Local Legends Marketing Method – Universal Retargeting Framework

Do you know there’ a new and different way for you to launch, grow, or scale your local business? It’s very different from the methods you’re familiar with because of how it keeps you in front of mind with your prospective customers by making your business and brand omnipresent online. This is the Universal Retargeting Framework.

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to do, and how you can see immediate results by implementing an effective retargeting & remarketing campaign for your local business.

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Local Legends Marketing Method – Universal Retargeting Framework





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Speakers: Jesse Razo


00:07 – Intro to Local Legends Marketing Method


All right guys. It’s Monday morning. Hopefully, you’re ready for your local dose of marketing. I’m going to talk about universal retargeting and remarketing. And, it’s how you can utilize these to keep your business and your brand front of mind. This is one of the strategies we utilized for our clients that are subscribed to the local marketing toolkit. And, it’s good to implement. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re in charge of marketing your business. You want to convert more customers online. Then, there are new ways to keep your business front of mind. If you’re a local business owner, service, or trade professional, and you’re just getting started in marketing your business online. Maybe, you’re stagnant for a while and you’re looking to grow your business. Or, you’re looking to move into new markets and figure out how to scale your business online.


01:03 – Keep Your Business and Brand FRONT OF MIND


This is going to give you some ideas. I’m going to take you through some strategies in regards to our universal retargeting framework. Then, I’m going to talk with you about some practical or tactical things that you can implement in your business. And, in order to keep your business front of mind, and make your business omnipresent. Also, create some familiarity with your business brand regardless if it’s a personal or business brand. Or, if it’s a processed product or service that you’re looking to market online. The reality of it is the vast majority of traffic that lands on your website do not convert on the very first. So, it’s important to keep your brand in front of them. You’ve probably seen some of these strategies out there with some bigger brands and wondered how they worked.

When you’re searching for a product or service online and you visit their website. And, visit their YouTube channel, Instagram page, Facebook group, Facebook page, business page, or any of those properties. What happens is they retarget you at that point, you’re automatically added to the marketing list. Then, based on where you’ve engaged with their business or brand. And, they begin to remarket you so that they can keep that product in front of them. As marketers, we understand that a very small percentage of people actually convert when they first land on your website. How do we go about buying products and services in the state these days? Generally, that’ll start with a search. We start to evaluate service providers, look at things that are buying indicators like price, and look at reviews. We look at you know how easy it is in order to make that purchase.


The Strategy – Universal Retargeting and Remarketing


Now, we begin to formulate an idea of which service provider that we’re looking for based on where we’re at. So, what we can do in order to reduce the amount of friction? In regards to helping people purchase your products and service or subscribe to your process. What we can do is we can go out there and keep your brand in front of mind. And, believe it or not, this strategy has been around for a long time. If you’re being introduced to them in regards to universal retargeting and remarketing, this is really great training for you. And, if you’ve been in the marketing world, of course, this might be a good refresher. Again, I’m going to talk a little bit about strategy then, I’m going to get practical and tactical. And, we’ll talk about rolling out a re-marketing campaign and for your business on your website.

What that looks like and how you can do that with some simple tools. I’m going to give you an example of how we do it in our WordPress environment. We’re utilizing our theme, which utilizes Devi. We utilize one of the premium plugins that we subscribed to and provide our customers called the Facebook pixel Pro. So, what we’re going to talk about is part of our local legends marketing methodology. And, this is a really simple five-step process you can use to launch, grow, or scale your local business. It’s something that we use with all of our clients. And, one of the pieces that we’re going to talk with you about today of course is universal retargeting.


05:05 – Notification & Access To Future Training


If you’d like to get future training, we encourage you to set up notifications by texting Monday kayo to 707-229-1221. That’ll get you on the notification list so you don’t miss future training.


05:20 – The Universal Retargeting Framework


I’m going to talk about the local legends marketing methodology today, and specifically our universal retargeting framework. And, this is how to keep your business, your products, your services, and your brand front of mind. So, you can create familiarity within your business, you can start to develop a relationship. And, we understand as marketers. The bigger our brand, the better our branding is, the easier it is for us in order to close. This doesn’t matter if you’re an auto body shop, it doesn’t matter if you’re in your paintless dent repair industry. And, if you’re a mobile detailer if you do dry cleaning, whatever it is that you do out there. The more effective you are at branding your business, your product, your service, and your process. Whatever it is that you’re up to, the easier it is for you to charge.

And, what it is that you want to charge go out there and dominate your local market. Become a legend in your local market. Becoming legendary is all about being the name that people think about whatever your product or service. Let’s say, you want to be the dry cleaner in town that people are recommending the referring people to it. When they’re looking for dry cleaning services, because you’re the man, you’re the legend, or you’re the woman. You’re the legend in your local market for being the best dry cleaning service. You can accomplish this by keeping your business, brand, product, service, and process in front of people regularly. The easiest way to do that is through universal retargeting. And, I’m giving you a back-story for those of you who don’t know me well. I’m the lead designer at RazoRSharp Networks.


The Three Specific Areas In The Local Marketing


I’ve been looking to work in the local marketing space. And, we focus on three specific areas in the local marketing space, lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer reengagement. This has to do with all three of those stages because of remarketing and universal retargeting contacts. When they have some type of engagement on your website it’s incredibly important for lead generation. We know, everybody that lands on your Facebook page, youtube channel, and your website doesn’t convert the very first time. They engage with your business or brand.


07:58 – How To Increase Conversion w/ Retargeting


It also has to do with customer acquisition. The reason is that we want to warm that cold contact up and turn them into a hot lead. What we generally have to do is get your business and brand in front of them more than one time. Remarketing and universal retargeting those contacts when they have an engagement with your business and brand is a great way. When talking about customer acquisition, customer engagement, utilizing retargeting and remarketing in order to cross-sell. Remarketing gives us the ability to cross-sell and upsell. In building a marketing list with emails and mobile numbers then remarketing to that list is an incredibly powerful way. In order to cross-sell, upsell contacts then, sell for the three R’s which are reviews, referrals, and repeat business. As you can see, the universal remarketing framework gives us the ability in order to create those core funnels.

The legend customer acquisitions, customer re-engagement funnel, and reducing the friction, increase our success rate with each one of those. So, this took us some time to put together. Again, we’ve been helping local business owners for the past 10 plus years now. Having a great time doing it raise my three girls who it was Father’s Day, yesterday when I recorded this. And, I got the opportunity to go to church with them to get breakfast and they cooked me dinner. Apparently, I’m doing something right. The girls love me so that’s good. That’s one of the primary objectives here. Let me talk with you about my journey. I got out of the military in 2001 and got into marketing technologies. At the time, I was doing email and voice broadcasting. You know, back in 2001 where Email, unsolicited bulk email was just getting started.


How To Branch Out Your Own Business – Universal Retargeting Framework


There was absolutely no regulation when it came to bulk email. You could virtually install a piece of software on your desktop computer and make hundreds and 1000s of dollars daily. It’s just emailing into providers like AOL and Yahoo. In Gmail, I don’t even know if they were even started yet but AOL and Yahoo were the big ones. MSN net Netscape, you know, these are just really old companies. So, I’m kind of dating myself but that’s where the journey began in regards to marketing and marketing automation. I saw the benefit of doing that very early on in my career. For the next eight-plus years, I worked with other people, helping them build their businesses, their dreams, and everything. But, I realize that I wanted to branch out on my own and start a business. So, in 2009, we did start RazoRSharp Networks.

Meanwhile, we were focused on sales marketing, we had a big chunk of our business was in the nonprofit sector. And, we had a lot of success in there doing fundraising for some nonprofits at the time. Then, in 2019, we had a difference of opinion with one of our business partners. And, we lost about half of our revenue at the time. It’s a big blessing and lesson at the time that gave me an opportunity to refocus my efforts and move. You know, I still had some nonprofit customers. But, I wanted to move into the local marketing space. This is because I had a lot of friends that were local business owners in 2019. And, we’re just getting started in regards to marketing online. I had a lot of experience with nonprofit marketing online and equated are translated very well to local business owners.


The Challenging For Service Provider – Universal Retargeting Framework


They wanted to grow, or scale their existing businesses. So, that’s when I re-focus those efforts back in 2019 and 2020. Rolled around, of course, everybody was familiar with what happened in 2020, with COVID, of course, shut down. I live in California, so the economy was basically shut down. Again, I believe that life happens for you at the time. It’s a huge blessing somehow but, I thought that it was going to crush my business. And, it gave me a very unique perspective, because I had some customers that just totally abandoned their marketing campaigns. Of course, we service local business owners. Many local businesses were out of business, which made it very challenging for a service provider that supports local businesses. Especially in California, but I had customers all around the country. And, some of them were thriving while others were closing their doors.


An E-Commerce Play – Universal Retargeting Framework


I found out that our customers that had a solid service offering had moved some of their business into e-commerce. And, they’re successful in regards to launching e-commerce stores and whether it was apparel or their developing tools. Or it’s additional products that supplemented their service-related business. That was an additional revenue stream for them. In addition, we had some clients that were actually selling their knowledge. And, we’re in the knowledge-based business with membership sites, and things of that nature. We realize that those companies had multiple streams of revenue that we’re focused on service, business, e-commerce, and membership sites. Were thriving while other people were going out of business it’s kind of a more stable business model. Another great opportunity for us to reposition, rebrand, and re-launch our company to make a difference for local business owners.

It’s not overall, not only in their service business but in their e-commerce businesses in their membership site. Because we realized if people were doing well, it was incredibly valuable to other people as well. So, there are a lot of really great lessons during that time.


14:33 – Retargeting Vs. Remarketing Discussed


So, I’m going to talk about the difference between retargeting and remarketing and how that applies to a local business. And, how specifically applies to lead gen customer acquisition and customer re-engagement. So, retargeting has to do with engaging people that have interacted with your business and brand. What we do with retargeting is utilize Facebook pixel, LinkedIn tags, and Google Tag Manager. In order to track everybody that engages with our client’s brands. This gives us the ability to drop a pixel, a tag, or a code snippet in a browser. Then, track those people that engage with your brand. So, if they don’t purchase a product or service, they go on your retargeting list. We can do promote your primary and core offers to that retargeting list regardless if they’ve opted in for it.

And, regardless, if they gave us their email, mobile phone number, their business phone numbers, and wherever it is. So, this type of marketing has been around again for a long time. But, what it does is it gives us the ability to get and retain more clients for our customers. Because what we do is we come up with a core offer a primary promotion. Then, we drive traffic to their cold traffic and the process of taking that cold contact and warming them up. We do that through our retargeting efforts, and it’s quite effective if you haven’t been doing it. Now, remarketing has to do with the post. It has to do with either opting in so we can remarket people that we’ve utilized lead magnet. It is to collect their contact information.


The Lead Magnets – Universal Retargeting Framework


If you’re not familiar, lead magnets are utilized to get people to raise their hand that they’re interested in. And, what it is that you’re providing. So, lead magnets can be really effective in regards to an exchange of information. It’s like giving them a checklist or some type of free information or training in exchange for their contact information. Remarketing starts on the front end in regards to lead generation utilizing lead magnets to attract people into your world. And, we can remarket to people that we’ve closed. Now, for a lot of our clients, this is one of the big gaps in their game. They don’t collect their client’s contact information effectively on a regular basis. The stability of your business and strength is going to be directly proportionate to the size of your remarketing list.

It’s incredibly important to set up processes within your local business to gather name, address, phone number, and email address. So, you can remark it and put your offerings in front of people. And, you’re marketing lists or derived from traffic that you own or they create traffic that you own. Everything is changing out there at an incredibly rapid rate. For instance, Apple just came out with a new update on their mobile device. The OS 14 updates on Apple are going to change retargeting as we know it. There are a lot of updates coming out in regards to privacy and everything like that. So, when we’re talking about marketing and marketing to brands or products or services, there are different types of traffic. You can rent traffic, buy traffic, and own traffic. The traffic that you own is yours.


How Google Actually Rank Your Site – Universal Retargeting Framework


It’s your company and it’s going to be the most valuable traffic. They’ve got an existing relationship with you. They’ve raised their hand and said that they’re interested in what it is that you do. And, they’ve purchased a product or service so they have a pre-existing relationship with you and your company. So, you want to build your remarketing list or marketing list as large as you possibly can. One of the most effective ways is to make sure that you set up processes within your business. This is to collect important information and to put your offers in front of people on a regular basis. Remarketing can help you in your customer reengagement campaign when you’re thinking about getting more reviews, referrals, and repeat business. And, remarketing is where you want to focus. Again, we understand that the more reviews you get, the higher your SEO is.

It’s because Google My Business and Google algorithm actually rank your website and your business. Your location authority is based on the frequency of your reviews and the age of your reviews as well. So, getting reviews or having a remarketing process, where you can get reviews daily to help you across the board. In addition, it’s going to keep your offering in front of mind so people are incredibly busy these days. You know, putting your offer out there on a regular basis. And, I don’t mean to inundate people with email or text messages or anything like that. But, at a minimum, I would encourage you to contact your marketing lists on a monthly basis. Just to let them know that you’re still around depending on what type of offerings that you have.


Building Out Your Offer – Universal Retargeting Framework


It’s whether or not you’re actively building your offers on a regular basis that frequency might go up. But, at a very minimum, you should be reaching out to your marketing lists on a monthly basis. And, that’s just 12 touchpoints or 12 contacts on an annual basis. Now, if you have a business that is coming out with new offers on a regular basis. Maybe, you’re actively marketing your touchpoints might be the time between touchpoints might be a lot shorter. You might reach out on a weekly basis just to check in with them. Let them know what it is you’re up to present a new unique offer and take advantage of it. So, there are a lot of really great opportunities for you. Now, as far as retargeting goes, I touched on this briefly.

Of course, we have on-page retargeting, which talks about people that have engaged with your website. Then, we have off-page retargeting. And, this would be people who engage on your YouTube channel. Also, your Facebook channel, LinkedIn profiles, and things of this nature can all be retargeted. So, you have your On-page that you want to get specific and get intentional about. Then, you have off-page where you’re talking about your other web properties or assets that you can utilize to retarget. If you’re thinking about your business and your marketing from a strategic standpoint is to set up Facebook pixels. And, you also want to set up some goals or conversions.


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21:51 – Conversion Tracking, Pixel & Cookie


In regards to your retargeting efforts let me take you through some kind of the things that we do. And, I’ll show you how easy it is in order to set up some of your retargeting. Of course, this is the RazoRSharp Networks website. We use a couple of plugins, this is Chrome, we use a couple of add ons here. As you can see here, we have this Facebook pixel helper. So, if I refresh the page, it’s going to give me my Facebook pixel that fires on the page. Of course, it’s tracking different components for this page here. It’s going to tell me whether or not my Facebook pixel is actually set up on the website. If there are any conversions set up there on this page, or if there’s anything else that’s being tracked.

As you can see here, this will show me everything that Facebook is tracking, when somebody lands on this page. Every time somebody lands on this page, data are being sent to Facebook, that contact in Facebook is actually tagged. From there, I can utilize that tag in order to retarget that contact inside the Facebook ecosystem. In addition, We use Google Tag Manager in order to utilize remarketing tags for Google web properties in the Google ecosystem. So, we have this Google Tag assistant here, installed in Chrome. Then, when this page loads, it’ll show me all the tags that are firing inside on this page. We have the tag Manager that fires, we have our Google Analytics tag that fired when this page loads. And, it’s reporting back to analytics. We have our ads remarketing tags, so we can track all traffic for Google and Google web properties.


How to Track Facebook & Google Ecosystem – Universal Retargeting Framework


And of course, we have our global site tag here, which is utilized by Google. So, these are just two ways that you can track both in the Facebook ecosystem and in the Google ecosystem. And, these are incredibly simple to add. This is the first thing you can do is if you’re utilizing Divi, as your theme editor. Then we can add the code snippet for Google Tag Manager inside of the header. Here’s a header and body tag right underneath the integration tab and Divi. We have an option here to add the code that we need for the Google tag. Alright, Google’s really good about this because we only have to add the tags one time. So, what we’ll do is we’ll add our header to our body tag. Every time that we want to make any edits, we go to the Google Tag Manager.

And, we just update the Google Tag Manager and we have properties inside the Google Tag Manager. Let’s go through as you can see, we have our container here. And, this gives us the ability to manage and update what tags are firing on the website itself. We can create triggers, create conversion tags, and things like that. So, we utilize the Google Tag Manager to make edits, update our website tags, and everything like that. It’s easy because we only have to add Google Tag Manager to the header and body tags of the website. And, we can manage it through the Google Tag Manager. For Facebook pixels, we actually utilize a premium plugin in order to accomplish that. So, we got pixel your site here and this is a great plugin, for a lot of different reasons.


Types of Conversion Tracking – Universal Retargeting Framework


I like it because it gives us the ability to manage our Facebook pixel right in here. All you do is basically put in your pixel ID there, save your settings. Then, what you can do is create conversion tracking. Or what they call is events, in order to track things like appointments and things of that nature. So, whatever your conversion on your website, you just wanted to find that. So, if you’re tracking, you know, webform additions or appointment sets, or maybe you’re booking repairs. And, or you’re scheduling on your website, or you’re doing lead gen or tracking your lead magnets. It’s a powerful way to track because the first thing to do is set up some type of conversion tracking. It’s either your Facebook remarketing, Google remarketing, or LinkedIn remarketing.

Make sure that you’ve clearly defined conversion tracking or a goal to accomplish when people land on your site. Then, what set those up on the actual website itself. That’s their algorithm, their AI, and the thing that they utilize to determine whether or not your ads are effective. It’s going to track that conversion. So, they’re going to tag people when they land on your site. And, they get exposure to what it is that you’re doing. Then, what they’ll do is from there, they’re going to track that conversion as well.


28:06 – Retargeting Explained


So, the first thing to do is get clear about your goals and what conversion looks like on your website. Then, you have to utilize Google tags and Facebook to pixels, and also LinkedIn in order to retarget people. So, it’s in order to be omnipresent. You know, retargeting is very cost-effective you can utilize the Google Display Network. You can utilize videos and utilize review videos, and things of that nature on YouTube. Also, you can utilize display ads on LinkedIn. There are a lot of different ways that you can become omnipresent. And just keep your business and brand in front of people, literally. Probably, a $100 a month to keep your business and brand in front of people can be incredibly powerful. And this can help you out in regards to the number of conversions.


Your Digital Assets – Universal Retargeting Framework


The number of clients that are viewing your business, your brand’s your core offers, and everything like that daily. So, there are a couple of different ways that I outlined for the retargeting course on your website. You can utilize your existing customer lists to retarget. And, you can utilize offline activities and people are checking in offline and you want to track that. If you have an app for your business, of course, people engage with your app. This is on Facebook so we have lead forms your Facebook page as you can see here. And, it’s Instagram accounts and things of that nature whenever they engage. You have the on-page retargeting then you have your off-page which would be all of the online assets you have. Now, as far as remarketing goes, we draw a distinction here a lot of people utilize retargeting and remarketing interchangeably.

For us, retargeting has to do with you know, face, tracking people’s online digital assets, things of that nature. Tracking all of your assets online, making sure that when people engage with any one of your assets. It’s whether on-page on your website and off-page on one of your other assets like your YouTube channel. It’s also, your Facebook page or Instagram profile. Whatever we want to make sure that we’re tracking all that and creating retargeting lists in order to accomplish that.


30:25 – Remarketing Explained


Now, as far as remarketing goes, this is all about building your marketing list. And, it’s getting people to opt-in tracking your customers making sure that you have their primary contact methods. There’s an email address, their text message, their cell phone, and their address so that you can incorporate marketing. And, marketing automation in your remarketing efforts, to send them postcards and send those emails. And, to send them texts that keep you engaged with them. These will help you engage your existing customers and get more reviews, more referrals, and more repeat business. In addition, it’s going to give you the ability to put offers in new offers in front of past customers. Those past customers, you should be marketing to at a minimum at least one time per month. But, these give us the ability to upsell and escalate people up to your value ladder.

If they came in with a low-cost product make sure to start to escalate them up to your value ladder. It’ll become easier and easier for you as they get more familiar with your brand. And, they have a good experience with what it is that you’re doing. So, retargeting starts with digital assets, and engagement with your brand remarketing starts as soon as you collect their information. And, you own that traffic and you should have an automated process.


31:48 – Automation Process & Tools


In order to accomplish that, of course, there are a couple of different tools that you can accomplish this with. If you’re talking about email, you know MailChimp, and things of that nature. These can be incredibly powerful to keep people engaged in regard to email. If you’re talking about CRM, we utilize Infusion soft in order to automate these processes for all of our clients. We want to make sure that we’re persistent and consistent with our follow-up on a regular basis. It’s incredibly challenging in order to do this manually. But, if you set up a really simple funnel, and track people through that process. You can see how effective your campaigns are on the go-forward. But, this will give you the ability to follow up with them. You know, we have a really slick program, which we utilize what we call our gratitude program.

It’s where we send out thank you cards that have QR codes on them. That links people back to our review, referral, and repeat funnel. Repeat business funnels for our clients, of course, will supplement that with email and SMS text messages. It is in order to increase the effectiveness and visibility of those campaigns. Those can be done for incredibly cheap. And, if you think about it today, how many people are sending out postcards. Now, that says, Hey, thank you for your business, we appreciate the opportunity to support you. I would assert that offline is going to be the new online. So, you want to integrate as many offline activities. And, in order to engage with your past customers and in your customer re-engagement campaign. I also assert that you’re thinking about mobile-first and how to gather their mobile phone number during the sales process.


Ways To Become Omnipresent – Universal Retargeting Framework


All the way up to the sales process and or in the post-sale process that will improve your effectiveness rate. Because we understand that email only has a 25 to 30% on a good email list. Visibility rate whereas text messages is 90 to 95%. If we can utilize that and leverage that visibility rate and text message, it’s going to improve our results. Again, remarketing and retargeting are incredibly important parts of your local marketing strategy in order to make you omnipresent. What you can do is utilize these strategies. I talked a little bit about those. Get those set up if you have questions. I’m sure there’s a link somewhere around this video where you can get access to some more information. You can schedule an appointment if you’d like to get some free consultation.

This gives you the ability to start capturing those success stories, your case studies, your educational base marketing content. At the moment, contacts are starting to move from cold contacts to warm prospects. This will give you the ability to continue to put your business brand. And, you’re products, your service, your offers, and your processes in front of people on a regular basis. Then, start to really get strategic about how you’re talking. You’re targeting people that have already engaged with your brand. You can share your reviews, you can put up banners. We utilize the display network and videos in order to retarget on a regular basis. We’re just sharing what it is that we’re doing every single day. You know, our customer reviews are incredibly powerful. You can put customer reviews supercut video in front of people on a regular basis.


Utilize Remarketing and Universal Retargeting Framework


Of course, they’re going to have more confidence that they can trust you as a service provider. So, lots of really great ideas are right in front of you on how you can utilize remarketing and retargeting. This is in order to create confidence in people.


35:41 – Feedback Is The Key – Leave Yours


Again, I want to encourage you. Feedback is the key, we’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear if you got any value out of that. There’s a link there on the page. It’s a Bitly link at RSN feedback go ahead and go there training feedback and give us some anonymous feedback. One thing we did right, two things we can improve on in regards to content delivery. It’s whether or not there was value there. Again, if you need any support, we have a ton of free resources. One of the ways that you can engage with our local marketing specialists is through our support channels.  Support RazoRSharpNetworks.com go ahead and open up a request there. And, we’ll get your questions answered for you. We’ll help you out as much as we possibly can in regards to staring you in the right direction.

And, if you’re an existing customer, you can start that process on our support channel. If you’d like to get access to future training, go ahead and set up notifications by texting MONDAYKO at 707-229-1221. Then, we’ll get you on the notification list. Lastly, we have our free training the local marketing hacks. It’s not free training sorry. We have the local marketing hacks membership site, which you can get access to on the RazoRSharp Network site. To get updates and join our community of local business owners to launch, grow or scale their companies regularly. I would encourage you to plug into our Facebook group and local marketing hacks. And, this is where you can get all the latest and greatest strategies and tactics. So, we utilize it in order to help our clients grow their businesses. And, that’s all I have for you today.


37:36 – Need Support? Contact Us


I’m hoping that you got a ton of value out of that. Again, I want to thank you for your time. I know, that time is the most valuable asset that you have. So, I appreciate you spending some time to learn a little bit about remarketing and retargeting for your local business. And, if there’s anything else we can do in order to help serve you. Then, to help you grow your business, please let us know and set up an appointment. And, reach out, contact us or text us our mobile phone numbers. We’ll be happy to help out in any way that we can and serve you at whatever level we can. So, until the next time, we speak make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.


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The Universal Retargeting Framework


How To Increase Conversion w/ Retargeting


Retargeting Vs. Remarketing Discussed


Conversion Tracking, Pixel & Cookie


Retargeting Explained


Remarketing Explained


Automation Process & Tools


Feedback Is The Key – Leave Yours


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Local Legends Marketing Method – Universal Retargeting Framework

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