Vol ✌️ – Local Legend Marketing Method Offer Evolution Framework

In this video, I discuss Offer Creation & Offer Ideas For Local Business Owners, Service & Trade Professionals, and how to apply our Offer Evolution Framework to build your core offering and supporting offers.

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Vol ✌️ – Local Legend Marketing Method Offer Evolution Framework

Wed, 6/9 7:37 AM • 27:05


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SPEAKERS – Jesse Razo

Jesse Razo  00:03

Hey guys, here we go again; I’m going to go into some technical issues here this morning. But you know we adapt and overcome. So definitely wanted to get on for our Friday wrap up call talk with you a bit of the

Jesse Razo  00:18

offer evolution framework and moving from product to process and what it looks like to create an offer. Of course, if you’re part of our local marketing toolkit, you have the offer creation framework or offer evolution framework worksheet in your OneDrive folder. So go ahead and download and complete that, get that done. And hopefully, you did that over this last week. And you’re thinking about your offers and what those look like. And also your process when it comes to putting your business together.

And thinking about a strategy behind not selling head to head against everybody else in the marketplace. Last, you know, this last Monday, we talked about, you know, differentiating yourself and how that’s important when you’re talking about marketing your product and or service and or your process. And we want to make sure that we continue that mindset when we’re talking about creating offers. Today, I’m going to talk with you. In addition to giving you some incentives to fill out your worksheets and get those completed, we’re going to talk with you about

Jesse Razo  01:22

some of the different types of offers for local businesses out there and what you can be doing from a local business standpoint when you create offers in the market. And, of course, we want to create our offers and our messaging around our process. Again, if we can communicate our process in a way that solves people’s problems uniquely and excitingly, Todd brown talks about this repeatedly. But he wants to make sure that everything’s broadcasting real quick here. But he talks about this over and over again, in his five methodologies for marketing and how to differentiate into a big,

Jesse Razo  02:04

a big benefit when you’re talking about marketing your business. One of the ways that you can get a key differentiator is by talking about your process, a proven simple process to solve people’s problems or give them a specific desired outcome.

Again, if you’re selling products and services against everybody else, it’s selling products and services in the marketplace, you’re going to have an uphill battle because, you know, there’s only one way to do that. And that’s by communicating price differences and things like that. And again, you know, it’s been proven that it doesn’t pay to be the low-cost leader in the marketplace. What you want to do is you want to be a premium provider. And the way that you bridge that gap between a low-cost leader and premium provider is to communicate your process and how you solve people’s problems in a new, new and unique, exciting way.

You know you get into your marketing promises, your messaging, and things of that nature. And then they spend the rest of the time proving that big marketing promise. So it’s a very simple process. What you do is you come up with a process. You make a big claim, a big marketing promise. And then what you do is you go out there, and you spend the rest of your time creating marketing that proves that a claim over and over again. But what I’m going to talk with you about today is talk with you about the different types of offers. We kind of breezed over this because we ran out of time.

The Monday kickoff call, I definitely want to talk with you about it in regards to creating offers for your business. Because, again, a lot of small business owners, they, you know, don’t get the offer creation process down. And when you’re talking about lead generation or thinking about where people are at in your customer lifecycle, whether they’re pre-purchasing from you, or post purchasing from you, or maybe they’re aware of the problem or challenge that you overcome, or they’re unaware of the problem or challenge, you want to make sure that you create messaging in each stage of the customer lifecycle. And that message communicates to your offers, right?

So there’s a couple of different types of offers out there. And I’m going to go through each one of them. So that you can get a little bit of clarity on that. But the first type of offers gated content and gated content could be checklists, quizzes, templates, swipe files, worksheets. Some people call these lead magnets, and they can be utilized to do lead gen. And, you know, the way that we do this is we create these lead magnets in the daily work that we do, you know, everything that we do requires a checklist or worksheet or something like that, that helps us and helps us deliver our product and service more effectively. So what we do is we create those worksheets, and then those worksheets are valuable because we’re working in our business regularly. So there are worksheets and swipe files we provide as lead magnets to purchase potential buyers. People interested in marketing, local businesses service, and trade professionals interested in marking their businesses online could potentially get some value out of those worksheets and checklists and things like that. So what we do is we utilize those to attract people that are looking for that type of information. And that starts the engagement process. So this could be gated content. You can also do things like video, where you provide a taste first marketing, where maybe you provide a portion of a training or workshop or something like that on the front end. And then what you do is, the rest of the workshop is gated. I’ve seen some people do newsletters that were gated as well, where they’ll charge, they’ll provide a portion of their newsletter for free, and then they’ll charge for ongoing subscriptions to this newsletter. Again,

Jesse Razo  05:56

if you’re working on becoming a local legend, an expert in your industry, in building out that persona online through creating media and content regularly, gated content is an effective way to give people access to your expertise and your knowledge and everything like that. Without it costing you a lot of time again, you what you want to do is you want to take the work that you do and you want to document it and then you want to be in provide that to people that would be looking for that type of information regularly. And then once they do, you know they’ve risen their hand, they said that we’re interested in what it is that you do, and your expertise. So those are potential clients of yours. So gated contents

Jesse Razo  06:41

can be really effective for lead generation, depending on the type of business loss leaders are another really great way to do lead gen. You can give away trials for your discounted offers, first-time buyer promotions, first-step promotions, and events. Again, the goal with any type of loss leader, when you’re talking about loss leaders, many companies get scared of doing loss leaders because they feel like they’re going to lose money when you’re talking about building out a loss leader. But it has to do with the cost of marketing. What you want to do when you’re talking about a loss leader is you want to at least break even at your loss leader because what you’re doing is you’re exchanging your marketing costs for a new customer, meaning if you could break even on the acquisition of that new customer and actually cross-sell or upsell them further on in their buying cycle or their customer lifecycle with you, what you can do is you can get profitability out of that. And the correct type of loss leader campaigns can give you a tremendous amount of profitability. A lot of companies go out there. And when you’re talking about operations, marketing, cost sales to close their loss leaders, they’re losing money on those loss leaders, but they make it up on the back end. In regards to selling the additional customer goods, we talked about that. When we gave you the dental, you’ll see this a lot. If you look in your mail, you’ll probably know offers for free white cleaning, kids checkups, or something like that. I’ve been getting many of those in the mail; I’ve probably had a few of those around here in my mail. But those loss leaders where they’re given free checkups and/or free cleanings provide them with an opportunity in a captive audience for people who want to take care of their teeth or look for a dentist. So they’ll send out those in a mass media type of environment. Get a response from that. The goal with any kind of loss leader again would be a breakeven. If you’re making money on your marketing, meaning that your loss leader is making you $1, you’re spending $1, and you make two, then that is very profitable; you can build a million-dollar business off of that. So that’s the key is really to think about, well, what can I put out there in regards to maybe a small discount offer first-time buyer type of opportunity.

The first step, perhaps I can give an event now I’ve seen many people are doing challenges online where they’re hosting a challenge, and they’re given a taste first in regards to the expertise that they provide. These can be incredibly powerful. Because what you can do is you can give people access to the information that you’re sharing with them regularly or that you are going to be sharing with them. In addition to that, they get to experience who you are and how much you care about what you do. They get a kick, and they get to taste what it’s going to be like to work with you before they enter into the process of working with you. So those events that you put on, a lot of people do them. Well, nowadays in COVID. A lot of people are doing them online, and they moved them online. That’s one reason why over the last year challenges have become so popular because everybody had to move their events online. Anthony Robbins, Dean grazioso, you know, all the big marketing guys, they’ve all moved their events online. And what that did is it created because of COVID, it created an environment where it was very successful, they had captive audiences, people were at home already in front of their monitors. So those types of loss leaders were they were doing events, paying for the event upfront, and then selling people on the back end later on in the customer lifecycle was incredibly powerful. And it will probably continue to be powerful as the world shifts, and things change over time. So that’s a great way for you to go out there and attract people to your business. Again, what you want to do is with any type of gated content and or loss leader. You want to make sure that it is selling to your core offer.

Jesse Razo  10:49

And I’m going to talk with you about the core offer in just a little bit. But it’s the primary campaign that you’re building out the primary marketing campaign. So what you want to do is want to make sure that that core offer is something that will be you’re going to be able to build on now. It’s just your initial offer, that initial core offer you’re going to create within your business. And again, that core offer will build around the process that you deliver for your clients that gives them a new and exciting way to solve their problem or achieve their desired outcome. In addition to that, you can create product reviews.

Jesse Razo  11:24

And some of the examples here are free estimates, free consultations, financing pay later, time-based incentive bundles, and bonuses. Such free estimates. Of course, a lot of local companies do this where they’ll provide. I know a lot of my paintless dent repair guys. They do this. They give you a free estimate of a free damage assessment if they’re in an automotive hail repair industry. If they’re doing debt repair, they’ll do a free estimate. And they’re working on ways to streamline that process where they do some of the estimating over the phone with text messages and images. So that is one of the ways that they’ll do a free estimate. Free consultations.

Of course, you know, if you’re in the flooring, industry construction, or something like that, you want to look at the project and get some job costing estimates into the buyers’, hands potential buyers hands. Financing is a great way to do this. Again, if you’re a large enough company where you can afford to finance people or have relationships with third-party financing organizations, you can do this. In addition to that, you can also do pay later type options; see some of my marketing friends online do this where they’ll provide a service upfront, they’ll collect your credit card, but you get to pay later only if you get value out of the service that you get. And that’s a great way to do what’s called risk reversal. Again, when we’re talking about, you know, selling your process online, you want to make sure that it has set, you know, those three characteristics at risk reversal, social proof, and urgency and scarcity. So there are some great ways to get people into the buying mindset, urgency, scarcity, risk reversal, and social proof are the things that we focus on initially with all of our process sales and offer creation. So we want to make sure that you’re very, very clear about that, in that we’re working on that through the process. Financing pays later, time-based incentives. Again, I do this a lot with the clients, and I do time base and scarcity based on the quantity. Because what we do is we do pushes in regards to marketing. And when we bring new clients on board, the first ten gets a specific promotion to be for being the first ten the next 100 get a particular promotion for being the next 100, then everybody else gets our standard offer, which is, you know, still a great offer. But again, we want to provide incentives for people to take action. And we do that with time-based incentives. We also do a tremendous amount of bundling, and we talked about offer stacking and things like that. If you have multiple products out there, it might benefit you to bundle those products together into packages that increase the perceived value. And the way that you can do this is, let’s say that you have something that takes very little time minimal resources. And then you have, you know, other products that are a little bit higher price, but maybe take more time and resources for your company to deliver. Where you can do is bundle those together and offer them to your clients in a package that makes it look like they’re getting an extraordinary deal or too good to be a true offer or legendary offer as we like to call it. But you want to make sure that you can you know, bundle things together.

Jesse Razo  14:54

That makes sense. Don’t bundle things together like what we do is we bundle software and services together to deliver more value for our clients. Now the software takes very little time. What we do is we just set it up, configure it, and then it’s in basically check in on it now and again. But the services are a little bit higher touch, take a little bit more time and resources. So if we can bundle those together and increase the perceived value in potential buyers’ hands, bundles can be very effective. In addition to that bonuses, so bundles, and bonuses. These are fantastic because what you can do is, again, you can utilize these bonuses to incent people to take action. For instance, the compensation can be only tied to a specific, a specific characteristic of your offer that creates urgency and or scarcity, meaning the first ten buyers will get this special bonus, where the first 100 buyers will get this special bonus or buyers that purchase by this date, we get this special bonus, and you can add a couple of extras there to incentivize people to take action. And these are all great ways to reduce the amount of friction to get people in the buying mindset to overcome. You know, some of those buying biases that people have better is a monger.  I can’t remember his name now. But Charles Munger wrote a book. And it was a big old fat book, and I didn’t read the whole thing. But I did read a portion of it. And it had to do with the buying biases and the biases that we have to overcome when we talked about getting people to purchase something in, you know, three of those biases.

Jesse Razo  16:47

We talked about scarcity, urgency, risk reversal, social proof, there’s a lot of other biases. But when you’re talking about consumption and consumers purchasing, what you want to do is you want to make sure that you’re very clear about how you go about the psychology of getting them into the buying process. We utilize trust and credibility, icons, awards, credit, accreditations, and things like that on our clients’ websites to make sure that we’re building trust, credibility, and every step of the process. So these are compelling ways that you can reduce the amount of friction and increase your success when you’re talking about marketing, your local business online.  So those are some great ways. Let’s talk a bit about those great ways are great types of offers that you can get out their gated content loss leader product reviews, and then you can utilize things like risk reversal, social proof, scarcity, and urgency to get more clients in the door. And then, of course, bundling your products and services together to create legendary offers. And then lastly, making time-based bonuses and incentive bases can be incredibly powerful. So if you’re not doing those things regularly, I’d highly encourage that you do, so it is a very powerful way that you can incent people to take action. That’s what it’s all about. We understand that people are incredibly busy; we know that there’s there, they’re probably distracted. We have very short attention spans, and there’s a tremendous amount of distraction out there the world set up to distract, disconnect and deceive us in regards to what it is that we genuinely want. So our job is to go out there and focus on getting focus, specifically getting laser-focused on what we want, getting clear and making sure that we’re pointing in the right direction, and making sure GPS is calibrated and pointed in the right direction. For us to take action. What we want to do is we want to do that for our clients as well. Regularly, we want to make sure that we get them clear, we want to make sure that you know there’s trust and credibility in every single one of our offers, that we communicate that on every one of our pages. Regardless of whether it’s our service page, e-commerce site, or membership sites that we’re providing information in or monetizing our expertise, we must be clear about how we go out there and accomplish this. So we’re talking about direct core offers. A lot of us already have a core offer.

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Jesse Razo  19:34

You know, if you’re a service provider, you have a specific product or service that you offer, it might not be your core offer might not be the like let’s say you’re in construction, right? Your core offer might not be construction services, maybe a core offer. Maybe your bread and butter are bathroom remodels. So you’re external. Your bread and butter are the bathroom models. They have the highest margin, and they’re the fastest; you got a team that’s built around them, you can get bathroom remodels turned over in the quickest period. They’re the highest profitability. These are all things that you want to consider when you’re talking about building out your core offers. Because let’s say you’re in construction, you do a lot of different things. Maybe you do floors, and maybe you do framing, maybe you do. You know bathrooms, kitchens, you know, cabinets, things of that nature. What you want to do is you want to find, you want to evaluate what your most profitable, what offers that you have is most beneficial, what has the highest volume of sales, what has the highest volume of profitability built into it, and you’ve got to weigh out all of these things. So I’ll give you an example. Say you’re a contractor. You do a lot of different things. And again, you specialize, or you don’t specialize. You’re generalists, your general contractor, so you subcontract. And that’s one of the things you do regularly is close deals and subcontract. What you want to do is build out a core offer. And inside that core offer, you want to communicate the value of what you provide by your process, meaning that hey, you know, we have a simple, you know, 10 step process to remodel your kitchen. In five days or less, you know, first starts with a no-cost evaluation, we come in, we do the blah, blah, blah, blah, the after the no cost Foundation, we provide you a simple review, quote, upon approval, we order services, bubblegum, you go all the way are we order products, you go all the way through your simple process to remodel their bathroom. Right proven, simple process, you’re communicating the problem you’re overturning, you’re remodeling their bathroom in five days or less, you know, you can do it, you’ve done it over and over again, you got proof that accomplishes that you got people that you’ve done it for in the past, maybe you have video testimonials, you’re further on down the road. But those are the types of things that you want to key into. Now you’ve keyed into the bathroom remodels your bread and butter, you’ve communicated your process and how it is that you’re going to deliver a bathroom remodel at a specific time. Now you can create incentives and bonuses associated with that core offer. So once you get that core offer online, right, what you’ll want to do is create an environment where all road signs point back to you you’re brand that offers, you’ll make that wild claim, you know, if most people take, you know, three months to do a bathroom, right. You say you’re going to do a bathroom in five days. What you want to do is you want to first and foremost be able to fulfill that promise. And then secondly, you’ll build all your marketing around proving that you say that you can do bathrooms in five days. And again, nothing sells like proof. So what you do is you go back to all your past customers, that you’ve done these bathrooms in five days or less. And you say, Hey, you know, what could you do me a huge favor to keep our costs down. We use our customers to help us promote our products and services instead of paying for marketing. So we’d love it if you would share your experience with us and your bathroom remodel. And then pop opens your phone, and you grab that review. In that testimonial, maybe your document, take some of the documentation photos you got in videos you got from that project and put it together in a really nice education-based marketing material. And then you publish that all over your site on that offer where you do your five days or less bathroom remodel, you know, a simple 10 step process to get your bathroom remodeled in five days or less. And boom, you’re done. That’s your primary core offer. And then what you do is go out and create media and marketing around that you have your social proof and everything like that, you’ve created a compelling offer, you can create some incentives and bonuses might have some financing options or other things like that. So as you can see, it just starts from clarity. And from that clarity comes a lot of other things. But if you get clear about how to formulate these offers and go out there, and you’re working on them daily, you start with one. And what we do with all of our clients is to say hey, you know what, let’s, let’s refine, let’s define what your core offers, refine your messaging around your process, make sure that we go out there. And we start to communicate that regularly.

Jesse Razo  24:37

And then we’ll originate content around you, the work you do, the customers you serve, and educate your dream customers around our media plan around the legendary media planning blueprint. So a lot of compelling information that’s about it. Thirty minutes of marketing with a focus on marketing and commitment to growth. Super excited about continuing to share these insights with you getting you more clear about how to market your local business and how to become a legend in your local market began.

Jesse Razo  25:11

If you’re on one of our social media channels, leave us a comment. Remember to let us know what you think. There is a link in the description of this video that requests feedback. I’d love to hear from you. We did write, or I did write one or two things that we can improve on in regards to our local marketing training, provide feedback, leave a comment. If you’re on YouTube, make sure that you subscribe to the channel and set up notifications not to miss future local marketing videos. Now, the videos too long, and you would like to get the spoilers for it, go to our website. We do on the website publish a transcript and the spoilers to the video, so you don’t get to watch the entire video in its entirety. Actually, on YouTube or Facebook or some of the other social media channels that we syndicate into, you can get all the goods on any specific topic within the video. So that’s all I got for today. And I appreciate your time. We’re looking forward we got our Monday morning kickoff call for all our local marketing toolkit subscribers. We’ve got our Thursday masterclass. If you are watching this on YouTube, there is probably a signup page somewhere in the description of this video. And of course, we’re going to be coming out with some local marketing challenges on our Facebook, and our local marketing hacks Facebook page. So if you haven’t connected with us on any one of those channels, make sure that you do so and make it. It’s Friday. So you make it a fantastic week and be well we’ll talk with you real soon.


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Vol ✌️ – Local Legend Marketing Method Offer Evolution Framework

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