Local Legend Marketing Method – Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint

In this video, I show you how our Legendary Ad Strategy Bluprint can ENGAGE, EDUCATE, and EXCITE your dream customers. And, you’re using education-based marketing (EBM) to prove your process solves people’s challenges. Or, it gives them the desired outcome in a new and exciting way.

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Local Legend Marketing Method – Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint





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SPEAKERS – Jesse Razo


00:05 – Intro to Legend Marketing Method


All right guys, hopefully, you’re ready for your weekly dose of the local legends marketing methodology. And, we’ll give you the opportunity to focus on your marketing with a commitment to growth in your organization. So hopefully, you’ve come prepared. If you’re watching this on replay, then welcome as well. My name is Jesse, and I’m going to be your presenter. Today, we’re going to talk about our legendary ad, strategy, blueprint, and education-based marketing. So, there is a lot of really great stuff for you. Again, we want to give you an immersive environment where you can build week to week. And, keep your focus on your sales and marketing efforts. So, you can build your business week to week. We have a framework that we follow to help you transform your business, and drive results within your organization.

So, one of those steps is just to immerse you in an environment. And, that’s going to consistently and persistently produce the results that you want on a regular basis. So, media is a very powerful channel, a very powerful thing that you can originate on a regular basis. And, in order to engage, educate and excite your dream customers. So, we want to definitely keep you focused on that. And, it’ll give you a simple-to-follow framework that you can execute on a weekly basis. It is in order to continue or persistently grow your business. So, today we’re going to talk with you about AD strategy. And, we’re talking with you about the ad strategy. Then, we follow with our business, our customers, and originated education-based marketing. Of course, if you’ve been with us for a while you understand the importance of client targeting.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


Also, you understand the importance of creating offers that excite your dream customer. Also, media planning that we’re going to take it one step further. And, talk with you about how to take that media and educate, engage and excite your dream customers regularly. What we’ve learned is the fact that we don’t know everything. And, we’ve been in the game long enough to realize that we don’t have all the answers. But, we rapidly test the market. So, the market can tell us. And, we need to know about messaging or ad strategy and things of that nature. So, business agility is incredibly important. Also, make sure that you have a strategy in place where you’re originating media on a regular basis. So, you can utilize it in order to engage, educate and excite potential, dream customers, or future customers.


 03:14 – To Access Our Future Training – Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


So, if you haven’t done it, go ahead and set up notifications, text MONDAYKO to 707-229-1221. And, make sure you don’t miss any future pieces of training. Again, this is part of our proven five-step process to help you launch grow, and scale your local business. And, regardless of your service trade or nonprofit professional if you want to get more visibility. This simple framework can help you. And, it’s a simple five-step process, which I talked about our client targeting system. Then, focus on the WHO before you refine the How. And, go out there and get your message in front of them. Our offer evolution framework will take you from selling products and services. And, to get you to focus on you’re messaging around your process. So, create an environment online where all road signs point to you.

Last week, we talked about our legendary media planning blueprint. And, it’s how to educate, engage and excite your dream customer. This week, we’re going to be talking about our ad strategy blueprint with education-based marketing. And, next week we’ll be talking about retargeting and remarketing and how to tie this all together.


04:24 – The Transformation Framework


So, let’s go ahead and jump on to the legendary ads strategy blueprint. And, it’s how to utilize education-based marketing in order to attract your dream customers. This is the transformation framework that we utilize on a regular basis. If you’ve been with us, we believe in immersion, execution, repetition, mastery of your sales and marketing efforts. This is what we want to do for years and Mercier in an environment. We’ll give you the tools that you need in order To execute every single day. So, you can grow your organization, every single day. We don’t want you to go another day, without growing your organization. Or, without doing something that you can grow your organization. I think, most of our customers from what we’ve seen, most people don’t know what to do.

And, they just don’t have a simple-to-follow framework where they can go and grow their organization. Of course, there are probably some skills that you need to get comfortable with. And, the only way to do that and to master that is through repetition. Also, that has to do with your messaging. Again, if you practice your message enough, it’s going to get so succinct and so targeted. And with that, you’re going to be able to communicate. You know, relate to your dream customer more effectively than potentially they can relate to themselves.


05:47 – Differentiating Yourself


And, for those of you who don’t know me, a brief introduction. I’m Jesse Razo, the lead designer at RazoRSharp Networks. I have been working in the local marketing and nonprofit space for the past 10 plus years. I’m a father of three beautiful girls, and they keep me busy every single day. So, as far as my journey goes, started back in 2001. When I got out of the military, between 2001 and 2009, I was working on other people’s dreams. I started RazoRSharp Networks back in 2009. And, I had some really great projects and programs going up until 2019. There are a lot of nonprofit programs, small local businesses, service trade professionals, and so on and so forth. In 2019, had a business partner who had a separation, and a difference of opinion. Basically, half the revenue of our business left in 2019.

But, there was a huge blessing and lesson. And, that gave me the ability to refocus, re-launch, and rebrand our company with a focus on local businesses. Also, serves trade-in services and trade professionals. Since we’ve been working heavily, the vast majority of our business was coming from the nonprofit sector. So, that went away. But, it did give us an opportunity to reposition our company and refocus. What we’re doing, of course, 2019 rolled into 2020. And, everybody knew what happened in 2020, with COVID. But, for those of you who don’t know the story, it put us in a really unique position. It’s because we got to see some when we’re in the local marketing space. Of course, some companies that were working for just got rid of their marketing efforts altogether. Some went out of business.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


But, we found out that the companies that were diversified in regards to their online efforts. And, they had their service offering. They were following our framework and started to develop their e-commerce play, as well. And, their membership play, which we help our clients do so that they can create multiple streams of revenue. This gave us the ability to actually see those strategies in play during COVID. And, we had some companies that had some pretty explosive growth. So, that led us into developing the local legends marketing methodology. During that time, a simple-to-follow framework to launch, grow, or scale any business. And, we’ve been pushing hard since COVID hit in regards to educating people. So, the simple-to-follow framework can help you originate content. And, put the right message in front of the right audience at absolutely the right time. So, that was the back-story.


08:30 – Education-Based Marketing Explained


Let’s talk about education-based marketing and what it is and how it can be powerful for your organization. So, education-based marketing is content or media that you create, that educates your dream customer, and prospective customer. How does your process works, right? So, first and foremost, is it really understands your process and really understands your target market. Then, that’s why it’s so important for you to start at the beginning with client targeting. And, you figure out the WHO before going out there and creating a bunch of media around it. Because once you understand who you’re targeting, and you get really clear about niching down. And, some people call this micro niching some people call it as targeted as you possibly can. We’re a believer that you go narrow first gets super targeted.

Once you figure out your media, your production schedules, you get a process in place to target that, effectively. And, you have created a business that’s growing around your core offers or your process. What you can do is you can go out there and start to get a little bit more diversified. Or, go broader in regards to your targeting and messaging. Because when you’ll get your message down, you’ll get your production down. And, you’ll get your media down and everything will come into play. So, the big marketing promise is that proven process that works. What you want to do is you want to go out there and make that marketing claim. Then, we spend the rest of our time proving how it works. So, that’s the process.


10:10 – Hook – H.E.R.O. Framework


And, we follow our simple-to-follow framework called the hero framework. So, it starts with the hook of your big marketing idea. The first three to 500, 350 to 800 words, either written or spoken need to be the most effective. The most engaging portion of your media, that’s the very first thing that comes out. And, it’s the hook, it communicates directly to your dream customer. How you’re going to solve their problems? And, it’s got to appeal and sell your process that appeals most to the head in the heart. It resonates with him and encapsulates your primary promise. Or, what it is that you’re going to do for them. So, the hook is probably the most important part. And, it needs to be succinct and you need to be able to communicate it very effectively. So, the only way that you can have is a good hook.

And, make sure that you have a really great targeted message, right. So, it’s got to be much targeted. And, it’s got to be communicated directly to people and to your dream customer. So, this is your hook and you should start every video. Regardless of every ad that should come up, whether it’s written word or spoken word. And, everything should be around the hook. So, it should encapsulate your big process, it sells your process and appeals to the head in the heart. For instance, if you’re listening to our media, we talk with people about launching, growing, or scaling their local business. So, regardless of their service trade, or nonprofit professional, they have a target and geographical area. And, they want to get clarity in regards to what to do next within their business.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


So, they can follow our local legend’s media marketing process and local legend methodology. As you can see, we make that primary promise. And, every time we originate any type of content and anything that we create. In addition, once you’ve got a really good hook, you need to communicate that from a place of empathy. Again, this needs to come from a place of understanding in regards to what their challenges are. And, what it is that they’re trying to overcome. There are only two things that people are doing in this world. And, they’re either running away from pain, or they’re running towards some desired outcome. So, you need to be able to communicate that with empathy and understand that. The way that you can do this is by getting clear about the WHO before you refined the how.


12:49 – Empathy – H.E.R.O. Framework


So, these talk about getting your niche down and making sure that you can communicate. And, how you’re going to solve their problems? Or, what it is that you’re going to give them in regards to the desired outcome. Then, I just get super clear about that and continue to communicate that on a regular basis. And, have that communication come in and capsulate. What it is that you’re doing from a process standpoint? Then, be able to go out there and let them know what it is that you’re doing. In addition, you need to communicate how you earned it or learned it. And, this is something that we’ve learned over time. So, before you communicate your message, talk about how you earned it or learned it. Because people don’t care how much they just care, how much you care.

And, the way that you can communicate how much you care is by verbalizing, or communicating how you earn. What it is that you’re doing, or how you learn and how your proven process works? This comes from just really understanding your dream customer. And, being able to empathize with them and love them, and serve them. Then, you’ve got to have all this behind. And, what it is that you do and you’re messaging and everything like that. Because if you love what it is that you’re doing, serve your dream customers at the highest level possible. And, you’ve got to be able to empathize with them in regards to solving their problem. Or, it’s giving them the desired outcome that they’re looking for.


14:25 – Response – H.E.R.O. Framework


And, from the place of empathy, you can give them your response and your proven process. So, your process is your marketing creation that’s specific or only available at your company. And, we talk about this in our offer creation framework as well. So, I’m talking about moving from selling products and services to selling the process. Then, go out and create a demand for your product and services that prospects can only get from you. And, it’s your proven process that solves their problem. His or her problem in a new and different way and what this will do is it. And, I learned this one from top brands, the FIDE methodology. But, I believe it, wholeheartedly. So, do communicate how your process or give them hope, right. And, you’re going to give them hope in regards to how your process is going to solve their pain.

Or, give them the desired outcome that is a new and different way, right. Then, go out there and try to sell products head to head with everybody else. And, this doesn’t matter whether you know your service or trade professional or your nonprofit professional. So, you’re communicating what it is that you’re doing or you’re proven process. And, it’s going to solve people’s problems in a new and exciting way and a different way. So, it’s going to give them hope. And, you’re going to go out there and communicate that from a place of empathy on a regular basis. Because once you get clarity, the origination of content becomes so much easier. Regardless if it’s a written word or regardless if it’s your video content or images or anything like that. So, once you get super clear about whom it is that you’re serving.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


And, connect it from a place of empathy and understand why it is that you’re doing. So, it gets super easy to originate both contents to expand your influence, reach and impact from an organic standpoint. Maybe, publishing new content on your website and gets easier in order to originate content for paid advertising. So, this all comes from being able to communicate that process.


16:43 – Over Deliver – H.E.R.O. Framework


And, the fourth and final step in the hero blueprint is to over-deliver, educate and excite. Then, people give them an opportunity to get more than they expect and always give them an opportunity. So, if you have a baseline product or service, make sure that you’re always over-delivering. And, you want to communicate this all from a place of mystery and curiosity. Again, if you’re giving people hope, and you’re communicating from a place of empathy, you’re creating mystery and curiosity. Think about how powerful that is. And, follow the simple hero framework in regards to the origination of any of your content. So, you can go out there and originate content on a regular basis. And, you’re going to be able to rapidly test the marketplace over and over again. So, that’s rapid testing of your messaging, that process of communicating from a place of empathy.

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And, it’s really speaking directly to your dream customers and it’s going to get incredibly succinct. So, it’s going to be a powerful opportunity for you. Because you’ll be able to create more unique offers that really encapsulate your big marketing promise. And, the design of your process and be able to communicate that on a regular basis. So, we’ll give people hope. It’s because the reality of it is most people have tried things in the past. And, they’ve had people make promises that were under-delivered upon. Then, they’ve lost hope. And, it’s kind of skeptical in regards to offers online. So, give them hope, and be able to communicate from a place of empathy. It’s really being able to communicate their pain more effectively than they can articulate it themselves.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


And, to their desired outcome, make sure that you’re able to communicate more than they can articulate it themselves. So, once you connect with them you’re going to build an instant rapport with them. Then, it’s an incredibly powerful process. Once you wrap your mind around the local legends marketing methodology, and the origination of content regularly. And, it really starts with your targeting. From there, your media planning then goes into your ad strategy and creating ads around the HERO framework. So, unless you’re educating people on a regular basis, it can be incredibly powerful. And, utilizing that framework where you’re hooking people in communicating from that place of empathy. Then, you’re giving them a response over and over again. And, it’s around your process that solves their problem in a new and unique way. Then, you’re over-delivering once you get them on board.

You know, you’re creating mystery and curiosity all the way along the way. So, this is a really powerful framework that we’ve been implementing in our business. And, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of great results with it and also for our clients. We’ll talk about this framework regularly, how they can utilize it to document and what they do. And, it’s in regards to your media planning. Of course, we’re always talking to our clients about originating content around the work that they do. And, it’s the customers they serve and educating their dream customers. From a media planning standpoint, think about that, and document what you’re doing every single day. Then, you’re documenting the work that you’re doing. So, you’re documenting the process, and delivering that work to your customer getting reviews. You know, setting the expectation in regards to reviews.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


Then, you’re thinking about how to educate your dream customers. So, what are those customers that really are the sweet spot within your business? And, how can you educate them about the value that you provide with your process, right? So, this all kind of ties in and encapsulates our education-based marketing. And, how can you utilize education-based marketing to go out and rapidly test the market on an ongoing basis? Again, it’s not something that you’re going to be fantastic at. Well, I’m not going to put that limitation on you. But, to transform your business, immerse yourself in the process, and start to document the work that you do. And, we want transformation, we don’t want you just to consume more information on a regular basis. Then, we want you to transform your business.

So, we want to immerse ourselves in an environment where you’re producing content regularly around your media planning. Also, you’re really conscious about producing content around educating your dream customers. And, you’re utilizing the hero framework, with HOOK empathy, response, then over-delivering. Then, it’s creating mystery and curiosity on a regular basis. And, as you start to take action and repeat these steps over and over again. So, you’re going to create more powerful messaging. And, create more powerful content, both for organic reach and for your paid advertising. Then, it’s going to get easier, and eventually, you’re going to master that message. You’re going to master the process of communicating directly to your dream customer from a place of empathy. And, it’s going to become more powerful as you begin to repeat these processes on a regular basis.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


It’s rapid testing, messaging, empathy, loving on your customers, communicating directly to their hearts. And, having it resonate with their heart in their head, on an ongoing basis. So, it becomes a really powerful process. And, I’m excited for you in exercising it and executing it on a regular basis. Hopefully, as you over-deliver, it builds credibility, demonstrates your expertise, and you’re over-delivering on that. And, have clear calls to action, make sure that every message has a clear call to action. Then, you’re communicating what it is that you’re doing on a regular basis, a lot of powerful stuff.


22:42 – The Customer Lifecycle


So, you get clear about your messaging, and then are clear about where you’re delivering that message. It’s because people have there in your customer lifecycle in someplace. Either they’re Unaware of their problem, very high in the funnel in regards to the customer lifecycle. So, this is where you start to do lead generation. And, you’re thinking about converting a cold contact into an actual lead. Then, they’re unaware that of your process and it’s very early on in the process. So, this would be part of the lead generation process. Now, if they are aware of it, you might be able to communicate your process more, effectively. And, those people not as much education needs to take place. But, you’ll begin to transition through your customer lifecycle. And, there might be a warm contact for this problem.

So, you’ll deliver your response as people they’ve been a little bit further on your thinking about customer acquisition. And, you’re transitioning out of cold contact. Maybe, they’ve had some exposure to your business, your brand, and the process that you’re communicating. Again, we’re just talking about transitioning from a cold contact to a warm prospective customer. This is where you’re talking about your customer acquisition campaign. And, as they convert, those customers convert. Make sure that you’re re-engaging them with remarketing services. So, customer acquisition has to do with retargeting, right. And, make sure that you keep your business and your brand in front of them. So, you’re continuing to communicate your process to them over and over again. Again, it’s anywhere between seven to 12 touchpoints when you’re talking about converting a lead into a customer.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


Customer engagement, re-engagement have to do with getting clear and focused about the three R’s, reviews, referrals, and repeat business. So, as you go from cold contacts into warm prospects, and then hot customers. And, you want to make sure that you’re communicating your process every step of the way there. Then, I just being conscious about that can be incredibly powerful. And, make sure that you time that messaging, effectively. So, that you set up a program in order to accomplish that with your ad strategy. Of course, we’re at really high in the customer lifecycle and the cold contact. And, there’s going to be more of an education process early on in that process. So, we educate at the top of the funnel. And, we present our offers as we begin to warm those contacts up.

This would be our process or proven process that gives them the ability to go solve their problem. Or, give them their desired outcome. We retarget them as we convert them from a warm contact into a customer. Then, we optimize those efforts by delivering the three Rs. And, that would be the customer reengagement. Again, that’s the process. And, we utilize Google, we use utilize intent in order to make more effective ads. So, Google Search display and YouTube give us the ability to utilize multiple data points. In regards to targeting Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, which we utilize for keeping our client’s messages in front of them regularly. And, once we’ve collected their email and their mobile phone, we remark it to them. So, we can maximize retarget remarket, and optimize the environment on a regular basis.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


It’s just a process of working people from cold contact into warm prospect hot customers. Then, maximize and optimize those hot customers so that they don’t flow out of your business. And, your customers don’t flow in and out of your business. So, for every single customer, make sure that you maximize and optimize the opportunity there. And, with every customer, you should be thinking about Well, after the sales process starts. So, that’s when we begin to build relationships with them on an ongoing basis. And, it’s going after reviews, referrals, and repeat business. So, it is just a continual process, you’re continuing to pour people in, and you’re continuing to capture customers. And, remarket to those customers on an ongoing basis. Go after reviews, go after referrals, and go after repeat business on an ongoing basis.

I see it too often where people will just go out there. And, focus on lead generation and sales. Then, they don’t have a really great customer re-engagement campaign. And, they just have contacts flowing in and out of their business. So, that’s all I have for you today, a half-hour is good. We want to make sure that you are in and out in a rapid process. And, we don’t take up too much of your time, we understand your time is incredibly valuable. And, I’d like for you to do a couple of calls to action.


27:54 – Feedback Is The Key!


So, Feedback is a key, there’s a feedback link on the screen here. And, there’s going to be one in the description of the video. If you’re watching it on one of the channels that we syndicate on, please provide feedback. And, it does provide us with information and it’s completely anonymous. So, all you have to do is to answer one thing that we did well. And, do two things that we can improve on. So, that’ll give us the ability to continue and improve our processes. Again, we’re committed to streamlining our training. And, we want to make sure that we’re delivering content that’s valuable for you. In addition, make sure that you jump on one drive into your worksheets folder. And, fill out and download the HERO video ad worksheet so that you can perfect your messaging. So, you can have a simple-to-follow framework.


Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint


And, in order to originate paid advertising, videos, images, and copy content on a regular basis. If you’re subscribed to a Local Marketing Toolkit, ping us when you get that worksheet uploaded to your shared directory. And, I would challenge you to create one HERO ad this week. It’s incredibly powerful to create a HERO ad and let’s get it published online. See how effective it is in converting your dream customers from a cold contact into a warm prospect, potentially. And, go out there and originate the media on a regular basis. Again, practice those muscles on a regular basis, it’s going to get easier and easier. So, we’d encourage you to start with just one ad, be conscious about creating one ad.

And, it’s attracting your dream customers every single week, that’s 52 opportunities in order to build a business. Then, that’s going to be explosive in regards to your advertising and everything like that.


29:47 – Need Support?


Now, if you need support, you can connect with our support channel at support.razorsharpnetworks.com. Again, set up notifications and make sure that you get future training Text MONDAYKO to (707) 229-1221. And, we’ll get you set up on that notification list in regards to future training. Then, for Monday kickoffs, Friday wrap-ups, and any training that we’re going to be hosting on a weekly basis. And, to help you launch, grow, or scale your local organization. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and subscribe to local marketing hacks. Then, you’re going to get access to a community of local markets, local professionals, service trade professionals, and nonprofit professionals. And, you can get all the goods in regards to marketing your business in your local market. So, that’s all I have for you today. Hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that.

And, you’re going to take me up on my challenge. Go out there and create one had this week. So, we can get that published at the start to attract your dream customer. And, gets you immersed in an environment that gives you the ability to produce media on a regular basis. So, it’s going to help you grow your organization. Regardless of its product demo and giving people the opportunity to get a loss leader. Or, it’s any other type of offer. So, make sure that you’re communicating your process on a regular basis. And, going out there and making an impact every single week.


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Education Based Marketing Explained


Hook – H.E.R.O. Framework


Empathy – H.E.R.O. Framework


Response – H.E.R.O. Framework


Over Deliver – H.E.R.O. Framework


The Customer Lifecycle


Feedback Is The Key!


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Local Legend Marketing Method – Legendary Ad Strategy Blueprint

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