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In the video, I talk about the entire process, from creating city pages, smart numbers, address verification, and reviews. The FREE video will take you step-by-step through the process of building out your presence and location authority in your target market(s) before you invest in the strategy. It talks about how to improve mobile search, map, and voice search.



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Improve How You Show Up On Mobile, Map, & Voice Search | Local Marketing Hack





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Speakers: Jesse Razo

00:00  –  Intro To Local Marketing Hacks

Hey guys, Jesse Razo here. Once again, I’m going to talk with you today about probably one of the most powerful marketing hacks. One of the things that you should be conscious of is any paintless dent repair and automotive hail repair technician. Lots of companies talk with me about how to get started if they can’t afford our white-glove service. For Instance, the local marketing toolkit, what’s the easiest and fastest way to get started. And, I’m going to share that process with you in regards to creating what’s called location authority.


00:32  –  What Is Location Authority


Location authority is what the search engines utilized in order to pick local businesses and serve them to prospective clients. Certainly, when they search for your products and services. And, this is incredibly powerful because there’s a lot of different indicators out there that help promote your location authority. Similarly, road signs on the internet that point back to your business. So, if you’re in Paint-less Dent or automotive hail repair owner and you want to have location authority. Not only your primary market but markets that you may be moving into or trying to expand into, consequently.

This is going to be incredibly powerful training for you. For Example, how you can generate location authority in your primary market and in new markets. And, if you’re a hail chaser in markets and that you might be going into. Importantly, make sure that you have good coverage and visibility when people search for your products and services. And, we can give you some insight into how you can grow your business and continue to grow your business. Likewise, we’ll help you dominate that market, also in markets that you want to move into. And, let’s talk a little bit about location authority and the way that it works.


01:59  –  Google Indicators To Support Location Authority


There are a couple of different indicators that help support your location authority. That is to say,  that there’s a ton of businesses in any given local market. And, a lot of searches go out and search for products and services that your business serves. So there’s got to be some type of way for search engines to determine. Whichever, you’re going to be a good search result from a product and service search. Certainly, many indicators to be conscious of that, one is geography. In any case, you’re close to where the search is taking place, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile device. Geography is incredibly important. Certainly, there’s any type of indicator online, that you actually provide the products and services.

Firstly, if you say that you provide the products and services on your website, then that’s one indicator. Secondly, if you say you provided your website and business pages like Google-My-Business and Bing Places, that’s two indicators. And, let’s say that you had 60, 70, 80, or 90 indicators out there. As a result, it tells the search engine’s algorithm, that you’re a local business, what your products and services are. And, what your business is, where it is, and all the important things that they want to know. In addition, location authority is much more relevant than those companies that don’t have those same types of indicators online. And, if you want to get map pins, not only in your local but in markets that you’re moving into. Then, be sure that you both leverage your website, your business pages, and then also directory pages as well.

Google My Business, Map Pin & Customer Reviews – improve location authority


Most importantly, business pages like Google My Business require verifying the address at times. Therefore, make sure that you have a local address that you can get mail at. And, this might be a friend’s location of somebody that you have done business with in the past. So, you can get information on there, what we do for our clients. In addition, in each one of the markets, we open up what’s called Virtual estimating centers for our clients. And, there’s a by appointment only, and we get a map pin then we create location authority in that location. Certainly, this can be incredibly powerful because now once you have a map pin, a location is been verified. And, have a local number utilizing smart numbers where you can receive voice and text messages in the local market.

In addition, build that profile, add videos and pictures, and have a full description of it. Moreover, you should be focused and make sure that you have a ton of customer reviews. And, these things are incredibly important when you’re trying to create that location authority. We have a quick and easy way to determine whether or not you’re leveraging these tools out there, for instance.


05:17  –  RSN Business Power Listings


5 StarsbyDave Razo
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5 StarsbyChristopher Jacob

There’s actually a tool if you go to our website, and then go to what we do under reputation management. Here is the scan now button here, where you can put in your business information. And you can look up how many business pages, directory pages that you have for your business. Make sure that the name, address, and phone number are accurate across the internet. So our business power Listing Service is really powerful for helping companies get location authority in specific locations. You should utilize our service or some other services that help you do that, otherwise. Doing it manually, I would not recommend that you’re going to spend way too much time, energy, and effort. You know, there’s a high degree of human error that goes into doing it manually.

And something that you definitely don’t want to do but go in and do a business listing search. So, take a look at how your business is being listed, and, again, this is the easiest way to do it.


05:21  –  RSN Business & Directory Page Management


If you want to leverage software that’s going to help you list your business get more domain authority. Therefore, you can do it with our business and directory page management software, which is only $147 a month. Think about it, if you can go in, start working on building out a location. And, start Setting up an office, a virtual office, building some authority, and generate reviews in a specific market. You can open up a market for $147, and that’s an incredibly powerful way to do it. People try to sell into a market, and they don’t have any presence in that market. Therefore, they don’t have any authority in the market. This is not only for the Paintless Dent automotive repair industry but, this is for any local business.

Any local business wants to have authority around their products and services. And, they want to have a presence in the local market. So when people search for their business, which is in there close to them geographically. They actually can find their business name, address, and phone number, they can find the products and services, consequently. So, when they’re doing a product and service search, they can provide interesting information and facts about the business. And, they can look at the customer reviews that creating a degree of security in regards to making purchases. In addition, you can get a lot of tools and training associated with this.


coaching call & free training – improve location authority


So, we give value ads; we give some free training in addition to the software. And, we get a coaching call with our customers; and help them optimize their business pages and directory pages. We gave training on how to do five extra businesses in 12 months or less utilizing customer reviews and referrals. This software is kind of the beginning of that it’s the easiest way most cost-effective way. For companies out there and create location authority in a specific market that you want to dominate $147 per month. Actually, we’re running a special now that you can open up new markets for an additional $99 per month. Go into new markets, create map pins create authority, and move into that place.


08:35  –  The Least Cost Of Entry In Local Marketing


“What’s the least cost of entry in regards to local marketing that can get the most bang for my buck?”. Well, from what I’ve seen with years of experience that I’ve had in the industry. The most bang for the buck comes from business pages and Business Directory pages. It’s the easiest way to manage that environment is through software, like our business directory page management software. I would encourage you to do your research again. We have a lot of value ads in addition to the software in regards to training and personalized management. If you want to get those map pins, you want to build that into additional markets, takeover dominates those markets. Definitely utilize business directories, pages, and then a piece of software to manage. And, make sure all your names, address, and phone numbers are accurate across that.


09:38  –  Advantages Of Having Location Authority


I’m going to talk with you about some advantages of having your local presence. As you can see here, we have all these red map pins here. There are a lot of markets or a lot of service providers that come up For Dent Repair. This is the Vacaville Fairfield area; Actually, two companies are utilizing advertising. Once you get your presence set up in that market, you can advertise in the market as well. Moreover, you can utilize what’s called location extensions on your Google AdWords. And, you can utilize things on your Facebook ads. Similarly, you can utilize addresses on your Facebook ads, to create more authority with your Facebook ads. Finally, you can link all this information together. And, this is how to improve mobile search and improve your location authority.


10:35  –  In Conclusion…


It’s incredibly empowering compared to incredibly powerful. An incredibly important part of the process is to make sure that you tie all that information together. Hopefully, you understand how to create location authority utilizing business directory and page management software. Understanding the value not only for your local market but also, markets that you want to move into and dominate. We’ll give you insight into how you see, how you showed up online through our business page directory management tool. Hopefully, you leverage all those tools and free information. Go out there, and see how you show up online. That’s it, until the next time we speak, make today and every day a fantastic day. I’ll talk with you real soon.



Intro To Local Marketing Hacks


What Is Location Authority


Google Indicators To Support Location Authority


RSN Business Power Listings


RSN Business & Directory Page Management


The Least Cost Of Entry In Local Marketing


Advantages Of Having Location Authority


In Conclusion…
We Helped A Local Business Owner Realize His Dream Of Opening Multiple Locations & Growing His Retail Business By 4-5 Times!
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Improve How You Show Up On Mobile, Map, & Voice Search | Local Marketing Hack – Video

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