videos as well. Also, Jeffrey knows a lot too about the industry.


How To Execute A Media Plan


So, I know, mostly, about the paintless the health side, you know, why? Then, choose PDR versus conventional and all those types of questions. So, it’s sometimes good to fix your car. And, sometimes that’s the right decision and sometimes it’s not. But, it’s our neighbor the boat repair guy, Big Daddy. And, he’s coming in here, just a mess with us.

Jesse Razo  35:50

Yeah, that’s what neighbors are for.


35:57 – Why you should fix it, or why not?


So, because a lot of times, it’s probably not a good idea to get your car fixed. And, it’s 15 years old. You know, the paints are not in great shape. Probably, you shouldn’t fix the car. It’s better to take the money pocket it drops your full coverage, probably. Or, maybe it’s comprehensive or whatever. But, if you have a new car or a lienholder, all those things, get your car fixed. Or, a lot of times, it’s kind of mandatory because you don’t own that vehicle. You know, you have to look at it and it’s an investment. And, you get into a collision that you have held.

Jesse Razo  36:31

It’s the financial bars, right? And, it’s a financial decision, yeah.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  36:35

But, if it’s not a good decision then, don’t do it. And, it’s not like we’re trying to pressure you to get your car fixed. But, just educate them on why you should fix it or why not? So, those are types of things because I’ve dealt with that a lot with myself. And, I’ve had hail damage and didn’t fix it one time. They’ve had hail damage, and I fixed it based on it. And, it was a new car and an older car. What’s the purpose of the car and pass it on to my son and daughter or whatever? So, those kinds of videos help people make decisions. But then, there are just a million questions that people have.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  37:10

And, I just gotta make it part of your process. Especially, if you have a team with you right there. But, you pointed somebody to say, hey, I want one video a week. And, just talking about how you impact our customers. Or, I want one video a month and you get three of you guys doing it. So, you know what I mean? And say, one day, you can record one video a month, that’s all I need. So, I just need one video a month for you. And, I’m going to add that here and your job description. The reality is that everything and everybody in your business should help you sell and market your business. Or, it’s not serving your business, right? The only thing that grows your business is sales and marketing, right? So, all the guys doing repairs should take a before and after picture.


38:18 – Everybody needs to be working on growing the business


Right, because we’re going to use it to promote our business. And, it is to help you drive sales and marketing because that pays your salary. So, that’s why you need to do it, right. But, what happens is most people don’t think about their business like that. Then, they think about they got to somebody at the front office. And, they’re the administrator and we can include them in sales and marketing. So, we got a repair technician and he does really great repairs. But, we don’t want to include him in our sales and marketing. And, the reality is that everybody needs to be involved in the sales and marketing process.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Even if you don’t utilize their content, they need to be involved in the process, right. So, I’m thinking about growing your business and thinking about promoting your business. If they’re not their kind of the train the business, right? So, they’re not really focused on growth. But, they’re just focused on feeding on the growth that’s already there.

Nate Kral  39:02

Right, Irving is really good at it too. And, he’s actually a body and paint technician. Then, he just stepped into sales and became our top sales guy. Yeah, you know, and he loves it. And, He’s so passionate about it. So, he goes out there and tells everyone about hail damage, or coalition. Then, he’s been doing good. And, he speaks Spanish. So, we did make a Spanish video.

Jesse Razo  39:30

Yeah, I know. I created it. I got the page up for you guys.

Nate Kral  39:35

That’s right, yeah, I didn’t see you on. I thought that was all them doing that, yeah.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  39:41

I got it just reached out and they’re like, hey, we need a Spanish page. I’m like, alright, well, we can do that.

Nate Kral  39:49

It worked out well. Yeah.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  39:50

But, that’s how it’s supposed to work and to have versus to be dynamic. And, say hey, you know what? This is what we’re doing and we need. And, we’re just all working on growing the business. So, everybody in the business needs to be working on growing the business. And, on the same page with that, it’s got to be part of the repair process. Hey, you got a brand new repairing here. And, that creates momentum, right? Because every repair creates momentum for more repairs, right? It’s not like, hey, we’re going to service all these repairs. Then, we’re going to go focus on sales and marketing. It’s like, hey, we’re gonna service all these repairs. And, we’re gonna generate all the content we need in order to sell and market our business.

Nate Kral  40:34

Yeah, it doesn’t need to be a part of it. And, whenever you’re working in the business, it’s hard to work on the business. Yeah, that’s the struggle.


40:50 – Written media plan, or written production plan


You know, that’s what’s good about these calls. So, just strategizing and kind of keeping that stuff front of mind. Hopefully, I just getting better every single day, right. And, it’s getting a better strategy in place. So, keeping that stuff front of mind and focusing on growth. And, it’s making sure that our sales and marketing we’re executing better than the competition. So, there’s some really great stuff to think about. And, I’m going to put together a written media plan. Or, a written production plan for the media. So, I’m going to send that to you and David. Then, we’ll get on the same page that comes up with some ideas on how we can execute. You know, it’s before and after pictures, repair videos, customer review videos, and educational videos.


How To Execute A Media Plan


What that’s going to look like and we’ll do something like one video a week. Then, we’ll start with before and after pictures of every car. And, figure out how we can make that happen.

Nate Kral  41:53

Okay. Yeah, that sounds good.

Jesse Razo  41:57

That sounds like it’ll work. Then, I’ll also be working on the March newsletter. And, I’ll be working on some other stuff in regards to the website, and things of that nature. So, we’ve got a lot to do between now and next week. But, I think we have a plan in place.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Nate Kral  42:13

Sure, and if you can work with David, then just reach back out to me. But, I think if you guys can figure it out together. And, he can get you what you need. I mean, that would be the easiest. Because it’s just trying to go through me to remember to do it all is, you know.


How To Execute A Media Plan


Jesse Razo  42:42

One more hat you got to wear, right? We got to get off your head.

Nate Kral  42:47

It’s to get hats off my head. So, I’m not gonna remember. I mean, I’ll put it on a list and it’ll go on the list. It’s like the other 300 items on that list.

Jesse Razo  42:58

Well, then we can sit well, I can serve your best buy. You know, working with David and getting him in motion and empowering them. And, get it executed through David so that’s what I’ll work on doing. Great, my man will have a great rest of your week. You know, reach out and ping me if you need anything. And, I’ll keep you up to date in regards to my progress.

Jesse Razo  43:24

All right, brother, I’ll talk to you soon.

Nate Kral  43:27




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