Local Marketing Hack – How To Create & Optimize Content On Demand 🍿

🎙Do you struggle with content? Creating blog posts, videos, social media posts, and to create & optimize content on-demand can be a full-time job. As a small business, service, trade, or nonprofit professional you probably don’t have time to plan out and create content each day? Believe it or not, there is an easier way to do it. A new way for you to create content that engages, educates, and excites your perspective dream customers, and donors in your local market.

In this video, you’ll see how I create loads of content around the work I do, the customers we serve, and educating our dream customers (Our Legends Media Planning Blueprint). Best of all, it doesn’t require that you spend loads of time polishing, publishing, or posting content on social media (i mean who’s got time for that anyway?) So if you want to create loads of content each and every month in minutes a day pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

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Local Marketing Hack – How To Create & Optimize Content On Demand 🍿





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Speaker: Jesse Razo


00:07 – Intro To Local Marketing Hacks


All right, guys, good morning at 630 in the morning. I’m going to do training, where we talked about how to create & optimize content on-demand. What does that look like and how to go from? You know, our media planning, or legends media planning blueprint into the production and syndication phase. Yesterday, we talked a little bit about this. I’m going to kind of recap that training and basically go through the process. It’s the tactical process to create & optimize content on-demand that you’re producing on a regular basis. And, showing you how to optimize how to publish that content, and then optimize it and syndicate online. When you’re talking about content creation content is a very powerful thing. And, when you’re talking about your business and become an expert in your industry.

It can be a powerful medium when you’re trying to go from spending money online and driving organic reach. Become an expert or perceived as an expert in your industry or a legend in your local market. A lot of people utilize content marketing to accomplish that. But, if you don’t really have a plan in regards to production, post-production, publication, and syndication of that content. It can get very overwhelming, especially as a local business owner. When you’re focused on product delivery, content creation those things we understand can be powerful for our businesses. But, a lot of us don’t really have a plan in place in order to execute a content plan. From a production standpoint, and even worse off a lot of us follow the crowd regarding what they’re doing. We tried to utilize content from a publication standpoint into stories or posts when in essence.


Create Online Assets,  Optimization, & Syndication – Create & Optimize Content


What you should be doing is creating what’s called cornerstone content or long-form content. And, from that long-form content, you should be leveraging resources in regards to creating stories and posts from it. Also, create online assets that will not only pay you today but pay you dividends over time.  And, in regards to optimizing your training, and then showing it online. In this video, I’m going to take you through some of those tactics. It’s going from our media plan, which is to originate content around the work you’re doing the customers you’re serving. And, you’re educating your dream customers on the post-production process. Inevitably, the optimization and syndication of that content online, so that you can expand your organic reach. Show your expertise, and inevitably become a legend in your local market.

So, I’m going to get into the presentation for you here real quick. And, what we’re doing is we’re actually going to be talking about a couple of different things today. But, from a content production standpoint, we do originate content around the work we’re doing on a regular basis. I originate to create & optimize content on-demand content in the form of Facebook and YouTube lives training. We publish those on our YouTube channel and our Facebook group. The local marketing hacks Facebook group, and we originate that content to educate our prospective customers. And, we also use it to add value to customers who subscribe to our channels, and or Facebook group.


03:57 – How to create long-form cornerstone content


I’m going to talk about how to optimize those live training. How to optimize that long-form Cornerstone content in regards to creating an asset. And, what that looks like on the back end. Of course, for us and all of our customers, we utilize a WordPress framework. We also utilize a stream yard in order to accomplish this. We utilize zoom and Yoast premium SEO plugins in order to optimize the content for search. So, this video that you’re looking at here is the legendary ad strategy blueprint. Creating education-based marketing is a piece of content that I’m going to give you an example of. We have a brief description of the information, some contact information for us. Then, we have our spoilers here and this. These spoilers are really good in regards to engagement.

Russell Brunson published a book in regards to how to increase engagement on your actual web pages themselves. One of the ways to do that is by providing spoilers. Now, this is just a personal preference. But, with the spoilers, I would like to make sure that we have an even number here. So, as you can see here, this is an uneven number. But, these spoilers talk about the video and the times in which those spoilers take place. And, let me bring over the actual video inside of YouTube. So, this is the ad strategy blueprint, as we can see here. And, we have the spoilers that we’ve added to the video. So, these actually become clickable inside of YouTube. What we’ve seen is that our engagements have gone up as we’ve started to add these spoilers to our videos.


Creating Spoilers – Create & Optimize Content on-demand


It’s a great way for people to find the content they’re looking for in your long-form videos and training. Again, we want to make sure that we have an even number of spoilers there. So, we would go through create one more spoiler and publish that to our website. We have a description of the video and contact information or spoilers. And, we have some calls to action below the video here itself our primary calls to action. So, regardless of what kind of business you’re in. What we like to do is help our clients or help you identify what your core offers are. Your process helps you identify what it is that you want people to do. Then, you can utilize these videos in order to engage, excite and attract your dream customers.

And, you make it really easy for them to access your free training and schedules in our case. You know, schedule a strategy review with a member of our team. In addition, you might have your primary or your secondary offers or supplementary offers cross-sales ops upsells for us. It’s our master class registration, membership sites with local marketing hacks, and subscription to our done with your service. The local marketing toolkit has some information on the author and some related content down below, along with our clients. So It’s our customer supercut video there to provide some social proof. So, as you can see here, we can just take this video and publish it without a lot of content.


07:24 – How to turn cornerstone content in articles


Now, this becomes more searchable are we actually creating a transcript here. And, this is one of the services that we provide to our clients. In regards to transcription and closed captioning videos it’s very cost-effective. We gathered content and in the post-production process, we create a closed caption on the video itself. We do that with some software and we transcribe this. Once the video is transcribed it does give us a lot of really great content. As you can see, we’ve got the entire credit transcription of the video. Now, this is in raw form. What we have is we have the times here that correlate to the actual spoilers that we’ve created as well. And, I’ll talk about how to optimize these instead of having the author’s name, speaker’s name, and the time.


08:23 -Optimizing articles, posts, and blogs for search


What we’d want to do is we’d want to come over to the actual post itself inside of WordPress. There are a couple of different things that we’re going to want to do. First and foremost, we take the thumbnail from the video, and we’re going to utilize that as the featured image. In the search visibility, a little snippet there actually utilizes that image there. In addition, it utilizes social media posts. If the link to this video is shared, it’s going to create really nice social media posts. Then, we’re also going to optimize the video itself. This creates what’s called a rich code snippet so that whenever this link is shared, that video information is there. How long the video is the tags associated with that video, and also the image so we optimize the video. We optimize it for social media.

What we can do is we can come in here and work on the readability. And, also the keywords that we want to rank for. So, in this video, we’re talking about the primary subject, our legendary ad strategy blueprint so that’s our focus keyword. What we want to do also is come in and add some related keywords, ad strategies, and online ad tactics. You know, with synonyms and things of that nature ad process, ad strategies, so we would come in here. And, we would optimize this based on the keywords. Again, this originates all from the actual spoilers. The spoilers are going to give us our primary topics and our times. We’re going to take the spoilers and we’re going to utilize those for our focus keywords and additional focus keywords.


The Excerpt & Yoast SEO Plugin – Create & Optimize Content


We’re going to build this out by optimizing the video in a WordPress post, and Yoast SEO Premium plugin. So, that’s how we optimize the actual content so that it becomes an asset. Now, once the search engines crawl once it gets indexed. We publish that online. On the back end, their software that syndicates this online for search engines so it becomes more readable and visible. That structured data makes it more visible and readable. It’s utilizing a lot of really great indicators in regards to structured data like the video title and image. The other piece of it that we’re going to utilize is this excerpt here. A brief description at the top of our video is going to go on the top of our post here. Then, we’re going to post that in the excerpt.

Because the excerpt is what the page is utilized to create additional structured data as you can see here. For search appearance, it’s going to be the structure. The excerpt is going to be the Meta description in the search data. It’s going to be the excerpt, the description in social media shares, and things of that nature. So, we’ll make sure that we build that out and utilize the Yoast SEO Pro Plugin. Now, Yoast has a free plugin that you can utilize as well if you’re on the WordPress framework. I would encourage you to download and install the free plugin get started there. It doesn’t have a lot of cool features. The paid plugin does in regards to SEO. You can only have one focus keyword instead of multiple. It doesn’t have the video portion of it.


Optimizing Videos, Data Structure & Search Appearance – Create & Optimize Content


As far as optimizing the video length and that’s going to look like. Then, it also doesn’t have the structured data for social media sharing, but you can optimize it for search appearance. And, what that’s going to utilize as far as readability. The primary focus keyword with the free version of Yoast SEO Premium plugin, you can definitely get access to that. So, that’s going to be the first thing that you want to do the first three things. Make sure that you have the featured image, and that you optimize the SEO premium plugin. Based on the spoilers and the primary topics, make sure you cut and paste the excerpt there. So that, the page can utilize that structure data and make sure that the author’s information is accurate. Then, we can come in and we can do things like crosslink and stuff like that.

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Yoast actually has an internal link tool that analyzes the content of the post. It’s going to look at the transcript and give your recommendations in regards to related content on your website. In order to create what’s called internal links. So, the way that you optimize all this content is by internal and external linking. You can take that transcript, the topics, and the spoilers. And, everything like that regarding your business, brand, process, products, services, and the value that you provide to the marketplace. You can quickly and easily create a training video around that doesn’t matter if it’s a product preview. And, doesn’t matter if it’s a training video, or what type of content it is. You can create a long-form piece of Cornerstone content. And, utilize your WordPress website in order to publish that content and create an asset.


Syndicate Content Into Social Media – Create & Optimize Content on-demand


That asset becomes searchable, and also shareable on social media. If you’ve looked at some of our other training we talk about Cornerstone content. And, the value of that compared to going out there and just publishing. You know, story updates and posts on social media have a very short shelf life. If you create this cornerstone content then you syndicate it into social media, you can do that on a schedule. Let’s say that you did a piece of Cornerstone content, just one piece of Cornerstone content on a weekly basis. At the end of one year, you’d have 52 pieces of content. And, that you could continue to share out on social media and syndicate into social media.

Plus, it’s going to be searchable on your website. And, it’s going to start to exist and expand your organic reach. Also, make you appear as a legend in your local market if the content is good. So that’s the optimization process.


15:11 – Transcription, production, publication, and the syndicate of content


And, I’m going to talk about how to optimize the actual transcript itself. If we come into the transcript itself, there are a couple of different things we’re going to do. And, a lot of this is very technical. I apologize to people who are not so technical. There are two things. One is to educate yourself or hire somebody to support you. I’m all about aligning your GPS, your goals, and your processes. And, your support team so that you can accomplish whatever it is that you set your mind upon. So, if you’re not technical, this is kind of all above you. Maybe your expertise, or maybe your talents lie somewhere else then, reach out for support. We have a ton of support channels. There are a ton of people out there that can provide you with additional support.

But, as far as the transcript grows and in processing, first and foremost, you’re going to want to use H-tags. As you can see here, the title of the transcript is a heading or an h1 tag. What it is an h2 tag, some of the keywords or the keyword density, and there’s an h3 tag. Of course, we have the Speaker of the video is an h4 tag as far as the spoilers. What I want you to do is think about utilizing these as titles to the section that are coming up. So, we’ll create spoilers, and then they’ll have the speaker information. But, we want to take the spoiler in the title, right from this spoiler. As you can see, we have an intro to legends marketing methods. So, this is the intro for this video.


The H5 Tag – Create & Optimize Content on-demand


At five seconds, we do the intro, and at four minutes, 24 seconds we talk about the transformation framework. So, we’d come here and we would go to that four minutes 20 seconds, we go to the transformation framework. In addition, we want to make this an h5 tag. The easiest way if you’re utilizing the same framework that we are inside of WordPress is Shift Alt five. And, that’ll actually turn that into an h5 tag or a heading five tag. So, those are really easy ways to do that. These have already been done. But, if I come down here to 10 minutes and this is how it comes in the raw form. We want to adjust the spacing. And, we want to make sure that we look at this, and to gather the 10 minutes, and 10 seconds.

So, we have here talked about the hook in the hero blueprint in regards to media content and education-based marketing. We’re going to have to adjust this spelling on that. So, we might have to make some adjustments to that. Once we get the correct title, we do Shift Alt five, that’s going to turn it into an h5 tag. And, that’s going to be an outline of all the content that’s talked about in the video here. So, once we get that done, we’ll go ahead and save that as a draft. We’re going to send it off into the production process, get approval on that, continue that process. So, it’s very quickly and easily, we can go from video creation regards to product demos and training. It’s useful value-based information that educates your dream customers. This spotlights the customers that you’re already serving on a regular basis.


Improve Readability – Create & Optimize Content on-demand


There are a lot of different ways that you can create long-form content. It’s in the form of case studies, customer reviews, videos, interviews, and things of that nature. You should be engaging with your customers on a regular basis in order to accomplish this. So, a lot of great information and I know I’ve covered a lot of technical aspects of that. We just want to clean this up. There’s one more step if you want to improve the readability of your transcript. What I would suggest is that you do take those spoilers. Take the actual long-form transcript itself then go and send that to an editor. They’ll clean it up for you, they’ll create bullets, and they’ll chop up those paragraphs a little bit more effectively. They’ll create that long-form content and more of a long-form post or the written word on a regular basis.

Then, from there, you can move into other things like on-demand book creation. What we’re talking about today is of course on-demand media content production. It’s from a Post standpoint, utilizing both videos and the written word to optimize those posts for search. Hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that. That’s all I have for you today. Definitely, I wanted to talk about the importance of following a media plan. And, how simple it is when you just simplify the process. So, if your local business owner, service, trade professional, nonprofit professional, and you’re not producing content on a regular basis. Our local legends, media planning blueprint is a great way to do that around those three pillars. The work you do, the customers you serve, and educating your dream customers. Just keeping that front of mind can simplify the process.

How to Create & Optimize Content On-demand

And, once you get it produced, the production process is the very first piece. Then, you got post-production, publication, and inevitably, you can syndicate that online to increase visibility. It becomes super simple you can follow that simple framework to go out there. And, it’s to spread the word about what to do and show the value to your prospective customers. That’s what it’s all about. Make sure that you provide value first, in regards to what it is that you’re doing on a regular basis.


21:09 – Feedback is the key – Leave your today!


Let us know what you think it’s in the description of this video, there are some links there for you. We have a feedback link in there and it’s completely anonymous. One thing we did right in this training and two things we can improve on. We want to consistently and persistently improve our processes. So, I’d encourage you or ask you as a favor to leave us feedback and feedback is a gift. We appreciate it tremendously and hopefully, you do provide us with some feedback. In addition, get more information on the local legends marketing methodology. Our proven five-step processes to launch grow or scale your local business regardless of your service trade or nonprofit professional.

Every single week we have our master class which goes through our entire marketing methodology. Where, you can get some clarity on how to launch, grow or scale your business, or open up new markets. There is a lot of really great stuff going on. Hopefully, we get a chance to talk to you in the near future. But, until then, make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk real soon. Bye-bye.


Intro To Local Marketing Hacks


How to create long-form cornerstone content


How to turn cornerstone content in articles


Optimizing articles, posts, and blogs for search


Transcription, production, publication, and the syndicate of content


Feedback is the key – Leave your today!

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Local Marketing Hack – How To Create & Optimize Content On Demand 🍿

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