Local Marketing Link Structure And Naming System

Tags, Titles, Meta Descriptions are all powerful ways to optimize your pages for Local Search! But, you may be missing this one strategy to dominate the first page of Google. link structure, naming system, and local marketing. In this video, I go over our naming system. And, link structure to optimize your page for | Location | Category | Service   Have questions?
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Local Marketing Link Structure And Naming System – Local Marketing Hack





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Speaker: Jesse Razo


00:07 – Intro To Local Marketing Hack


All right, guys, I got another local marketing hack for you. This is bonus training for today; of course, we had our training earlier today for our Monday morning kickoff call. But I’ve got our local marketing hack for you. And I’m going to talk with you about link structure. This is technical SEO training. But I’m going to talk about how to really differentiate your website from other providers in your local market. And, it’s how to rank your products and services in your local market. What are those indicators look like from a search engine standpoint, and how the anatomy of those searches takes place. Similarly, what you should be conscious of when you’re promoting your product, process, or service. Also, I’m going to talk with you about a couple of really great strategies.


Setup Notification – Link Structure & Naming system


And some tactical stuff that you can implement in your business, so that, you can get immediate results. I’m just going to jump over to my desktop so that I can give you this training. And talk with you a little bit deeper in regards to how this works. But, before that, if you would like to get notifications of future training, please text local to 7072291221. And, we’re doing training so that you get all the goods when it comes to marketing your local business online. Go ahead and do that. And, we’ll get you set up on our notification list so that you don’t miss a single training. If you’re watching this on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to the channel and set up notifications on YouTube.

And, if you’re watching this on our other syndicated sites on social media, there’s a description of the video. There’s going to be important information in regards to what videos to watch next. And how you can get tools resources, both paid and free. To help grow your local business, regardless of your service or trade professional, a nonprofit is looking to get visibility on your production process or service. There are a lot of great resources for you there as well.


02:21 – Anatomy Of A Search


So, let me talk with you a little bit about the anatomy of a search real quick. Of course, you know, dent repair companies are one of the verticals that we work with. And what I did is I search for dent repair shops near me in my local area. Of course, whenever you do a search, there are a couple of things that come up. Primarily, from the anatomy of the search standpoint, we have our map search, which is on the top. It doesn’t appear that there’s anybody doing any paid advertising. And, if there was a paid ad, here, it would be located above the map search. So, that’s where you can heal very quickly and easily. Be at the very top of the pages with your paid ad campaigns. Right below that our business pages and reviews, of course, it’s tied into the map search.


Frequently Ask Questions – Link Structure & Naming system


And then, we get into a couple of different things. We have one organic listing here and we also have this how-to section here. I’m not sure if you have become aware and conscious of this. But, this is something that Google is starting to do on every search. They are listing these how-to sections on here. It’s one thing we keyed into several months back. And we help our clients develop what we call FAQs for each one of the services that they offer. These just answer basic questions and I’ll give you a couple of examples of that. You know, how much does dent repair cost? Can a dent repair be done in a short period of time? Can all dents be repaired with paintless dent repair? These are all questions that showed up here in this FAQ section basically in regards to the product and service.

So, we became aware of it and it became a part of our consciousness in regards to utilizing FAQs. It’s how Google was utilizing those page listings and the anatomy of a search when we start to list information. These questions and answers are definitely becoming more prominent. And, as you can see here, you’re thinking about ranking for a specific production process or service. Your paid advertising would be up top you want to make sure you’re optimized for map search as well. Business pages and directories come right underneath that. Then, we start getting into organic listing and FAQs which you can utilize to increase visibility on your company. So, these are things that you definitely want to be conscious of.


05:06 – Site & Link Structure


But, let me get into the site or link structure. It’s the way that you should structure your URLs because this can help you out tremendously. The way that we do it is we actually utilize the three-piece naming system in order to optimize our sites. The reason that I’m doing this training is that we’re actually working on a website currently, for our customers. And, they want to rank for auto recon services, paint protection, restoration correction, services, PPF, and things of that nature. So we’re going through the entire site and setting up the link structure in order to optimize them both for geography and then also for the actual products and services. And let me bring you over to our project here. So that you can see how this works.

So, in their service area, we have them listed as the root domain. In addition, here, we have the location that their service area is their category of what services they provide. Automotive restoration services have a description of the service that we’re trying to rank. Now, this link structure will help us rank them in a specific geographic area for a specific category of services. So, about ranking a company for services, you can see here. We’re going to rank this company in the Napa area Fairfield Vacaville area. And, we have service overview pages for each one of these Fairfield, Vallejo, and Vacaville. Then, of course, Napa and California are their service areas. So those are the four target areas that we’re going to be ranking them for. Automotive restoration services are going to be the category that we’re going to rank them for.


Careful Before Your Upgrade – Link Structure & Naming system


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And, for each one of their services, we build out a business page to utilize in order to spotlight them. In the past, we haven’t done a great job in the naming system and link structure for search engine placement. We’ve heavily leveraged some of our software and tools in order to accomplish that. And, over the last several months, I’ve become aware of how powerful this is. So, begun bit implement these on our sites. Most importantly, before you upgrade your link structure and permanent link, make sure, this will not negatively impact your SEO. But, if your change all links but you don’t properly set up redirects, it can negatively impact your search placement. And it also impacts negatively your location authority on your website. So, if you don’t have a strategy or plan do some training on how to create those.

You can reach out to our company’s support and ask them for support in regards to that. We’ll be happy to help you in regards to how to do that appropriately within your company.


08:27 – The Naming System


What this does is, the naming system is slightly different than what it would look like traditionally. Let’s see if I can get these in here and be able to see them. I don’t know if you can see them any better there. But this will give us the ability to optimize for location. You can see here, Napa, California service is going to be the first portion of that naming system. We’ve got auto restoration, which would be the second keyword that we’re going to be ranking for this company. Then, we got service FAQs, which have detailed information about the page that we’re going to be rank. So, we take different components of our geographic area, and then also the service category and the service itself. What we’re going to be delivering on this page, and we put it into a site or link structure.


How to Outrank Them – Link Structure & Naming system


And, that’s really easy for the search engines in order to crawl and index and then publish that online. So, if anybody in the Napa area is searching for any type of restoration service. And if they have questions about restoration services, this page is going to rank predominantly over time. As if, we do some quick searches, like, mobile Dent Repair near me and look at the bottom right-hand corner. And, as you can see here, Yelp user utilizes this naming system. If you look in the lower right-hand corner, you’ll see that Yelp uses near me slash mobile Dent Repair. Therefore, they rank higher for mobile dent repair near me searches on the search engine. Yelp has a search location in the URL in the Fairfield area, which is I’m located. It is just outside of Napa and Fairfield. So, this is how they’re ranking organically.

And as you can see, here, we got our paid advertising, but let’s look at the organic reach here. It has location services near me in the link. Then expresses ranking so did express, PDR will have an opportunity to overtake that company because of their link structure. In the Vacaville area, it’s optimized, just because of the title and then also the Meta description. But, if you optimize it for the title, Meta description, and align the link structure, you can outrank these pages.


11:28 – Recap Of Link Structure & Naming System


Most importantly, find out what keywords are easy for you to overtake in regards to your products, services, and process. And, update those link structures so that you can rank in specific geographic areas for a category of service. Then, instead of a service overview, we have another page maybe for paint correction or paint protective film service overview. So for those service pages, we’re going to be Vacaville California Service. Auto restoration service paint, protective film, would be the entire site link URL structure following our naming system. Again, we’re categorizing them based on geography and details to the actual pages that we’re ranking for. Then, we utilize keywords that are open and have high traffic but a low amount of competition on them. If you want to rank your company in a specific area, links structure, titles, Meta descriptions are a great way.

You can take ground quickly because the vast majority of them do not have their link structure set up correctly. So there are a lot of opportunities to create additional location authority in those specific geographic areas. And make sure that you go out and dominate your local market. Again, a lot of great information that you can utilize.


13:33 – In Conclusion…


Don’t go at it half-heartedly, unless you have a new website. New websites are easier because you don’t have search ranking already built up or location authority or anything like that. So, the new website link structure is easy to set up if you follow the naming system that we discussed. Do that to increased location authority, and page ranking. Finally, to transform your website and update the link structure, make sure that you’re utilizing a redirect tool. Then redirect your old pages to the new link structure so that you don’t lose any page ranking on there. And if you have any questions, go ahead and leave them here. We’ll get those answered for you and get those updated. And that’s all I got for you today. Hopefully, we talk real soon but until then make today and every day a fantastic day see you soon Bye-bye.



Intro To Local Marketing Hack


Anatomy Of A Search


Site & Link Structure


The Naming System


Recap Of Link Structure & Naming System


In Conclusion…
We Helped A Local Business Owner Realize His Dream Of Opening Multiple Locations & Growing His Retail Business By 4-5 Times!
Are you a local business owner, service, trade, or marketing professional who wants help marketing your local business?
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Local Marketing Link Structure And Naming System

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