Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social Media has grown from a part time toy to a full time marketing channel and the benefits of a sound social media marketing campaign have become apparent to both business owners and marketing professionals. RazoRSharp provides video training, media plans and content calendars to help with the demand of planning & executing a successful social media marketing campaign. RazoRSharp provides a broad range of options to pick from, including:
  • RazoRSharp Training Resource Site
  • Facebook Marketing to track the success of your content
  • Social Media Marketing to track mentions and hash tags
  • Social Media Bookmarking & Syndication with scheduling and publishing
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RazoRSharp Training Resource Site (TRS) – $1 Per Mo.

Immerse yourself in the right community and expose yourself to the right information to help grow your business online with Social Media. RazoRSharp (TRS) will provides you with:
  • Facebook Content Calendars
  • Blog & Press Release Media Calendars
  • Online Marketing Project Plans
  • Social Media Optimization Video Training
  • Website Optimization Video Training
  • Search Optimization Video Training
  • Document Resource Library
  • & Much More…

Facebook Optimization – Follow the RazoRSharp Facebook Media Plan!

The power of planning is unquestionable. With the RS Facebook Media Calendar you will receive a detailed Facebook Marketing Plan with helpful tips of daily Facebook POSTS & ENGAGEMENTS. Included in the plan:
  • Weekly Project Task Reports
  • Daily Posts and Engagements in the Facebook Community
  • Two Custom “TABS” for promotions and giveaways
  • Custom Facebook Profile & Cover Photos
  • Monthly Facebook SMO Call & More…

Social Media Marketing Campaign – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, & Pinterest!

Leverage the full power of social media marketing with image and video sharing, social bookmarking and value added content sharing. RazoRSharp SMO Offers:
  • Fully brander social media presence across your network
  • Content media schedule and project tasks
  • Weekly email overview of project task completion and progress
  • Training on how to engage more people with social media
  • Monthly planning calls and webinars to sharpen your skills
  • And much, much MORE!
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