Leveraging best-in-class marketing automation technology to drive more customers in your local market…GUARANTEED!


A powerful business directory management tool designed to help you control how the world sees your business.


Powerful review software & strategy formulated to help you leverage your businesses greatest asset…your customers.

Take control of your local market. 

RazoRSharp Networks helps local companies grow their revenue with ROI-driven geo-targeted digital marketing programs.  Your customers will love how easy it is to find the information they need about your business, product(s) & service(s) through better-performing more organized search results. 

Read on to learn how we help our clients improve & grow their businesses.   

The Software & Tools You Need To Grow Your Business!


Local Search Marketing in Napa, CAWe Build Our Your Asset LIbrary For The Follwoing:

    • Website Optimization
      • Performance
      • Security
      • Search
    • Analytics & Tracking Setup
      • Search Tracking
      • Paid Ad Tracking
      • Conversion Tracking
      • Campaign Optimization
    • Media Plan Management
      • Production
      • Publication
      • Optimization
      • Syndication
    • PowerListing Software
      • Business Page Optimziation
      • Directory, Map, Mobile, & Voice
      • Google My Business Optimization Advertising
    • Social Media Brand Kit
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Instagram
      • YouTube


  • Launch Plan
  • Lead & Sales Optimization
  • Realtime Progress Report
  • 7, 14, & 21 Day Review Then…
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Monthly Progress Reporting
Razorsharp Networks trust and guarantee payment iconsPRODUCT ACCELERATOR
  • *14 Day Trial
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

(*A $500 Deposit on the setup ($1997) of the Local Marketing Toolkit is required to take advantage of the 14-Day Trial Offer. If you’re not pushing old ladies (or gentlemen) out of the way to secure your spot after 14-days we’ll refund your deposit. The remaining balance ($997 service + $1497 setup) is due on the 15th day unless a written request to terminate services is received prior to the bill date.  If for any reason you’re not 100% SATISFIED with the service you may request a full refund within 30 days!)

Access Powerful Addons

Business PowerListing Built Into Your Local Marketing Toolkit

We are witnessing a major platform shift from mobile responsiveness to intelligence. No longer are customers, at the exact moment of intent to buy, being sent to your website. Now, intelligent services provide structured answers in interfaces like maps, voice search, and knowledge cards. Behind these interfaces and their algorithms is deep knowledge about your customer.


Your purchase comes with our exclusive Market, Price & Performance Guarantees!

“We have been working with Razor Sharp Networks for almost six months now and they have made all the difference. We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with Razor Sharp Networks and taking advantage of their online products and training.”     ~ Ian Cordle, Owner – Dent Solution
“I only use Razor Sharp Networks for marketing my company. They have excellent service and great products that help get our business found online. They take the time to educate and empower me and are always there when I need them.”     ~ Stan Almanzo, Owner – The LAB



Your Complete Geo-Marketing Solution

RazoRSharp Networks provides a complete local marketing solution to manage your business’s online profile and reputation. Once you provide your location data your dedicated Local Marketing Director helps you create and update your online profile, manage location information and resolves any inconsistencies.

Today, people access hundreds of online resources from different types of devices to determine where to go and what to buy. Seeking up-to-the-second information, reviews and confirmation from friends and family before they make purchasing decisions.

You could try to keep up with the sheer volume of online resources or the velocity of technology as the scope continues to expand. Or for one low predictable monthly fee (*$997.00) have confidence that your online profile and company reputation is being maintained by an expert team committed to supporting your growth. 

The Software & Tools You Need To Grow Your Business!



Your purchase comes with our exclusive Market, Price & Performance Guarantees!

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