💰 Legends Media Planning Blueprint – A Simple Path To Local Market Domination


💰 Legends Media Planning Blueprint – A Simple Path To Local Market Domination




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SPEAKERS: Jesse Razo

00:00 – Intro To Local Legends Marketing Method


Good morning. I’m excited to share these today. Again, this is part of our media plan. So, we’re going to be talking about our media plan. And, how do we utilize that in order to create visibility both from an organic standpoint? Also, how do we originate the education-based marketing as well? So, there’s going to be a lot of great information shared on the call. Certainly, if you need any type of support, go ahead and message us. First and foremost, I’ll talk with you about some concepts and strategies. Then, we’ll get into the tactics associated with us from a customer standpoint. And, it has been going on in politics for some time. Now, are that media shapes people’s perceptions? I’m sure we can all agree that the media is generated and publicized online.

And, it has a dramatic effect on the way that their perception towards your company, your products, and services. Also, media plays a huge role in that. So, from a sales and marketing standpoint, a company should be focused on putting a system in place. With that, they can originate media on an ongoing basis. And, they can utilize that media in order to grow their business.


01:30 – How Media Impacts Your Website Rankings


Now, I’m going to talk about how media can impact your business? And, both organically are creating media that you can publish on your website. Then, you can utilize that media to expand your organic reach over time which should be your long-term strategy. Also, I’m going to show you how to originate content and media in order to create ads. And, how that would work in regards to advertising around education-based marketing? So, what we called “EBM” education-based marketing. It’s just providing value first, in regards to your marketing efforts, basically. Also, educate your target market on what you do and the value of your products and services. And, how does that impact them? Similarly, how does it solves their problem or create pleasure in their life? Again, from a marketing standpoint, we need to be conscious.

And, there are facts that people are either running away from pain. Or, they’re running towards pleasure with every decision that they make that is inherent in who people are. So, it’s important that all of our messaging aligns with that over time. Now, let me talk a little bit about our media planning blueprint. And, what you should be doing from a strategy standpoint. So, if you’re not originating content regularly, then I suggest you start off with one video a week. Or, you start off 52 videos a year. And, if you’re a customer of ours, we’ll help you with the post-production. Then, we’ve probably given you access to a shared media folder. But, what you should be originating content around is the work that you do.


03:08 – Legends Media Planning Blueprint


First and foremost, it’s the customers that you serve, and then educating your dream customers. And, this would be education-based content and is broken down a little bit further than that. But, those are the important aspects. In serving your customer, providing a product or service, there’s a process you go through to accomplish that. And, for the automotive industry, there’s the dent repair process and the value associated with that. Also, for some of our real estate industries, there’s the listing process and the value associated with that. And, for the gyms that we service, there’s a process where people are going through. Then, it’s getting in shape and all that kind of stuff. So, it’s the product that you actually deliver.


03:55 – #1 Document The Work That You Do


There’s work that you’re doing every day that you should be documenting that process. Now, we’re a firm believer that media does shape people’s perceptions. And, it’s everything that your company is about growing your company. Then, it’s not just about delivering your product or service. Meaning, if you have a great product or service, you also need that from an operational standpoint and product delivery. It’s very important that you have a great customer experience. But, there’s also sales and marketing that goes into that as well that you need to be conscious of. If you’re delivering the product but not focused on sales and marketing, you have a business that peaks and valleys. And, we want to create an environment that creates or perpetuates growth on a regular basis. So, the way that you do that is you’re always conscious about what it is that you’re doing?

And, whether or not, this is going to help you grow your business. So, what did you do today in order to help grow your business? Well, if you’re stuck servicing customers, and doing that all day long. And, taking content, generating, and originating content around those customers. So, the work that you’re doing during that day could be part of your sales and marketing strategy. But, that needs to be part of your consciousness. When you’re going out there and delivering your products and services. For instance, Hey, I might be spending all day today, delivering my product or service. But, be conscious of the fact that maybe I should originate some content to create sales. And, create marketing videos in the future. Then, we’ll do a little bit of a deep dive into that.


05:33 – #2 Document The Customer Your Serve (3R’s)


In addition, step number two is originating content around the customers that you’re serving. So, we call this a process of documenting your success stories and mitigating your failures. Then, from a documentation standpoint, we consider customer review videos, reviews, and written reviews as marketing gold. How do people consume information? And, how they do research a company that they don’t have a pre-existing relationship with? Or, how do you do it? So, the first thing that we do generally is jump online, and take a look at reviews. Secondly, we’re doing some type of search, maybe looking on their website. So, if the website contains a lot of video reviews on business pages, directories, and things like this. And, it just helps out with that sales process. So, we need to be conscious of originating content around the customers we serve as well.

Again, if we’re working all day long on these projects, in the business, we’re small business owners. We’re going to deliver that product to somebody, eventually. And, if they have a great experience and they love the product, that’s the opportunity. It’s the opportunity you have in order to shift from product delivery and operations to sales and marketing. Now, think about what we’re doing from a sales and marketing standpoint in order to grow my business. And, it’s important that you’re conscious about that on a regular basis. Again, if everybody and everything in your business are not committed to growing, then you’re betraying the actual business itself. So, we should always be focused. And, it’s just about bringing these things to the forefront and becoming conscious of them. Again, originates content around the work that you do on a daily basis around the customers you serve.


07:23 – #3 Educate Your Dream Customer (EBM)


And, the last piece of that is step number three, which is education-based content. Then I’m going to do a deep dive into that. And, talk with you about the hero framework in regards to delivering education-based content. But, this would be originating content around your dream customer. So, the first step in originating content around your dream customer is finding out who your dream customer is.


07:46 – Creating A Buyer Personal & Customer Avatar


Now, I’m doing a deep dive into creating a buyer persona or an avatar. Ideally, I would like to work with this type of person from a demographic standpoint. And, it’s either male or female, or they would be married, or homeowners. Or, they would earn over $150,000, and they would be a car enthusiast. And, they would be conscious of their health, wellness, and nutrition, they would be x y, z. Now, that’s the first step in originating that content is you need to know who you’re originating it for. So, once you know who you’re originating for, you can formulate and utilize our HERO framework. In order to develop content around that and this is part of that process. We do generate or originate education-based content and we’re going to utilize this one piece of content, regularly.

And, our organic reach, we’re going to utilize this training seminar in our advertising. So, the way that works is we utilize the HERO framework. And, we take videos like this, we chop them up and pull the best segments out of them. We will go out there and utilize those in a value first proposition one. And, I’ll give you an example of that.


09:07 – HERO Media Plan Overview


So, The H of the hero framework basically states that you want to hook your customers in there. And, this piece of content, I’ll give you a great example. I would say, do you understand the power of media? And, how it shapes people’s perceptions? If you’re not a local business owner, service trader marketing professional, and has a media plan. So, that’s helping you grow your business day over day week over a week and month over month. But, if you’re a local business owner, service trade, or marketing professional looking to grow your local business. Then, I got a special gift for you. I’m going to share with you our media plan. And, it’s our legendary media plan in this video and shows you how media shapes people’s perception? Then, how you can utilize it in order to grow your business? So, that’s the hook.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

I can do that in five to seven seconds. And, I can utilize that in an ad in order to add additional value. Then, I would take a segment of this video and jump right over to provide information on media. And, it’s how it shapes people’s perception. Now, I would share our legend media blueprint. And, it’s around originating content around the work that they do and the customers that they serve. Or, it’s educating their dream customers. So, I would talk with them about education-based content. And, it’s how they could utilize that from an organic or from a paid standpoint. Again, should be focused on growing your organization. So, sales and marketing should be an aspect of that. I know we get caught up as small business owners. And, there are not enough minutes in the day.

But, if we’re not focused on sales and marketing, then we’ll get that peak and valley growth curve. And, that’s not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for explosive growth. And, we’re looking for a growth curve that shoots up all the time. So, that’s an important part of the media strategy.


11:09 – Paid Vs. Organic Media Production


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Now, keep in mind, this can work for both paid and organic. So, when you’re originating the videos around the work that you do, you can publish those on your website. Again, if you haven’t done this in the past then I’ll give you an example of this. And, this is something that we’ve seen with our customers. It’s because we talked to them about media. Now, not every piece of media is going to be perfect. The reality of it is, it’s probably not going to be great in the beginning. But, you need to start now. The reason is you’re originating media. And, you’re publishing it on your website. Then, you’re utilizing transcripts and things like that. You’re setting that content and optimizing it for a local search around the work that you do. And, that’s going to help with your organic reach.

Then, if you’re utilizing the HERO framework in order to originate advertising around those very same videos. And, you’re utilizing those in your ad strategy, and everything like that. Now, in educating your dream customers, over time, you start to originate this media and this content. And, you’re going to add it to your website. So, from an organic standpoint, you’ll be adding content to your website on a regular basis. And, it’s going to be optimized for search. Then, everything in that media is going to be optimized for search. And, let’s say that you start off with just one video. Then, it’s a week around the work that you do. And, you’re just documenting the work that you do on a daily basis. So, you’re conscious about your sales and marketing effort.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

And, your commitment is to originate one piece of really great content on a weekly basis. Of course, it takes a little more effort than just a one and done in the beginning. But, as you exercise these skills, you’re going to get better and better. Then, it’s better around originating content and talking with people to create mystery and curiosity. And, that’s the important part of it. Over time, your website is going to grow. So, one year from now, you’ll have 52 pieces of content that have been optimized for local search. And, that’s going to start ranking in the search engine. Then, over time, your website goes from information-based to value-based. Meaning, you’re actually solving people’s problems and you’re providing value over time. And, that value becomes searchable and optimized for local search.

Then, when people are going in there and searching for content, you’re somebody that comes up. So, we’ll talk about AD strategy in another video, another kickoff call, and a Monday kickoff call. But, from an organic or paid standpoint, the media planning aspect is all about originating content. Then, upload it to your OneDrive folder. So, we can support you in regards to post-production, publication, and syndication of that content. And, it’s originating from media works on both sides of the house. Of Course, we get a lot of questions. Well, what’s more, important is organic reach or paid advertising. And, this is the strategy that we utilize. Basically, well originate media on a regular basis. We’ll work on both because organic reach is more of a long-term strategy. And, paid advertising can get you traffic today.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

So, we start off with kind of a combination, a long-term strategy in regards to growing your business. Also, how can we get the most bang for our buck today? So, we can start driving results into our client’s businesses. Now, let me talk a little bit about the HERO framework as well in regards to originating content.


14:47 – HERO Framework Detailed Explanation


HERO, this is stands for hook, empathy, response, and over-deliver. Now, the hook we talked about just a little bit I gave you an example. How I would read and utilize content like this? And, as education-based marketing, we’re talking with people about media planning. Then, how do I connect in five to seven seconds with my dream customer? Local business owners, service trade, marketing professionals, and somebody that need to target people in a specific geographic area? What is that hook when it talks about media planning? You know, if you’re in the fitness industry, what would be that hook? Would it be weight loss? Or, would it be getting in better shape? And, would it be functional movements? Would it be? You know, if you don’t use it, you lose it. There’s a whole bunch of stuff in the PDR industry and automotive repair industry.

And, it might be removing unsightly dents and dings. Does that dinner Dean, you know, cause you stress every time you look at it. And, are you looking for a cost-effective way in order to resolve your debt during repair? Or, do you need automotive hail repair? Are you tired of fly by Night automotive hail repair companies? Do you want somebody who’s tried and true who’s a local provider for the last X number of years? So, you need to understand your customer, first and foremost. Now, look at the HERO acronym behind me from an empathy standpoint, right. But, from an empathy standpoint, you’re messaging needs to be communicated around their pain or pleasure. And, it’s because people are only running away from stuff or they’re running towards stuff. Meaning, you’re going to give them the desired outcome. And, you can communicate from that standpoint.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

Meaning, here’s the desired outcome, or they’re running away from some type of pain or discomfort. So, those are the two pieces of communication from an empathy standpoint. And, you have to understand your dream customers. But, this takes a little bit of work. And, communicate them from an empathy standpoint, Empathy means that you understand their pain, and how they feel. So, that’s step two, with originating your content. And, how do your dream customers feel? How do your prospective customers feel about the product or service? Or, it’s about delivering in your product or service then your response to that, right? So, hook, empathy, and respond, right? Now, here’s my response, I’ve got this really great XYZ tool. And, I got this really great mechanism that solves your problem. Or, I got this really great mechanism that can give you what it is that you desire.

Maybe, it’s resolving some unforeseen pain that you’re going to communicate. And, you’re going to respond too. So, you’re unique mechanism that you’re going to deliver, specifically. Then, we’ll get into that a little bit deeper in another call. And, it’s over-deliver that you need to do. Say, hey, you know what, and this is where we talk about education-based marketing. And, the reality of that is what we want to do in the over delivery. Also, you want to provide credibility. Who you are? Why do they care? What do you want them to do? And, make sure that you have a clear call to action. Also, you can demo the product or service. And, you can do a screen share and you can show your repair. You can do a ton of stuff in here. But, that’s where you want to over-deliver.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

And, make sure that you’re over-delivering in regards to your response, right? So, hook, empathy, respond, and over-deliver. When talking about credibility, how long you’ve been in service? Now, if you’re new to whatever industry you’re in, you might not provide as much credibility. But, you could demo your product or service and have a clear call to action. Because most people want to know who you are, why do they care? What it is that you want to do, specifically. Now, all this messaging should generate curiosity. Also, it should generate a little bit of mystery. And, all communication should be about the customer. Then, how can you solve their problem? So, are you communicating from a place of empathy? Or, are you communicating from a place of work? Also, we communicate from our perspective, right? And, can communicate from your customer’s perspective.

So, make the messaging it’s all about them. Your marketing is all about them if it’s you focused. Then, you’re focused on the wrong thing. All you’re messaging should be focused on your prospective customer or dream customer. On the customers that you’re serving, focus out. So, remove all doubt, focus out, and make sure that you’re focusing now on a regular basis. And, that’ll help you originate that content.


19:51 – In Conclusion – Legends Media Planning & Production


So, in conclusion, we spent about 25 minutes, or 20 minutes In talking about the media plan. And, from an action item standpoint, you should have immediate plan upload in your OneDrive. Then, go ahead and text us, we’ll get that uploaded into your OneDrive. So, you have a framework that is actually in writing in OneDrive that you can follow. Also, we’ve got a customer review and scripting on the media plan. And we have the HERO framework in there as well. So, you can originate content, hook, empathy, response, and over-deliver. And, talk about credibility, and calls to action demo in your products. Then, it’s the things that we give you an example of that. But, this is the key for both organic reach for your business over time. And, you get committed to originating at least one piece of value-based content on a weekly basis to start.

Then, as you get good, you can start to increase that production schedule. But, this will give us 52 pieces of content to your website for organic reach on a regular basis. In addition, we take that same education-based content. And, reuse the HERO framework to create ads that we can put out there. So, we can utilize those ads on different channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, all the other different channels where people are located at. Then, we utilize a universal retargeting methodology as well. And, method or framework in order to make sure that you stay in front of people. Then, make sure that you get anywhere between seven to 10 touchpoints. And, it’s for every single contact that comes into your universe in your world. Also, we’ll cover the universal retargeting framework in training. But, that ought to do it.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

And, I’m going to get this published. Again, this will be a general training we’re going to talk about on an ongoing basis. So, we’re going step by step for each one of the steps in our legendary Local Marketing methodology. Then, we talk about client targeting, offer creation, media planning, ad strategy, universal retargeting. And, it’s growth accelerators that you can utilize in your business on a daily basis. Again, it’s where are you focused? Are you focused just on product delivery? Or, are you focused on your sales and marketing efforts every single day, in regards to growing your business? Again, I understand as a small business owner, you get caught up in product delivery. So, when you focus on product delivery, what would happen is, your sales and marketing start to go off, right? Once you start focusing on sales and marketing, you start to see this.

And, I was in the same boat. So, I had to make sure that I was conscious of what I was doing every single day. And, what happens is, if you’re conscious about it, you’ll start to see an increase in your growth curve. Then, your company will start to grow over time. Hopefully, you got a ton of value out of that. And, if you have any questions, make sure that you text those to me. Again, you can text me at 707-229-1221, we’ll get those answered for you. Hopefully, you’ve got that and if you want, take a screenshot of the hero framework. If you don’t have a media plan uploaded to your OneDrive account then text us.

Legends Media Planning Blueprint

So that we can get that set up for you. If you’re new to the process, or it hasn’t been uploaded by myself or a member of our team. And, we’ll get that taken care of. Again, if you’d like to get additional information in regards to free resources, text local to 707291221. We got a bunch of free resources out there that you can be plugged into on a regular basis. Then, make sure that you stay in touch. Again, we’re here to support you in any way that we can. And, we’re looking forward to making today and every day a fantastic day. We’ll talk with you real soon.


How media impacts your website ranking


Legends Media Planning Blueprint


#1 Document the work that you do


#2 Document the customer you serve (3R’s)


#3 Educate your dream customer (EBM)


Creating a buyer persona & customer avatar


HERO media plan overview


Paid Vs. Organic media production


HERO framework detailed explanation 


In conclusion – Legends media planning & production

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💰 Legends Media Planning Blueprint – A Simple Path To Local Market Domination

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