How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites 🔍 Search Appearances

If you’re like most business owners, you work hard to gather reviews. You know that they can be a powerful way to demonstrate the quality of your work or the depth of your expertise.

But are you maximizing your reviews to reduce friction and streamline the sales process? How can you get reviews to show up on your website in a way that will engage and attract more customers?

In this video, I’ll show you a different way to use reviews to engage and attract more customers online. This approach is different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with, but it’s easy to implement and can make a big impact.

You’ll see how easy it is to maximize the value of your reviews to attract more customers and close more sales. So if you want to take your business to the next level, watch this video now.

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Local Marketing Hack – How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites 🔍 Search Appearances



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Speakers: Jesse Razo

00:01 -Intro To Local Marketing Hacks

Hey guys, Jesse Razo here, I’m going to talk with you about how to boost your SEO rankings. Utilizing structured data, we’re having all kinds of technical difficulties today couldn’t get this to stream into Facebook. So, we’re only on YouTube today. Our countdown screen took diggers hopefully, that’s not an indicator of what’s to come. But, I’m going to go ahead and jump right into this training. First and foremost, let me talk about what it is that you’re going to see in this training. I’m going to show you how to utilize structured data in order to boost SEO ratings. We work so hard on how to get reviews. And, we’re utilizing third-party applications in order to accomplish this. Google my business pages, Yelp, other types of review platforms, business pages, or search indexes.

How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites – Search Appearances

And, we’ll make sure that we’re leveraging those reviews to reduce the amount of friction in our sales processes. Also, it helps out when we’re talking about converting customers online. If you’re a local business owner, service, or trade professional who leverages reviews in order to grow their business. I’ll show you how to utilize those reviews and get those to show up on search appearances from your website. And, when people search your website, your brand, your product, your service, your process, and everything like that. You can convert more of those customers because your search appearance is going to look very different. If you go and look at sites that utilize structured data in reviews. You’ll see a search appearance on there that looks absolutely different compared to every buddy else. And, I’m going to show you this with a free plugin.

We utilize a WordPress framework Divi theme. Also, I’m going to show you a free plugin to where you can accomplish this. So, even if you’re not technical, you’ll be able to accomplish this with luck and with this training. And, my goal is to help you leverage the tools in regard to your website search appearances. It’s also your online asset in order to convert more customers and attract more of your dream customer. So, I’m going to show you this on the actual RazoRSharp Networks website. And, will talk about how structured data works and what it looks like. Structured data is what the search engines utilize to determine what type of information from your website. Is it relevant or important and from a local marketing standpoint, we can optimize this content on a regular basis. So, I’m going to actually take you into the WordPress admin area.

03:15 – Schema & Structured Data For WP Settings

And, I’m going to take you to the Settings tab of our structured data plugin. This is a free plugin that you can get its schema and structured data for WordPress or WP. Then, do a search in the WordPress egos are the WordPress plugin for finding here on WordPress. And, you can find this plugin. It’s how to structure your WordPress site so that you can show up and search a little bit more effectively. If you’re utilizing an HTML site or some other type of framework just leave a comment in the box. And, I’ll steer you in the right direction in regards to similar functionality. But, for the sake of this training, we’re going to be utilizing WordPress. Also, the schema structured data for the WP plugin in order to accomplish that. So, first and foremost, you get that installed.

If you don’t know how to do that, you’re going to go to Plugins will let that load real quick. On your WordPress site, you’ll go to the actual plugins page. As I can see here, everything is running really, really slow. We’ve had some problems either with network connectivity or something like that. So, you’ll come to the WordPress plugin, select Add new, and do a search for the plugin. You’ll find the Login right here, the schema markup Go ahead and I’ve already installed this on this site. And, we install this for all of our customers, because it’s a very powerful plugin. But, go ahead and install that plugin on your site. You would click through that, follow the installation wizard, and get that installed. Now, once you have it installed on your site, you’re gonna have some settings to come in and configure.

General Settings – website Search Appearances – get reviews on your websites

So, you’ll go to the structure data tab, on the Quick Launch menu on the left-hand side. Go into Settings then just start filling out these settings. Your general settings are going to be about your company. So, you might have an About Us page, an overview page, or something like that. If you have a contact page, go ahead and enter it into your contact page as well. For our website, of course, all the content is on our homepage. So, go ahead and slack us website schema on the homepage instruction search boxes as well. Also, utilize breadcrumbs and on the initial settings, make the correct menu that you’re utilizing. Go to appearance and then menus and then you can take a look at what menu you’re utilizing. So, this gives the structure data plugin. And, it’s all the information that they need to create the structure data.

And, that they’re going to provide to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and things of this nature. So, you can structure your website information and data correctly. It can be crawled more effectively. In addition, we go into the Knowledge Graph and we’re going to fill out all the information on our company. What type of company it is. If it’s an organization or a person if it’s a corporation, and airline, there are a lot of different categories. In regards to the organization type, of course, your organization name. And, I’m going to show you how all this pans out at the very end of the training. It’s the actual organization’s legal name, which I don’t have in there currently. So, I’m going to add that the URL contact types contact number URL. I’m going to put in their missing information here.

How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites – Search Appearances

So, your contact URL for support services, contact URLs, all the important or pertinent information for your company. Again, it’s going to structure the data on the backend of your website and give it the necessary tags. Then, make it crawlable from the search engine, so it can be crawled more easily. You’re putting your social media profiles there as well. And, this is just going to link and make everything congruent on the back end. So, that’s the Knowledge Graph. But, those are the primary settings. It’s just kind of the company’s information links to your social media and your contact information. All relevant and important information when people are searching for your company.

08:24 – Structure Data & Review Aggregation

But, where this module gets started this plugin gets really powerful is in the actual reviews section. A lot of people spend time on reviews gathering reviews from third-party applications like Google My Business. We have Google reviews, Airbnb Angie’s List a Regardless, what industry you’re in, you can utilize structured data and this plugin to aggregate your reviews from third-party applications. And, present those reviews on your website so that they begin to show up on search appearances. It means that when somebody searches for your company, your brand and it’s coming up on a search appearance. And, it’s going to show up with the structure data associated with it. As you can see, there’s a star rating. This is the structure data on here. That star rating that reviews the aggregate reviews for the individual sites and things of that nature.

So, that’s what you want to show up your website reviews when people search for your company. It’s because it’s a buying indicator for individuals when they’re doing searches. And, it’ll help the sales process and people are doing research on your company on your local business. It’ll give you an edge over your competition if you show up in search of structured data. That’s pretty properly formulated with your name, address, phone number, your support number, your support links, and social media links. And also reviews your actual real estate on the search page. Or, the SERP is going to be larger than your competition, which will give you more visibility. Again, this works across many different applications. Regardless of, if you’re using Facebook, Expedia, Foursquare, or any of these applications here. You can get that as an add-on.

Ways on how to integrate your reviews – show up your website reviews

Actually, there are a couple of different ways that you can integrate your reviews. You can upload reviews via CSV. If you have a CSV file, that you’re keeping all your reviews, maybe you’re gathering those reviews on your website. But, make sure that they’re optimized for search and they’re properly formatted in regards to structured data. You can also utilize the box, Google reviews, which is what we encourage all of our customers to use initially. Now, if you’re in some third party, I mean, if you’re not utilizing Google reviews very heavily. Maybe, you’re in the travel industry or using Airbnb, or in your in the service industry, news Angeles. And, maybe your local service provider, or Etsy or Expedia or some of these other applications or websites.

I want you to figure out which ones that you’re associated with. And, I would primarily focus on Google first and foremost. But, if you’re utilizing any of these third-party applications, you can utilize the add-on in order to aggregate those reviews.

11:42 – Structure Data Google Review Integration

Now, for Google, you have to select that checkbox. Then, get a Google API key. There’s a link right there and we’ll open that in a new link. This will bring you to the console for the Google API. And, this is very simple to set up. To set up a brand new project, where did I get my project set? And, you’re going to select this places IB, this places IB, all you have to do is select Enable. It’s going to take you through the process is a setup wizard, where you can basically create a places ID. This will give you the ability to integrate your Google reviews, based on your Google My Business Page. It’s a couple of different things you need to do from the place ID. Which we’ll do is you come over to credentials.

And, you’re going to configure your consent screen for external. Just go through the process. Fill this out. It’s just going to ask for basic information like your support, email, support links, and things of that nature. In ways that people can get ahold of you in regards to this application. What you’re going to do is you’re going to create an API key. You just take that information, go right over the structure data, and paste that into your Google Places API key. And, that’ll give you access to the Google API. In addition, go to the places finder type in your address or your company name. And, you’re actually going to get a places ID on Google Maps. Just go ahead and copy that as well. And, you’re going to come back, and add it to the place’s ID.

How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites – Search Appearances

Then, once you have your places ID you can fetch that information. And, it’ll actually pull in your Google My Business reviews. As you can see here that we pulled in the reviews from Google My Business. Now, it’s being listed on our website. It’s being aggregated on our website. So, that’s a really quick and easy way in order to utilize the Google API and your places ID. In addition, your structured data plugin on your WordPress site, in order to bring in your reviews. So, there are a couple of different ways. You can import them via CSV. There are some formats that you have to follow if you import via CSV. You can also use Google reviews. If you have a company that utilizes a third-party application, you can do it. You can subscribe to the review ad-on and you can get access to it.

5 StarsbyChristopher Jacob
5 StarsbyDave Razo
5 StarsbyGeorge Cain
5 StarsbyNew Image Dent Repair

As you can see, 3040, maybe even 50 different reviews sites online, that you can aggregate your reviews in there. So, this will give you a really easy way in order to integrate this.

15:21 – Structure Data Plugin Compatibility Settings

Now, there are some compatibility settings that you can bring to these reviews. We use the Business Review bundle as well, in order to provide some additional structure data. We use the Yoast SEO plugin. So, we want to make sure that those are all set up for us now at the end. Once, you get the plugin configured, and you get it set up. You get all the relevant information for your company in there. And, your name, address, phone number, or nap, which is incredibly important. You want to get an aggregate of your reviews with your Google My Business Page, and or other third-party application. And, you get them on your site, and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to come over. Let’s close out some of these windows, you’re going to come over to the search appearance, rich result text page.

16:18 – Structured Data Rich Results Test

So, I will provide a link to this in the description of the video. But, you’re going to enter your domain into this rich text results tool that Google provides. And, that’ll give you a readout of how your website is showing up online. How the search engines are actually seeing your website. As you can see here, it’s got the name of the business, what type of business it is. The aggregate results on here, as you can see, we’ve got our review results here. We’ve got our contact information, our local information, where we’re located, price range, things of that nature. So, we can come through here and look at all the information that we put in there. Our social media links, addresses, image locations, and things of that nature. We can look at all the rich snippets of information that we’ve just created.

And, our aggregate review results, description, and all information. So, this is what the search engines actually see when they crawl the site. Once we test good with that rich Snippet tool, this is what the page looks like. Again, I’ll utilize this tool and include a link to this tool in the description along with the actual plugin. This is to create rich snippets on the website and to aggregate those reviews. It’s because reviews are incredibly important when we’re talking about reducing the amount of friction during the buying process. What that looks like, and, and how it impacts people from a psychological standpoint in your local market. So, once we get a good test in regards to our rich result test we want to reindex this site. And, we’ve updated the page information and the structured data on the actual website size, we’re optimizing the reviews.

18:46 – Reindex Website With Google Search Console

On the site itself, we’re going to come to Google Search Console. And, we’re going to take the domain of the site that we just optimized for reviews. Then, go to property and group Google Search Console. This is actually going to reindex our website or put it in a queue to get re-indexed. So, all the information in there in regards to the site health and others but, that’ll actually cue Google. We can do that both in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and other search indexes. We can speed up the process of getting them to crawl the website. And, we’ve got all the relevant, structured data in front of it. This will give you the ability to utilize that free plugin on your WordPress site. The structure data for WordPress to optimize your website to utilize reviews so that they show up in search appearances.

20:09 – Did You “LIKE” The Training? Leave Us Some Feedback

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today. That’s another one of those local marketing hacks for you. Again, I hope that you got some value out of that. If you did, go ahead and leave us some feedback. We’re only on YouTube today because of some technical issues. But, we got that information and we wanted to make sure that you understood how to leverage reviews. So, you could go out and reduce the amount of friction when people are searching for your product or service. And, make sure you have all the tools that you need to win the environmental game of business. Again, that’s all we have for you today. Look for links in the description of this video. I’ll provide those plugins and some relevant information in regards to how you can get support to market your business.

If you’re looking for done with you and our white glove done for you services. There’s some additional information in the description of this video. So that we can get all that information as quickly as we possibly can. Hopefully, you have a fantastic weekend. And, we’ll see you Monday for a Monday kickoff call at seven o’clock Pacific Standard Time. Catch the replay on our Facebook and YouTube channels, Facebook group local marketing hacks YouTube channel at RazoRSharp Networks. Remember to engage, ask questions if you have them moreover, make today and every day fantastic. They will talk with you real soon.



Intro to Local Marketing Hacks


Schema & Structured Data For WP Settings


Structure Data & Review Aggregation


Structure Data Google Review Integration


Structure Data Plugin Compatibility Settings


Structured Data Rich Results Test


Re-index Website With Google Search Console


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How To Get Reviews To Show Up On Your Websites 🔍 Search Appearances

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