The Three Google Rank Factors

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The Three Google Rank Factors

As a business owner, service provider, trade professional, or marketing expert, it’s important to understand the three Google rank factors. By understanding these factors, you can develop a content strategy that will help you quickly rank your business, products, or services.

The three Google rank factors are:

1. Links

2. Content

3. Rank Brain

Links are still the most important ranking factor for Google. The number of links pointing to your website, as well as the quality of those links, will determine your website’s position in the search results.

Content is also a very important ranking factor. Your content must be relevant to the keywords you want to rank for, and it must be of high quality. Google is constantly evolving their algorithm to better understand the user intent behind a search query, so it’s important to create content that answers the user’s question.

Rank Brain is a machine learning algorithm that helps Google determine the relevance of a website for a given search query. Rank Brain looks at how users interact with a website after they click on it in the search results. If users stay on the website and continue interacting with it, this signals to Google that the website is relevant and should be ranked higher.

By understanding these three Google rank factors, you can develop a content strategy that will help you quickly rank your business, products, or services. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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The Three Google Rank Factors and Why You Should Care



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SPEAKERS: Jesse Razo

00:15 – The Three Google Rank Factors

Hey there, Jesse here! Once again, I got another quick training for you. I’m going to talk about the three rank factors that help you rank on Google and why you should care. And, there are two strategies to utilize to increase the visibility of your product, process, services, business, and brand. Or, it’s whatever it is that you’d like to increase visibility online, utilizing organic reach. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jesse Razo I’m the lead designer at razor-sharp networks. And, for the past 10 plus years, we’ve been helping service, trade, and marketing professionals leverage online assets. Then, increase the visibility of the products and services, and also help them implement customer lifecycle automation to increase the lead. And, generate customer acquisition, and customer retention for their organizations.

If this appeals to you and you’re watching this on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to our channel. And, set up notifications so you don’t miss future training. Now, I’m going to share the meat and potatoes about why you should care about your rank factors. Also, I’ll share the two strategies that you could be leveraging today to increase visibility.

01:21 – What Are Google Rank Factors

First and foremost, the three google rank factors that Google released on ranking your web pages, links, content, and RankBrain. Well, I’m going to go into each one of those at the end of this presentation. Then, I’m going to talk with you about those two strategies. So, you can be utilizing those to leverage these three google rank factors and increase visibility. Primarily, links, specifically, backlinks to your website. So, whenever you create content, that content has some factors associated with regard to how it ranks online. One of the factors associated with that is the actual number of links or backlinks to that piece of content. And, Google utilizes this information as an indicator that it’s relevant content, that it’s valuable content. Then, it communicates what it is that people are looking for in regards to content online. Google always wants to serve the best content online.

So, they utilize backlinks in order to accomplish that. Now, the reason that I developed this video is that we’re building out an SEO project. And I’m going to share that with you real quick here. As you can see, we have a lot of different sections in our project management tool. And, there are a lot of different tools that we utilize in order to optimize our client’s website. Some of those are technical. And, from an account set-up, a lot of them are management in regards to looking for keyword gap analysis. Also, there’s a competitive analysis in a specific geographical area. Then, some of them are strategy-based looking at keywords, associated keywords, and content online in a particular niche or market. And, we’re utilizing those in order to create a content and or media strategy.

03:23 – How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Of course, if you’ve been with us for some time, we follow our local legends media plan blueprint. Which, talks about creating media around the work you do, the customers you serve and educating your dream customers. Well, when you talk about educating your dream customers. Then, you want to have a clear idea in regards to what type of content you should be creating. And, the way that you do this is you take a look at the marketplace. Then, take a look at other content that is performing in the market. And, that has a lot of backlinks tied to that content. So, you can originate content that’s just a little bit better or incrementally better online. And, there’s a strategy associated with that. You see, there are a lot of technical aspects and a lot of analysis when it comes to search optimization.

Then, there are some ongoing things that you could be doing. And, I’m going to talk with you about it here in just a little bit. But, that’s how links are and that’s one of the things that you want to be looking at. And, from a linking standpoint, it’s taking a look at backlinks. Then, find out how many backlinks you have on your website. Also, look at competitors and find that they have broken backlinks that maybe you can capitalize on. And, take a look at gaps in the marketplace. Also, look at toxicity or links in your content that might be from toxic sites. And, that might have been delisted from Google. So, make sure that you disavow those links as well so that you can improve your WebPages. And, there are a lot of other things associated with the technical aspects of on-page and off-page SEO.

05:03 – Content Marketing Strategy

Also, there’s the content that you’re producing and should be strategic. And, it shouldn’t be based on what you think. What it should be based on is the analysis of your marketplace and keyword. And, a gap analysis to determine where there are gaps in the marketplace. Also, an analysis of other pieces of content in the market that have a lot of backlinks associated with them. So, if you can produce a piece of content that’s incrementally better than content that’s actually ranking online. Then, inevitably, what will happen is you’ll begin to rank for that content and get additional backlinks. And, that should be part of your content and your media strategy. Again, follow our media planning blueprint, which talks about how to create media and how to publish that. And also, get strategic about educating your dream customer based on what they’re looking for.

Then, to what type of content they’re looking for. Solely based on what it is that you think is going to be good. But, look at the marketplace to give you all the information that you need from a content management standpoint. And lastly, it’s Rank Brain. This is the second time I recorded this video because it was incredibly long. Actually, I went through our entire SEO Marketing Checklist in our project management tool. Which I shared with you just a bit ago. But, it was over 40 minutes long where we talked about the individual components associated with that. And, if you’re interested in getting access to that, please let us know. Then, leave a comment in the comment section if you’re watching this on YouTube. Or, engage with the chat widget on our website to get some additional information on our SEO project checklist.

06:55 – What is Rankbrain and Why Should You Care

And, it’s how to optimize a webpage. But, I digress in regards to RankBrain, this really has to do with some key factors. And, there are a couple of different key factors that go into this. But inevitably, it has to do with searcher intent whether they’re getting the information that they’re looking for, or not. So, that is the three google rank factor and it is the actual RankBrain. Or, it’s how the AI or algorithm looks at the searcher whether they’re landing on getting the best content online. And also, it’s how to rank that content from a page rank standpoint. So, be conscious about links, and have a strategy for creating good links to your content. And, have a strategy in place in regards to reducing the number of toxic links to your content. Then, understand where you’re at, in the marketplace.

This will give you a really clearly defined roadmap for creating content for your business on a regular basis. Of course, if you’re leveraging some of the tools that we provide in the production, publication, and syndication of that content. That can increase visibility and reduce the amount of time associated with producing that content, as well. So, those should be the things that you’re focused on links and content. Importantly, make sure that your site is optimized for performance security and search visibility in regards to Metadata. So, you can reduce the number of bounces and increase your rank brain ranking on the actual website that sells. Just be conscious of those. Now, I wanted to talk with you about why you should care. From a business standpoint, the organic reach can be incredibly powerful.

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08:50 – How Organic Reach Can Outweigh Paid-ad Campaigns

And, there are a lot of the customers that have been working with us for a period of time. Initially, they started off with a paid-ad campaign that was designed to create clearly defined metrics. And, it’s when it came to returning on ad-spend and conversions and things of that nature. Also, they initiated their organic indoor content media strategy at the same time. And, what we’re finding over time is that organic reach can far outweigh your paid advertising. Or, it can replace your paid-ads campaigns spend over time. So, it’s more of a long-term strategy. Or, it’s a strategy built around business sustainability, whereas a paid-ad campaign is built around conversions. Then, find out what the return on ad-spend is. Or, what are your cost to conversions and your customer lifetime value and things of that nature? So, there’s more analytics they go into.

09:50 – How to Leverage Google’s Three Rank Factors

And, more strategy that goes into your paid-ad campaign whereas your organic reach and content media strategy. I guess there wouldn’t be less strategy or media planning around. But, it’s a little bit different in the performance indicators and how you position your content in the marketplace. So, that’s what I wanted to do from a business standpoint. Then, make sure that you’re aware of how you can utilize or leverage the three factors that Google utilizes. And, in order to rank your Web Pages. Then, come up with a media plan and strategy to capitalize on those three areas; links, content, and RankBrain. So what I was saying is making sure that you can leverage those three factors. And, really be intentional about your content and media production strategy and plan. We do focus heavily on content media production.

10:41 – The Benefits of a Digital Press Campaign

And, we believe that media shape people’s perception about who you are, and what you do in the marketplace. The great part about that is we get an opportunity to create that media every single day. So, you have to clearly define the path to success. And, be busy and active in recording content around the work you do and the customers you served. Then, educate your dream customers about opportunities in the marketplace. And then, your media plan can be really powerful in regards to expanding your organic reach. So, there are two ways that you can capitalize on or maximize this. Today, I wanted to share with you also, as far as providing some additional value to you and your business. First and foremost is a digital PR campaign or press release.

Of course, this can be incredibly powerful because you can get listed on pages that have a lot of authority. And, there are page ranking media sites and things of that nature. So, it’ll give you the ability to backlink to your website with an effective PR campaign. In addition, if you get listed on some well-known PR site or media sites like CNN, NBC, or Fox. Then, you’ve probably seen those logos next to people’s names. And, these create instant recognition or trust, and credibility. And, you can utilize somebody else’s logo in order to accomplish that. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a digital PR campaign. And, to publish press releases on a regular basis out there. Then, creates backlinks and creates instant trust and credibility. Now, it’s as if it gets picked up and syndicated from a viability standpoint.

12:28 – The Skyscraper Strategy

Then, you can get a tremendous amount of visibility on who you are, and what it is that you’re doing. So, we’ll go into digital press releases in the future. Again, if you’re interested in learning more about that leave a comment, we’ll be happy to get back to you. If you’re on our website, engage with our chatbot. And, I’m sure you’ll be able to get some more information on that. The second strategy associated with producing content is getting a lot of links is called the skyscraper strategy. Basically, find the keywords that you have an opportunity to capitalize on in the marketplace. Do a keyword analysis. And, we use SemRush in order to accomplish that. But, do a keyword analysis and you find some gaps in the marketplace. And then, find some web pages in those gaps that already have backlinks associated with them.

So, go ahead and create an incrementally better piece of content. And inevitably, what will happen is they’ll begin to rank. Then, you’ll also start to attract some of those same backlinks to your content that’s already published to that content. Take a look at the actual article itself and maybe go a little bit more in-depth. And, create an incremental better piece of content. Then, try to capitalize on backlinks and also page ranking associated with that content. Also, produce something that’s incrementally better. So, if you do this over and over again. Then, this could be a way that you can take a look at creating content around educating your dream customers. And look at what pieces of content are in the marketplace that your dream customers already linking to.

14:13 – The Impact of Links, Content, & Rankbrain on SEO

Or, your dream customers are reviewing because pages that rank higher get more visibility online and probably get more traffic. Your dream customers are probably searching for those, as well. So, it’s from a strategy standpoint, if you are following our media planning and producing content around those three pillars. Then, take a look at that content that’s already ranked and that is already getting backlinks. And then, creating an incrementally better piece of content can be incredibly powerful for your organization. So, those are the three google rank factors to help you rank on Google, links, content, and RankBrain. Also, those are the two strategies that you can utilize in order to get more backlinks. Today, build instant trust and credibility and streamline your sales and marketing process digital PR campaign. And, the skyscraper content creation process, or content creation strategy. Those things should help you out, tremendously.

If you follow those strategies, I guarantee that you expand your organic reach. And, reach more people with your process, your products, your services, your mission, your vision, your brand, and your business. So, that’s all I have for you today. If you enjoyed this, please let us know. And, leave a comment below if you’re watching this on YouTube or any other channel. If you have any questions, go ahead and leave those in the comments, as well. And, it’s if you got some value out of this, and you’d like to get access to future training. Then, go ahead and subscribe to our channel on YouTube, and set up notifications so you don’t miss future training. And, until the next time we speak, make today and every day a fantastic day. Be well, we’ll talk to you soon. Bye


The Three Google Rank Factors


What Are Google Rank Factors


How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


Content Marketing Strategy


06:55 – What is Rankbrain and Why Should You Care


How Organic Reach Can Outweigh Paid-ad Campaigns


How to Leverage Google’s Three Rank Factors


The Benefits of a Digital Press Campaign


The Skyscraper Strategy


The Impact of Links, Content, & Rankbrain on SEO

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Jesse is very knowledgeable in marketing and has done a great job for us over the last year, I highly recommend him.
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