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This Is The Critical Step In Making Sure That You Create And Maintain A Competitive edge In Your Market.

As a local business owner, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to stay ahead of the competition. One of the best ways to do this is to optimize your website for local search.

With my Local Search Optimization Roadmap, you’ll be able to instantly increase the likelihood of people finding your business when they search for your products or services. So if you’re ready to take your local business to the next level, watch this video and learn how to optimize your website for local search.

By following the simple steps in this video, you’ll be able to improve your website’s visibility and reach, ensuring that more customers will find you when they’re searching for what you have to offer.

So don’t wait any longer, get started today and see the difference that local search optimization can make for your business. Thanks for watching!


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Simple Advertising Roadmap For Local Businesses




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Speakers: Jesse Razo

00:15 – How To Quickly & Easily Show Up On Google
Are you a business owner that wants to leverage digital advertising? And, do you want to promote your business, your brand, and your products and or service online? Well, this can be very confusing. Actually, there can be a lot of mysticism around how to utilize or leverage digital advertising. Well, in this training, I’m going to talk with you about our local SEO roadmap. And, it is a simple-to-follow roadmap to increase location authority for it your business. Now, this applies to companies that have brick mortars. And, those who are looking to increase their reach, influence, and impact of their business, brand, or their messaging online. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Today, I’m going to talk with you about how to show up on Google. And, when people search for your products and service online. Now, I’m going to try to do this without utilizing any type of industry speaks. Then, I’m going to speak in layman’s terms so that it’s easy to understand. And, I’m not going to cover anything other than Google search, and also optimize your business on Google. The reason for that is Google makes up about 96% of all the search traffic online. And, I’ll give you an idea of how large that actually is on Google. In 2021, there were a total of about 5.2 billion searches every single day. And in 2022, they’re trending to do over 8.4 billion searches on a daily basis. Then, think about that, and think that Google owns about 96% of the searches online. And, it’s about 94% of all buying decisions, start with the search. So, understand the power of Google and how to leverage Google in order to promote your business.
02:01 – How To Increase Location Authority & Optimize Your Location
And, it can be incredibly impactful and powerful. So, that’s what I’m going to walk you through today. I’m going to help align your GPS, your goals, your systems, and your processes. And, I’ll provide you with a little bit of mentorship and coaching. So, you can start today by increasing the location authority of your business. Now, I’m going to share my screen with you and take you through our local SEO roadmap. It’s how to drive revenue by increasing business reach, and location authority. And, it’s how you show up on search engines. So, it’s made up of three areas; relevance, prominence, and also reach a radius of your business. Or, how far out your business goes from your location. As I said, this is primarily for local businesses that have a geographic area. And, that they have to dominate or become relevant. So, the first thing to do in regards to increasing location authority and optimizing for search. So, make sure you have a Google My Business page and make sure that it’s optimized for search. And, you can increase relevance by creating business pages. So, those business pages could be Google My Business, Bing Places, and also Yahoo. Small businesses now Bing and Yahoo are just basically road signs that point to your business. And, the more road signs to point to your business, the easier it is to find. But, the important one is the Google My Business page. So, when you create a Google My Business page, make sure that all your information is accurate. And, it’s congruent across the Internet. This means you want your name, address, and phone number to be listed the exact same on your website. And, it’s on your business pages or anywhere online.
03:55 – Business Pages & How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile
Now, you’re going to list this information to make it easy for people to find you. Make sure that you have a primary offer. Or, have a landing page call to action for your Google My Business page. Then, start to promote any types of specials. For local businesses, this should be updated at least once a month so that you can keep new special offers. Or, it’s a call to action on your Google My Business page so you can test the market. And, find out which offers to resonate with your dream customers. Then, make sure that you select all the categories that you represent, and enter your hours, and services. Also, have a really nice business description that communicates your value to your target market or your dream customer. And, optimized for local search with search terms, then they’re going to drive people to your business.
04:50 – Location Authority & Why Location, Brand, & Landmark Photos Are Important?
In addition, this is one of the hacks that we talked about in some of our training. And, this is uploading location photos to your business utilizing your mobile phone. Now, there are a couple of different categories for these photos. And, make sure that you take it from your mobile device with location services added to the phone. If you don’t know how to do that, leave a comment. And, we’ll go ahead and get that answered for you on Android or iPhone. But, you have to make sure that you have location services enabled. And, you have to take about 20 exterior pictures of your building or office space. Also, 20 interior pictures and make sure that you also take pictures of employees with location services. It’s because those can be optimized, as well. And potential work that you do or services that you offer for service-related companies that are in. Let’s say, the food or beverage industry, of course, product images, things of that nature can be taken as well. In addition, what we highly recommend that you do is take photos of prominent landmarks around your area. So, you can increase the radius of your reach. Because if you take all the photos of just your location. Then, you’re only going to get so much reach when it comes to the radius. But, if you take photos like important landmarks and things that are recognizable in your community and things like that. And, upload those to your Google My Business page along with the other images of your location. Then, it’ll expand your radius and give you more visibility. In addition, you have to be focused on reviews.
Simple Advertising Roadmap – A roadmap for Local Businesses
Make sure that you get at least 10 reviews on your Google My Business page. And, it’s as quickly as you possibly can. Then, you have to make sure that you’re getting reviews on a regular basis. Google takes a look at this as an indicator in ranking your business. It’s the age of the reviews, the frequency, and how many keywords are in the actual review itself. These can play a predominant role in how you show up online when it comes to relevance. So, make sure that you coach people that are leaving reviews on what a good review looks like. Have them communicate who they are, where they’re from, and what services they provide. Or, what service you provided to them. Maybe, you help them when it came to providing that service, and what their experience was. Overall, it’s a really great way to coach or show into people that are leaving you reviews. Then, you have to create posts for your Google My Business page, at least once a week. And, sometimes it can be more. Then, you have to make sure that you utilize the tools within Google My Business. And, it optimizes your listing. Actually, you can create a Google my business page. And, it gives us the ability to create what’s called a microsite which is a miniature website. Then, you can utilize it in order to promote your business. And, it gives you an additional business page and directory with the actual website itself. So, these can be all great ways in order to optimize your Google My Business page. And also, increase the relevance which is one of the key factors associated with building location authority.
08:24 – Increase Relevance By Syndicating Your Name, Address & Phone Number
In addition, increasing prominence is another thing that will play into your overall location authority. So, one of the ways that you can do this is by getting that name, address, and phone number. And, get all the relevant information that you put into your Google My Business page. Then, you can syndicate it online with other business pages and directories. I talked about Bing and Yahoo but, you can utilize that on other things like local listing software.
08:59 Optimize Business Citations & Map Listings
Also, you can claim and update your citations, and add unique business descriptions to each one of those listings. And, you can syndicate that information online. So, these business citations are listed on different websites. Like,, you have to make sure that you listed your business name, address, and phone number there. In addition, the online version of gives you the ability to put a product description there. So, what you can do is you can take the company description that you have. And, you can reword it so that you can optimize that listing. So that it’s not the exact same description across every single one of your business pages or listings. And, these will give you more prominence when it comes to keywords. Also, it gives you the ability to rank for more keywords that are relative to your products and your services.
10:05 Build Out Your Social Media Profiles to Increase Relevance
In addition to that, what you can do is build out a sound on your social media profile. This means you have Venmo pages you have about me, a blogger buffer, Google plus profile, and a Facebook profile. Of course, it’s Instagram, and things of that nature. And, these all become online citations for your business. So, a citation is like a road sign online that points to us. Of course, if somebody is searching for your products and services and all the roadsides point to you. Then, it’s going to be much easier for them to find your business. And, which is going to reduce the amount of friction associated with people finding you online. So, we’ve listed a whole bunch of different social media sites that you can create profiles on. And, that will increase the prominence and relevance of your business listing. So, once you create an environment, that’s going to give you more relevance and prominence. Then, you have to make sure that you optimize that. And, it’s a couple of different ways, with photos or, with videos. Also, it’s with the descriptions in each one of those business directories or business pages. Actually, we utilize premium power listing software in order to syndicate our client’s information online. And, that’s part of our white glove done for your services. But, you can find those types of services online as well. There are a lot of great ways that you can get that. And, a lot of citations or online road signs that point back to your business. Whether it’s from a social media standpoint or it’s from a business page standpoint.
11:50 FREE Online Directory Listing TO Increase Relevance
Also, from an online directory standpoint, we actually have a list of all kinds of online directories. As you can see here, these are all places where you can create business citations. So, most of these are free. And, they’re just online directories that give you the ability to list your business which creates an additional road sign. As you can see, I’ve listed all kinds of great online business directories to help you increase relevance and prominence. But, once you get the environment set and cracked.
12:20 The Three Buckets To Focus On To Increase Location Authority, Prominence, Relevance, and Reach
And, you’ve created a lot of online citations as you created. So, there are three buckets, you have to think of your social media profile. And, make sure that you have social media built out. Then, you have to make sure that your business pages and profiles are built out. Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yahoo small business are great places to start. And, you have to make sure that you have your business directories built out, which I’ve listed here. It’s for easy reference that you can build-out. Of course, these citations are paid and they have an asterisk next to them. But, the ones that don’t, those are absolutely free. And, you can either do this manually, or you can leverage a software application. Like our premium power listening software to give you a central place to manage all your business citations online. But, once you get those three buckets built out. Then, those three areas are starting to increase your relevance, prominence, and radius. So, start to increase location authority and you’re going to optimize your environment. And, there’s on-page optimization and off-page as far as on-page optimization. So, there are a couple of different things that you can do on your actual website itself. Then, you can take a look at keywords and brand location. And, make sure that those are prominent on your actual website itself. So, that’s on the front end, the GUI, or the graphical interface. And, on the back-end, the structured data with the search engines crawl on your website.
Simple Advertising Roadmap – A roadmap for Local Businesses
So, make sure that your Meta tags and keywords are optimized for your products, services, and your location. And, these would be your alt tags, your h1, h2, your heading tags, things of this nature, making sure that you have bullets on the front end of the website on the graphic interface can be incredibly powerful FAQs are another way that you can start to increase the visibility and Google’s is ranking FAQs very highly these days. In addition, you can utilize video and take a YouTube video. Maybe, have your location or do a brief interview with employees and things of that nature. And then, publish that on your website. What this does is it creates more engagement on the site. And, people stick longer on the actual site itself. So, if you’re thinking about one of the factors associated with how Google ranks your business.
14:50 Bounce Rate & How To Increase Engagement On Your Website
And, that’s called, your bounce rate. So, the bounce rate is how long people actually stay on your webpage. And, if you have images and copy content or text, people tend to not read much, these days. They have a short attention span, and they tend not to read quite so much. So, what you’ll do is you can create any long-form text into bullet points to increase engagement. And also, utilize video, in order to communicate your value to your target market. What this will do is it’ll give them nice bullets to read so that they’re engaged there. In addition, that play button on the video becomes quite attractive in regards to engagement. And, this increases the stickiness of your website and the length that people exist on it.
15:49 Utilize Links To Business Pages, Directories, And Local Resources or Attractions
Again, make sure that you link to your Google My Business page from your website. It includes hours of operation, and your phone number in the footer of your website, as well. So, make sure that they’re congruent with your Google My Business page. Again, you have to make sure that your name, address, phone number, and everything like that, is from your website. And, all the way through your business pages, directories and things like that are congruent. Also, it includes two to four written driving directions to your location. So, Google can crawl that link to two to four location attractions in your area. Again, be a resource in regards to local search so that you can increase location authority. What you can do in order to accomplish to optimize your website. And, make sure that you link to other people’s websites that potentially could be relevant in regards to information. Then, you have to link to two to four authority citations. So, each one of those citations, that’s the third bucket that we talked about online. And, each one of those citations has a link back to your website. Now, those links have a specific ranking inside Google. So, make sure that the ones that have an authority or a high authority level. Or, have a high link juice factor associated with them, and you link back to them, as well. So, that might be the better business bureau, it might be Google Maps or something like that. And, those would be links back to those business citations or business pages.
17:27 Internal Link & External Link Structure Is An Important Rank Factor For Google
Then, you look at your personal internal link structure, making sure that that’s optimized. Again, on-page and off-page optimization has a lot to do with site structure and links both internally on your website. Also, links from external content back to your site. And, it’s the way that you can increase location authority. Just be conscious and intentional about the way that you go out there and attack your local SEO strategy. Make sure that you approach those three buckets, the social media, the business pages, and the online business directories. Then, once you get those three buckets deployed, make sure that you optimize both on your website. And, each one of those categories will increase location authority. Inevitably, it’ll increase the visibility of your business, brand, products, and services. So, that’s all I have for you today. Hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that. And, you’re getting access to that local SEO roadmap. Then, implement those strategies in your business in order to increase location authority in your local market. If you have any questions, go ahead and shoot those over to me.
18:38 Text Questions To (707) 229-1221
You can text those questions to 7072291221. And, we’ll get those answered for you, or if you’d like to get information on how to do this. Or, it’s how to get this done for your business.
18:52 Text “LOCAL” to (707) 229-1221 To Access Our Done For You Location Optimization Services
Then, go ahead and text local to 7072291221. And, we’ll gather a little bit of information from you. Then, reach out to schedule a strategy review for you. And that’s all I have for you today. So, until the next time, we speak make today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.


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